Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All you need is love

Chaos Theory

I am a little behind with this one!  I missed yesterday but here goes Day Two! :)

Day Two
When I'm Feeling Down, To Cheer Myself Up I {LOVE} To...

- Call my sister.  She is always there for me and I hope she thinks the same about me :) 

- go shopping!  I usually don't have much extra play money but when I do, I love to find cute things for our house.  Since we don't have my favorite store here (Target) I usually go to Pier 1 :)

- call and old friend for a nice, long talk.  I know that I have to get better at calling my friends that I don't see much.  Whenever I do talk to my girls they always put a smile on my face!

- read a good book!

- watch a good "sappy" movie on Lifetime always is a hit with me!


  1. old friends and long talks are the BEST remedy!

    Thank you so much for linking up with our challenge! hope to see you tomorrow too!!!!

  2. Shopping! Makes any bad day better! :)

    Thanks for coming back for day two! :)