Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hometown in the Headlines

So my little hometown has made the National Headlines!  There a lot of people in South Carolina that has heard of Greenwood but couldn't locate it on the map and now we are in the news (click for video).
Something horrific happened in Greenwood last night, it started out as what they thought was a hostage situation in Callison.  Once I saw it on Facebook, I sent Wes a text and told him to be careful since he was hunting a few miles down the road.  I obviously knew he would be ok, but wanted to give him a heads up.
   Law enforcement officials descend upon a house on Callison Highway where six people were found dead. A source said one of them, 27-year-old Bryan E. Sweatt, was the alleged suspect and he killed himself.

I really didn't think much would happen at the house in Callison, I just assumed the cops would get there and take over the hostage situation.  Wes called on his way home and must be bad.  The entire highway (little street but still) is shut down and he had to take a detour to get home.  I kept looking on Facebook for updates and watching our local news but didn't hear a thing.  Like I said, I figured it would blow over and someone would get arrested and that would be it.

Around 9pm, I saw where SIX people were found dead.  Can you believe that?  It was an apparent murder-suicide and everyone was dead.  How can you be so selfish?? If you are going to kill yourself...why kill 3 other adults and 2 innocent kids?  Ugh makes me sick!

Then this morning, I found out that 4 other kids were able to escape before the shooting began.  They ran to their neighbors lucky are they?

I still cant believe this happened in my little old town, so please pray for those 4 kids that lost loved ones and pray for everyone that was connected to those innocent people! 
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  1. OMG so sad and very sick. This past week there has been 2 murder-suicides where I am from.

    That person is a coward

    Praying for the families