Friday, July 8, 2011

Its that time!

Today is my last day of work until July awesome is that!  My Dad and I are leaving bright and early in the morning to drive to Houston.  Well, we aren't driving the whole way in one day this time...we are making a stop here....

 I am so excited...I haven't been to New Orleans since I was like 10 years old!  We wont be able to spend much time there but at least we will get a short visit in!

Then on Sunday we are off to Houston.  I cant wait to see my sister!! :)  I go to the Doctor on Monday and will get my detailed schedule for the time I am out there.  My part of the actual transplant isn't until Wednesday, July 20th but I have to do some things before my body is ready to donate stem cells!

Jodi will go to the hospital for another round of chemo on Monday, July 25th and she will not have the transplant until August 1st.  So I will be home by the time she starts everything!! I would have thought they would have taken my stem cells and given them straight to her but I it will be about two weeks before she gets them...but what do I know ;)

You want to hear something else really exciting?? When I get home I should have a new nephew!! My sister in law is due I think July 27 but is running a week early.  Cant wait to see Baby Crawford!!

I have lined up 5 guest bloggers while I am gone and hopefully will have one or two more!  Let me know if you are interested...I cant wait to see what everyone writes about!! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend...I know I will!!

So this has nothing to do with this post...but look at this cute picture I took of Callie last night!!


  1. I am SOOO excited for you!! This is such an amazing thing you get to do for your sister and I can't wait to hear how everything goes. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers!! :)

  2. Good luck with everything!!! And enjoy your time with your family especially in New Orleans! So fun!

  3. Praying for you and your sister! Have a great time traveling!

    Thanks for participating in the challenge!