Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I always love looking at other people's blog when they do this link up so I figured I would finally join them.  Most of my pictures on Instragram are of Miss Paige of course.  Oh well!!

She loves sitting up and playing with toys!  Her Daddy is so smart to set her up like this

 Miss P watching sports...she her mother's daughter!
 Sunday afternoon nap with Mama
 What a cutie!
 New indoor practice facility for Clemson football.  We got a tour on Saturday during the IPTAY rep meeting
 Wearing her Clemson shirt!
 Daddy mocking Paige. Every time she rolls on her back her arms go straight out..she did it at the same time he did!
 Hey my love! <3
 My Valentines!!
 Daddy didn't know what to think when Paige brought home a Valentine's from a BOY
 All dressed up for Grandparent's Day at school
 Cutie Pie
 That's my girl!

Ok, so I really take a lot of pictures of Paige...but why not right?? She will love looking back at them one day.  I know I will!


  1. I absolutely love her Valentine's day outfit! Thank you for linking up and hope you will again soon!