Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that today is like Christmas for College football fans...Signing Day!  Clemson had the number 10 signing class which is AWESOME :)  We had some surprise recruits today with guys picking Clemson over Aurburn, Alabama, Oregon and other places.  Click here if you are even interested and want to learn all about our recruiting class.  I know why I love Clemson but it is great seeing all these young guys want to go to my Alma mater!  "There's Something in These Hills" is defiantly a true statement!

I'm loving that today is Groundhog's day and the groundhog did not see his shadow. I never believe in this, but just the thought of spring comer sooner thrills me!!

I'm loving that I was able to work with my co-worker in Newberry today.  Sara and I are both outbased so we don't get to see co-workers everyday.  Some days we go without seeing it gets really lonely.  We decided we needed to get together to plan some events/projects for our communities.  So off to Newberry I went.  Here are a couple pics of Sara..she will hate me for the first one, but this is her "fun" side at a Girl Scout conference we went to and I figured I needed to put up a picture of her that she would like I stole one from her facebook! :)

I'm loving that my Callie is back to more hopping around!!
I'm loving my Gracie!  I have talked a lot about Callie lately because she was hurt last week and I didn't want to leave my Grace's another picture of my older baby!

Gracie doing what she loves most...shaking!  (This is Barkley..our sweet dog we only had for a few months)

I'm loving that i ran out of my foundation and powder two days before Clinique had their free gifts.  Well I didn't love that I had to use other makeup for a couple days, but that's not the point.

I'm loving that I get to go to my IPTAY representative meeting (that's Clemson Athletic Fundraising Program) tomorrow night with my parents.  We get to hear from the football, basketball and other coaches.  I look forward to this meeting every year!

 I'm loving my Wesley too! 


  1. Clemson did have a wonderful signing day today!!! GO TIGERS!

  2. So, is that really the clinque gift you got? Because if so I am jealous. I didn't get that one, and I would have loved to have lip gloss on a key chain.