Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest Blogger---Holly

Hello everyone! My name is Holly and I'm a regular blogger over at Perfectly Imperfect. I love blogging and meeting new people through it, so please come visit me sometime :) Jami asked me to guest blog, so I thought I would share my Top 5 Favorite Things About Summer.

#5: Fourth of July, Fireworks, & Cookouts. I think this all lumps into one because usually with Fourth of July, you get fireworks and cookouts! I also like fireworks that aren't on the Fourth. Lots of cities have them for their own reasons and I think it's fun to go sit outside and watch fireworks on a big blanket, or just watch them from your bedroom window if you can see some in the distance. There's just something magical about fireworks that makes me smile :) And I'm such a foodie, I loooove cookouts!! Watermelon, burgers, hot dogs, ice cold beer, potato salad, tons of desserts...yum!!!

#4: Lemonade Stands. I love when little kids are selling lemonade at the end of their driveway on a hot summer day, don't you?! It's adorable! And I usually always stop to buy a cup of what is probably the sweetest or sourest (is that even a word?) lemonade ever, but it always makes their day. I know I loved it when people would stop at my lemonade stand when I was little, so I try to do that whenever I see a cute little stand.

#3: Garage Sales. Oh man, I love a good bargain. I've gotten some really awesome deals in the past at garage sales, including a $1 coffee table in excellent condition! This year's garage sale findings have been off to another great start. My sister is expecting her first baby in December so my mom and I have of course been shopping for stuff to spoil this little one :) We found these items at garage sales for only $5 each!!! Amazing deal, since that one is a Bobby pillow that I'm sure was about $30 or more. I can't wait to find some more great deals this summer!

#2: Ice Cream. You cannot have summer without ice cream. And I make sure I have plenty of it in the summer! Mint chocolate chip, espresso chip, key lime pie, pumpkin spice, coconut chip, raspberry chip, frosted malt, peanut butter chip are some of my favorites (to name only a few....). We tend to go to local ice cream places like Weber's, Mitchell's, East Coast Custard, and Malley's. We also go to United Dairy Farmers and McDonald's if we want to save some $$$ (McD's has the best soft serve Vanilla, in my opinion, and I could eat a Rolo McFlurry every day). There's nothing better than enjoying a cold scoop of creamy ice cream or custard on a great summer day :)

First time visiting another MLB stadium--Cincinnati
#1: Baseball. If you've ever read my blog, you'll know that I am a HUGE baseball fan! The Cleveland Indians are my favorite team and always will be, and I love spending a summer night or afternoon at a game at Progressive Field. So far this season, I've been to 8 Cleveland games and 1 minor league game, and I should be hitting up a few more by the time the summer ends. I just really love being outside, enjoying the summer, and watching hot guys run around in tight pants ;) But that's just an added perk, because I really do love the sport and enjoy getting into the game, especially with the other fans around me (as long as they're not crazy!). A summer just wouldn't be complete for me without baseball :)

I also love....
~warm weather and sunshine (duh!)
~the beach
~Cedar Point trips
~getting a tan
~eating outside
~longer days
~outdoor concerts
~country music
~driving with the windows down

So what's on your summertime faves list?

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a great day :)