Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Festival

Last week, Paige's school had a Fall Festival and parents were encouraged to come and help out.  I wouldn't miss it for the world, not just to help out, but I want to be there to watch Paige have fun!

It was only from 9-11:20 on Friday but man were those babies worn out by the time they were finished!  You can tell they are used to their normal routines and were really thrown off by a different schedule.

The whole school was out there at the same time and we went to different stations. The first station we went to was the pumpkin hunt.  There were tiny pumpkins hidden all over the playground and every child was able to find one if not more.  Then they just had some free time to play for a little while.

After the playground, we loaded the babies up and headed to the parking lot to the petting zoo they had set up.  One of the assistants at the school brought animals from her farm and all the kids loved them!

The next activity we did was to ride in the hay ride.  Some of the kids liked it and some hated it...Paige was pretty neutral.
 I was a little concerned how the next activity would go over, but all the babies got their faces painted.  They painted a stamp and then stamped their face, makes it so much easier!

Next up, was a small snack and story time.  The babies were really starting to have meltdowns by this point, so the cheese crackers helped out so very much!

The last part of the festival was the bouncy house.  Paige wanted to get in this the entire morning.  When it was finally her turn, she was a little confused by it.  Every time she stood up, she fell and was just getting aggravated.
 After the festival, we headed inside to the classroom for their party.  They all loved the goodies and enjoyed everything.

We had a great time and I really think Paige enjoyed her first class party..well, second counting her birthday party!
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