Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Weekend

It is hard to believe that it is already Monday and I'm already writing about what we did this past weekend!

I worked extra hours this week so I was able to leave work early on Friday.  Paige and I had time to run some errands and buy some baby gifts as well.  It was defiantly strange picking out gifts for little boys...I am not used to that.

Friday night, we actually went out to eat!  Our friend Jonathan was off work so we met up at Sante Fe and had some yummy Mexican food.  Then we stopped by the Redbox and rented a few movies.  What a surprise huh? 

Saturday, the three of us hung around the house and cleaned up a bit...finally.  Then we went to Lees BBQ with Jonathan and Parker.  The three of them went to blow stuff up, literally and Paige and I went home for our afternoon surprise.  I cant share that surprise just yet but I will.

We finally bought some Girl Scout cookies. Yes I work for GS and may be the last person in town to buy some cookies.  But we stocked up for the year!

We had a low key evening at home, just the three of us.  Saturday was the first day that I changed up Paige's bottles so I was interested in seeing how that went.  I cut out a bottle and added more to her others because I felt like she was eating all day in order to get her feedings in.  She seems much happier with the new schedule and that means one less pumping session for me too!

20130303_114806.jpgWe slept in on Sunday and hung around that morning.  Jodi came over and we to her friends house so Paige and I could meet their new addition Andrew.  Love newborns!!  I swear Paige was never that small! :)

We picked up Subway on the way home and hung around the house until it was time to go to my parents house for my belated birthday dinner...a month late.  We had to wait so that Jodi would be able to be there.  Jodi cant be around Paige for a month after shots.  Wes, Paige and I went there early and took the pistol and target to let Mom and Dad practice shooting.  It was fun...I always enjoy doing that. Plus Mom is super competitive so it was entertaining!  Dad and I both hit the bulls eye!!

We had moms yummy fried chicken and my Mema made lemon meringue pie...yum yum!  Then it was time to come home and feed Miss Paige.  Wes was so excited to make more baby food too.  He said he wants to start a business!  He made squash and green beans.  He just asked me a few minutes ago if I knew of anyone that needed baby food so he could make some more!

That was our weekend.  Another fun family weekend that went by way too fast.  Looking forward to this coming weekend because Paige and Audrey have a play date!

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