Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All you need is love!

Chaos Theory

Day Three
If I Could Travel Anywhere This Snowy February, I Would {LOVE} To Go...

Barbados has been on my mind a little today because a close friend Richele lives there and she sent me a text this morning.  We went to college together and I haven't seen her in so long!  Plus...who wouldn't want to visit Barbados and have a true tour guide that grew up there!!
Me and Richele back in 2005!
Somewhere in Barbados!
This is actually a picture Richele took and posted on her facebook account!

Ok enough pictures of paradise...making me sad because it is cold here in S.C.! :)


  1. That looks like paradise. Go visit her, what are you waiting for?! ;)

  2. Go! visit! that looks amazing!!!

    Thanks for linking up with our challenge! Can't wait to read tomorrow's!!!

  3. Looks so beautiful there! You should totally go!