Friday, February 8, 2013

Looking Back

In honor of turning 30 tomorrow, I figured I would take a look back over the last decade.  I figured it would be fun to try and see what all happened in my 20s!  So here goes nothing.

Age 20:
Sophmore in College.  Lived in an on campus apartment with Stephanie, Andrea and Megan.  No offense to them but this was my least favorite year apartment wise.  I just didn't like the apartment at all.  I was working with the Clemson Tennis Team and was close friends with Richele, Alix and Kelly.  Besides my tennis girls I mainly hung out with Brooke Cain, Brad Lynch and the other AGR boys and my sister.  

Age 21:
Junior year of college and lived at University Village with Ashlea, Stephanie and Kelly.  Still working for tennis (full scholarship I believe this year).  Extremely close to Alix.  We were together none stop this year!  I met Heather in Theater class and started hanging out a lot.  I think we met when I was 20 but it was my Junior year I believe?  Heather and I went to Tiger Town or the Esso ALL the time.  We were quite the regulars.  It was a great year to say the least.  Spent Spring Break with Heather at the that could be an entire post there. 

Age 22:
Senior year of college and lived at The Summit with Heather.  Then moved to Creekside and lived by myself for the first time ever but had wonderful neighbors..Ashley, Graham, Cassie, Andrea, Russell and Prater.  Still working for tennis.  Spring Break at the beach with Heather again! Had my internship with Clemson/Central Parks and Recreation.  I loved it.  Wes and I met and dated a few months broke up fora few months and dated again...this will happen a lot!  Dated Greg for a while..ugh. Worked for Clemson Housing until I found a full time job.  Graduated from Clemson!!  Hung out with Heather a lot.  You could find me at the Esso or the Byars lake house with Ric, Gil, Ashley, Cassie, Janie, and the rest of the crew....oh man were those some fun times!  Got my Gracie!!

Age 23:
Accepted my first real job offer for the City of Aiken Parks and Recreation!  Bought a townhouse and moved to Aiken.  My life was really just working every day and weekends too!  Ashley Hollowell moved in with me.  Got to be close with Kim and JP.  Had some great times in Aiken but was homesick as well.  Dated Wes a few months, broke up for a few months....see told you that would happen again.  Went home or either to Clemson on the weekends I was off work!  Had my wisdom teeth taken out.  Bought my first brand new 4Runner.

Age 24:
Still working and living in Aiken.  Kim moved in with me...we had a great time!  Hung out with JP ALL the time.  We had our weekly dinners where one of us cooked.  I believe I began job searching...I was ready to leave Aiken but just didn't know what I wanted to do yet.  Still coming home a lot whenever I had a free weekend.  Started dating Wesley for real this time...finally!  Had to convince myself and everyone else it was necessary.

Age 25:
STILL in Aiken.  I was getting desperate to leave that town.  I was very tired of my job and needed something new.  Wes and I were pretty serious at this point and I wanted to move back to Greenwood.  FINALLY found a full time job in Greenwood with the Girl Scouts.  Moved in with the parents, sold my townhome and paid off my car!  Went to Hawaii with my family.  Got engaged to my Wesley!  Heather got married!  Spent a lot of time trail riding in the Suburban with Wesley and friends.  Also was at Lake Greenwood a lot of the summer.

Age 26:
Engaged!  So fun planning our wedding and going to my bridal showers, bachelorette weekend, bridal luncheon...oh the fun memories!! Then of course our wedding and honeymoon.  26 was a great year!  Lets see..what else happened that year.  Wesley bought our house and I could finally move in with him and out of my parents house.  We went trail riding a whole lot, hung out at the lake with family, and really just spent time together.  I honestly don't know what else happened that year!

Age 27:
Enjoying married life.  We both work all the time.  Spent a lot of out time at the mountains (did that also age 25 and 26) while Wesley built lots of things up there.  Spent time with my nephew Wyatt any chance we could.  Just about the whole summer at the lake house.  We got Callie. Not much new this year either.  Man does life slow down once you get full time jobs and married haha.

Age 28:
I am still working for the Girl Scouts.  Wes is working for Justus Builders.  We got horrible news that Jodi had leukemia so she and my parents moved to Texas.  Tommie and I visited over a long weekend.  Found out I was perfect match for stem cell transplant so I went back to Texas for two weeks.  I saw Alix and Ben!  Jodi had her transplant and came home in November doing great!  We had a new nephew, Matthew.  Summer weekends at the lake.  Of course every year includes Clemson Football!  Wes and I decided to get off birth control and see what happens...not really trying to get pregnant but just seeing how it goes.  Didnt take long..we found out we were pregnant two months later.

Age 29:
Pregnancy..didn't think I would make it!  Found out we were having a girl, decorated the nursery, had baby showers and just got ready for Paige.  We lost our precious dog Callie....heart breaking!  Participated in Relay for Life with Jodi.  Jodi still doing great!  Beth got married!  Hot summer days at the lake.  Oh Wes and I still working the same jobs.  Had Miss P on September 13!  Enjoyed maternity leave so very much.  Another eventful year.

I know I forgot some things but hey trying to remember everything that happened last week is hard enough but to remember what happened over the past 10 years so difficult!

Here's to another wonderful if not better decade!! 

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  1. I am honored to have been a part of your 20's!! I miss so many of those nights laughing till we cried, being so exhausted from tournaments, singing NKOTB with Ashley, breaking sweet Gracie out of her shell and finally seeing you and Wes get back together for good!! Those are such great memories!! I could go on and on but that would be a whole post in itself! Happy Early Birthday!! Love and miss ya!