Friday, March 1, 2013

Baby Girl Clothes on a Budget

Everyone knows there are so many cute clothes for baby girls! I love buying clothes for Miss P but I don't want to go broke doing it either.  I am on a MAJOR budget these days and will be for a while.  But she has to have cute clothes right??  She will have some cute smocked clothes and boutique clothes but I will not buy any that are over $20!  I wait until their closeout sale and shop for the next season.  Paige will never know that she was wearing something a year later than other babies.

So that being said, Paige is stocked and ready to go for next fall and winter.  I saw that Old Navy was have a clearance sale the other day and spent $50 (free shipping) and got so many cute things. (I also used and made $3.56 free money just by going there first)  I was very impressed with Old Navy...who knew they had these cute baby clothes!  Since I think it was such a great deal...I wanted to share with you what all we got for next fall/winter.  If I were to buy them at regular price it would have been $300!  Crazy!! 

 I absolutely love this dress.  This picture doesn't do it justice!!  I love the gold zipper on the back too!

 Cute shirt
 The dress above and below came as a set for $5.  They are so soft and can be monogrammed!

 Love again
 The dress above is AMAZING.  It is the softest material I have ever felt.  It is sort of like t-shirt but slinkier if that makes any sense at all...I want a grown up version please!
 If you know me at all you know I love a good peacoat.  This only cost $7 and normally almost $40!
This cute hat was the only thing I bought for the summer.  But it was on sale for $3 and she actually needs a hat for the lake!

I just couldn't pass these up.  I love that she will not need any more clothes until next spring!  But I will have to buy those this summer when they go on clearance of course!  (I did buy a bathing suit on facebook for $3 and one at GAP for $7.  We spend a lot of time at the lake so she will need a few!)

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  1. Super cute stuff! I just made a big purchase from there too! Love getting great deals! ;)