Thursday, July 28, 2011

My pittiful Gracie..

If you don't know by now, I have two dogs, Gracie and Callie.  I got Gracie on New Years Eve of 2005 and she moved with me to Aiken where I knew no one!  She is very scared of everyone she doesn't know so she is stuck to my side all the time.  She is my baby.  I mean I love Callie too but she sticks to Wes so much and they have that special bond like Gracie and I do.  
Whenever I have a dog that is sick or hurt, it breaks my heart! When I came home from work last night, I loved on my Grace and realized her ears were swollen.  Wes's old lab, Buck, used to have this problem all them time so I knew what was wrong...
Gracie gets ear mites a lot, so we stay stocked with ear mites medicine to give her.  I usually check her ears every week but since I was gone for two weeks...her ears were covered in them. (Yes, Wes was home but I didn't ask him to look for them and plus when I am not around Gracie doesn't let Wes get too lovey dovey on her)
So when dogs have ear mites...they shake their heads and flap their ears against their head...causing them to bust blood veins or something like that.  So that is why her ears are swollen.  Wes said we had two options, go to the vet and they will tell us:
          A) they will cut their ear to make the bleeding come out but it will cause the ear to deform
               B) they will send us home and tell us to get ace bandages and wrap her ears to her head so she cant hit her ears against her head.

We just decided to start with option B and see if we can skip the high vet bills and fix it first.  The only problem is keeping the bandage on her head!  Look at my sweet baby!
This is how Wes wrapped her up.  I personally thought it was too tight because she kept burying her head in my lap (But she is also so skiddish I think she was really just scared)

I really didn't want to take any chances on it being too tight and her not being able to breath so I loosened it up on her.  I knew it was probably not tight enough, but it stayed on for the few hours she was inside with me last night.  When I checked on her this morning....the bandage looked like a necklace around her neck.  Lets hope that her ears get better soon so she wont have to get them cut open!


  1. Awww poor girl!! Makes my heart ache, I hate seeing dogs in pain :( Hope she gets better soon!!

  2. Poor baby girl!! I hope she gets well soon!

  3. poor baby!! I hope she gets better soon!

  4. Poor puppy! I hope she gets better soon! I just found your blog and became your newest follower!