Wednesday, July 6, 2011


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I'm Loving...that I went to Anderson last night and had dinner with one of my favorite people, her boyfriend and their baby Kasen.  Ashley and I met my senior year at Clemson and we are the type of friends that can go a year without talking and when we are together we pick up right where we left off!  
Me and Ashley last fall

Last time I saw Kasen

My cute date last night!!
 I'm Loving...that my friend Sarah got a new IPhone and gave me her Droid Incredible.  My blackberry was about to die for good and my upgrade isn't available until September.  So now I can try this phone out a few months before I decide what phone I want next.  I just have to get used to the touch screen!
I'm Loving...November 9th.  I know that seems odd and far away but Jodi found out today that is day 100 post transplant which means she comes back to SC! How exciting!! :)


I'm Loving...Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.  I picked up the wrong thing, thinking it was DDP and didn't realize it was cherry until I got home.  I may have found a new favorite drink...sorry Diet Mountain Dew! ;)
 I'm Loving...that I am going back to Houston this weekend!  I will be there until around July 21 so I will be slack on blogs unless someone wants to guest blog..that would be fun!! Any takers??
I will find out my schedule for the stem cell transplant on Monday, July 11.  I will take my meds later that week and my actual transplant (a lot like giving blood but they take your blood from one arm, it goes through a machine and they give you your blood back in the other arm and it takes about 4 least that what Mom told me) will be two weeks from today, July 20th.  Say a few prayers for my sister for me :)  I am so excited to see her again!! 
During my last visit right before she was discharged after chemo!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!! :)


  1. Yay for Nov. 9th!! What happened to you last night? Did the storm scare you off? I will guest blog if you would like..

  2. great things your loving!

  3. I'm glad you had a good time with your friend! I love friends like that. And I'll be saying lots of prayers that your transplant goes well!!!!! :)

  4. I have been wondering about diet cherry dr pepper! Visiting from Jennas.