Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It is Wednesday and we all know what that means...time to link up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving... consignment sales of course!  Last night the last consignment sale of the season started and I had to be there when the doors open so I wouldn't miss out on anything.  I was like the 10th person in line and got so many great things.  Look at these cute clothes for Miss P:

There are two smocked dresses and they were only $5 total! That cute Clemson dress still had the tags on it!! I was hoping to buy more footed pajamas in 9-12 months but I didnt see many that were worth the money! 

I'm Loving...that Wesley was so excited about the consignment sale too.  I told him that I spent $55 (clothes plus slide) and it would have normally cost over $300 for everything!  He was super excited about the slide.  We saw that it was for sale on Facebook and there were two of them so I was really hoping I would get one.  I was able to pick from the two, mine was cheaper and it better condition for $25!  (brand new is $100 plus we can consign it down the road!)  

I'm Loving...that while I was shopping yesterday, Wes went to the grocery store to pick up something for HIM to cook for supper.  He cooked grilled chicked wrapped in bacon, squash with breadcrumbs and cheese, honey glazed carrots and corn on the cob!  Wow he needs to cook more often!  He also bought extra carrots to make more babyfood for Paige and Audrey!  What a great Daddy huh?
         One thing I am not loving...he didnt put the top on the blender because he swore he didnt need it?? Carrots everywhere!

I'm Loving... all my new volunteers at work!  I am on catch up mode from being out on maternity leave and I am training so many new Girl Scout leaders this week and they all seem excited about starting a troop!  Yay!

I'm Loving... that Paige finally got to see her Aunt JoJo this weekend.  Since Jodi cant be around Paige after shots, she finally got to see her after 6 long weeks.  We were also able to go to lunch with her yesterday...lets hope she gets a job here in Greenwood one day soon so that she can move back and we can see more of Aunt JoJo

I'm Loving... that Paige and Audrey are having a play date at Audrey's on Saturday!  We are having a St Pattys Day theme so you know there will be some cute pictures!  Paige has missed her BFF! (and I have missed mine too!)
I'm Loving... my sweet family.  I love them more and more each day!  Wes and I are so lucky to have this sweet girl in our lives...  


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  1. Imagining Wes's carrot mess just made me laugh hard!!