Monday, February 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters 
1. Catch up!!... I have been a little absent from "blog land" the last couple days so here is a little catch up!  Thursday night I had my annual IPTAY representative meeting in Columbia.  I look forward to this every year, we get to hear from some of our great coaches.  This year the following three coaches spoke:
Jack Leggett ~ Baseball
Brad Brownell ~ Basketball
Dabo Swinney ~ Football

 They gave us these cute I had to share them with you too!

2. Wes's birthday gift to me.... Saturday morning Wes said that he wanted to take me to Greenville so I could pick out my birthday present.  Well, he knows I wanted to be surprised but he also wanted to make sure I got what I wanted.  So we drove to Greenville and pulled in to Havertys.  I was so excited to pick out new furniture...I LOVE getting new furniture.  I really want to change my kitchen a little so here is a picture of what it looks like now...

 Ok...what I would love is to move my kitchen table out of the first picture and replace it with an island!!  Then move my kitchen table and put it in the area of picture number two.  Ignore the large bag of dog food! :)  I already have a dinning room, but I wanted a less formal eating area and I have this large (bigger than it looks in this picture) area that drives me crazy.  Well, like I said..I want to put my kitchen table here and  I thought I wanted a corner china cabinet.   Those are pretty hard to find and that is what Wes wanted to get my for my bday.  But I fell in love with this piece of furniture and he bought it for me...
This is it! I cant wait to get it but I have to wait until February 23rd!  Here is a link if you would like to look at is a lot bigger than it looks.  I am one step closer to getting these rooms how I like them!

3. Pink Swap: I know I talked about this last week..but I finally went shopping for my swap partner and I was supposed to mail it today...but I was in Greenville for work and wont get to mail until tomorrow.  I am so excited :)

 4. Birthdays!! is finally my birthday week!! Yay.  I really don't know why I am so excited because I am turning 28 but it is my day and I love it :)
To finish my birthday outing on Saturday Wes took me to our favorite "Splurge" restaurant...Saskatoon's!
If you have never been have to try it out, but be prepared to spend a little that night!  We had drinks, appetizers, entree and dessert.  We never order appetizers or dessert...we we had to there!  We ordered one piece of cheesecake and the two of us only ate half!  It was one layer of cheesecake, then a layer of white chocolate chips, then another layer of cheesecake.  It was heaven and I just wish I took a picture of it!!
 4. Pups...I took these pictures of Grace and Callie this weekend and loved them so of course I will share...I just realized I had a lot of pictures today.  I guess that's what happens when I don't blog for a few days! :)

This was the face staring at me while I was relaxing on the couch! :)

Callie wanted to go for a ride I think!
Hope everyone has a great Monday....don't forget it is also Mingle Monday too :)
Mingle 240

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