Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Does anyone ever watch Live with Kelly & Michael?  I am always at work when it is on but I set my DVR to record it every day and I usually just watch the first 15 minutes and then delete it.  Well, they read something about how women feel/look their worst on Wednesdays at 3pm.  Isn't that strange?  So now, every Wednesday I think about that and maybe even try to avoid people at 3..just kidding :)  

Now you will think about that on onto the other thing I always think about on Wednesday, Jamie's linkup...

I'm Loving...that it is SPRING!! I love the spring time.  The pretty flowers, green grass, leaves on the trees finally, flip flops and cute clothes.  The only thing I hate about the spring are tornadoes and bad storms.  Although I have never seen a tornado and they aren't very common at all in SC but they still can happen and we see a lot of warning/watches.  I just hold my breath every thunderstorm!  But other than that, I am so very excited for Spring.  I just wish I would stay longer than a day.  I know I shouldn't complain because there is still snow on the ground in some states but we will have 70 degree weather one day, then 40 the next.  I am ready for 70 everyday :)

I'm Loving... the photo shoot we had with Miss P the other week.  I wanted to surprise my Mom and other family members with some cute pictures so that's why I haven't posted them yet.  My mom saw hers yesterday and we mailed them to Jodi and Emily and they should receive them today.  My MIL doesn't read this so I can share before I give it to her.  Since Jodi may read this before she opens her mail today, I will just give you a sneak peak!

 I'm Loving...that GAP and This and That (company of Facebook) worked with me last week when I never received their package.  Even though USPS said they delivered them I never got them.  It was three packages in one day! (I was finishing up clearance shopping for next fall/winter for P)  I really think that USPS lost them but they said someone must have stolen them from my mailbox? Maybe I should set up Wes's hunting camera to see if we can see what is going on :)  Anyways, both companies, even though it wasn't there fault are resending me the packages!! How awesome!!

I'm Loving... that I found a really cute shirt the other day that I think I am going to buy for myself.  I never buy clothes for me and I need some!  I will probably go get it tomorrow at lunch if they still have it.  I want to wear it with pants that I already have for Easter.

I'm Loving... we have another play date with Audrey and Heather on Saturday at our house!  It is our Easter themed one and I can't wait.  Hopefully we will have nice warm weather!!

I'm Loving... Paige's school.  Usually when I talk about Paige having to go somewhere because I have to work, it is negative.  But I really love where she goes and I love her teacher Mrs. Linda.  I want her to be her teacher every year.  She is the sweetest lady...she also has 5 foster kids she raises.  That should tell you something about her as well.  Anyways, just so thankful for that school and for Mrs Linda. She really makes it easier for me to leave Paige!  Plus Paige's cousin (maybe 3rd cousin?) is starting next week and I am so excited about that.  There will now be 3 girls and 2 boys.  

I love writing this post because it really helps me remember to be thankful for everything and just brag a little bit about anything that I love in my life!  But the things I love the most is my family.  So very thankful for everyone and of course this cutie...

 Happy Wednesday...make sure to look pretty at 3pm today ;)  photo 8837077b_zpsad55eb7f.png

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