Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heather! :)

I am so excited to be guest blogging for one of my dearest friends today!! Jami and I in theater class at Clemson in 2003 (or somewhere around there, give or take a year). She was a PRTM major and I was in Early Childhood. We were both just trying to get through what we expected to be an easy elective when we got put in a group together for a project. Our first date was to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at the Pendleton Little Theater for class. Let me just tell you from that date on we planned many more including a trip to Mac's Diner. Now, it is a funny thing because in many ways the two of us are like night and day. I guess that is why they say opposites attract! :)
Just a few examples:
Jami loves football and counts down the days until it starts, while I count down the days until it is over!
She loves Diet Dr. Pepper, I despise it with everything in me.
She loves to be outdoor on a four wheeler or on the lake. I love to be in a mall or at the spa!
You will not find Jami hopping on a plane unless she absolutely has to!! She hates them with a passion. I would love to be able to hop on a plane anytime to get where I want to go! :)
There were and still are many times during our friendships where you will find us laughing and rolling our eyes at the other, but we would have it no other way!! With all that being said let me just tell you she was the best college roomie ever and still is one of my best friends. She would do anything for anybody, as this is very obvious seeing that she is currently in Houston saving her sister's life! We have had some fun and exciting times together and I thought I would share some with you. I could share tons with you but since this is a classy blog, there are certain ones that I figured would be better left in our old school photo albums.
 Our beach trips were always full of excitement. That's all I will say about that! :)
 At Tigertown, one of our favorite spots during the college years!!
 I had to share this picture with ya'll! One fourth of July we packed up with some friends and headed to Atlanta for a day of tailgating and a Atlanta Braves baseball game. This was a nice man that we made friends with in the parking lot that day.
One thing Jami and I do have in common is we are both scaredy cats. Now I realize as I am typing this she is currently being the bravest person I have ever known, but don't let the two of us be alone together when a bad storm is rolling in. You would probably find us curled up in a bathtub together praying for safety. One year at the beach Jami's good friend came to visit us. Well, he couldn't get into our condo without a code so he decided to get our attention by throwing rocks at the window from the beach. Instead of checking it out first, Jami and I went into panic mode and called 911 and then scurried around the condo like 2 lunatics thinking we were about to be shot. Imagine our embarrassment when we had to explain to the cops that it was just our friend. Quite a funny moment, but definitely one of those had to be there situations.
You are one lucky girl when you have a friend like Jami. A friend that you can call up anytime and still pick up right where you left off, a friend that you know you can count on, a friend that you love just to look back with and laugh at all the good times you have had.


  1. Love this post Heather!! :)

  2. I'm sorry I didn't comment on this sooner, because it's a beautiful post!! What a great friendship you both have :)

    And Jami, I hope everything is going well with you--been thinking of you the past few days and can't wait to hear how everything has been going!

  3. Cute! this is so sweet! Makes me miss my best friend who lives in a different state and I don't get to see often! Stopping by from Mingle Monday!