Thursday, April 18, 2013


Dear Miss Paige,
How in the world are you 7 months old?  Just like every other monthly update, I am in shock that you are growing up so fast! It truly is unreal to me!  We have had such a fun month watching you grow.  I swear you are the cutest, sweetest, most photogenic, funniest baby ever.  Ok, maybe that's a bit much but I am a little biased and that is perfectly normal...right?

About two weeks ago, you went to the doctor for you 6 month check up.  You weighed 16 pounds and 6 ounces (50%) 26.25 inches long (40%) and your head was 17 1.4 inches (80%).  You did pretty good with the shots, the worse part for you was being held still! Luckily we do not have to go back to the doctor until you are 9 months old!

You are mostly in 6 months clothes.  Some smaller clothes fit and a few 9 months clothes fit you, just depends on who made it.  I am pretty excited about all your 9 month clothes.  They are so cute and springy!  You are still in a size 2 diaper but could move up but we are finishing the last box.  You do wear size 3 at night though.  You wore shoes for the first time and wear size 2. 

You still love your bottles! You hear the beeping of your bottle warmer and you HAVE to have your bottle right then!  You eat 4 bottles a day and have 7.5 ounces each time.  First bottle around 730, then between 12 and 1, between 5 and 6 and then at 9 for bedtime.  I am still able to pump the majority of your milk.  Still about 75% of what you drink is breastmilk, the rest is formula.  Since your bottles are more spaced out, I don't have to carry my pump to work anymore, I can just pump on my lunch much better!  You are such a good eater too! I really don't know what your favorite is..but I know your least beans! Your whole body shivers when you eat those!  But you power through and eat some for me.  You enjoy eating sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, oatmeal and bananas.  Yes you have started eating fruits and you love them! You usually eat twice a day right now, sometimes three on weekends.

You are usually a great sleeper!  The last few weeks you have started waking up a little early but that is fine.  You get your last bottle around 9pm and we rock for a little while and usually asleep and in bed by 9:15.  You usually have a short 30-45 minute nap at school and then a 2 hour nap late afternoon.  It really depends on who is keeping you that day.  Gerri makes sure she lets you nap while your BB wants you to stay awake to play with her.  Every once in a while you wake up during the  night and I just give you your paci and you go right back to sleep.  I think there was one night or two where you had to be rocked to go back to sleep and one night you just came to bed with us because you were wide awake at 6am and I didn't want to get up yet.  Normally you sleep until 715-730 though. 

You love going to school.  You are one lucky girl to have such a sweet teacher like Mrs Linda.  We love her.  You get so excited to see her every morning!  She says good morning beautiful every morning and loves on you.  You are still Miss Content and you love all the other babies.  I think your favorite is Abi.  Your cousin Trevor started school this month so now there are 3 girls and 2 boys in your sweet class.

You still just have the two front teeth and I am thankful.  I keep waiting for you to start teething again but I am so glad for another month break from it to be honest.  You have mastered sitting up by your self.  You can be laying down and actually pull yourself up to a sitting position now...looks like you are doing a split sometimes. No more laying down for you unless you are sleeping! 

I really think you will take after your cousin Wyatt and Aunt JoJo and never stop talking.  You want everyone to hear what you have to say.  I cant imagine how it will be when you actually start talking.  It sounds like you say MAMA and DADA sometimes but we aren't sure.  Mostly it is just high pitched noises...but we love it.  Even Daddy loves it but he does have to say, "Paige, not so loud" about every night!

You are the happiest baby!  You are smiling all the time.  Every morning when we walk into school you just smile and at all the Mamas and Daddy's as we pass them and they end up laughing at you.  Daddy is pretty excited that you are getting older and can play with you better.   You are quite entertaining!  You love bath time.  We have started bathing you in the kitchen sink and it is so much easier!  But you did break the faucet and Daddy had to replace it.  Oh well!  You love splashing around and making a big mess!  But you are happy and that is fine by me!  However, you do not like laying on the changing table any more! That used to be your favorite but you have more important things to do these days I guess.  You either scream you head off or get distracted by a toy until we can get you all cleaned up!

You are starting to figure out the Johnny Jump Up but only like it for a few minutes.  You would much rather be on the floor with all your toys.  I am not sure what your favorite is, but probably the dinosaur and balls that Gerri bought you.  You also like your stand up toys.  Really anything that you can turn, like wheels, or anything that makes noise and you are happy!  We will put you in the exersaucer and you have to have a million toys up there with you to be happy!

You love being outside! You can be super cranky, we walk outside and you are smiling again.  I think you could watch Gracie all day long, even if Gracie stays far away.  You think she is the funniest thing ever!  Swinging is your top choice.  We usually swing after work every day or either ride in your red wagon.  I love that the weather is finally warm enough to enjoy!

You are still constantly doing singing and talking and I love it.  I really do not see that ever changing!  You are never quiet.  I have the best time playing with you...or just cuddling with your during nap time! You are always on the go, you are not crawling yet but it will be any day.  Even though you aren't crawling, you get the position and rock back and forth.  You can get wherever you need to get even without crawling!

You have the best personality too.  I do not think I have to worry about you being shy like your Mama. You never meet a stranger and will just smile and talk to everyone!  (A little scary for me but I will get used to it :)).  You love playing with your friends too.  I really enjoy when I pick you up from school and you are on the floor with the girls!
Our favorite days are our monthly playdates with Audrey.  I cant wait for our playdate this month since y'all are both so much more active...should be entertaining that's for sure!  You love to play everyday and it wears all of us more than you baby girl!


You were able to celebrate your first Easter.  You were so very cute in your pretty Easter dress and you got so many goodies from everyone!  You are one loved little girl!

All of your firsts: pulling your self up to sit from laying down, eating pears and bananas, snorting while giggling, Easter Sunday, going to Aunt JoJos new house, playing in the kitchen sink, riding in a buggie while shopping, and getting in the crawling position and rocking!

I know I say this on all of your monthly updates...but how are you 7 months old?!?! I am in shock of how fast my baby is growing up.  Everyone told me that time would speed up when you have a child and it is so true.  I was boxing up some clothes that don't fit you anymore and I was so sad.  I mean, I love that you are growing strong and healthy but just growing so fast! Time needs to slow down just a little.  Your Daddy and I are the luckiest people ever to be blessed with you Miss P.  We can tell that you are going to be a strong willed and independent person!  Maybe a little too outgoing as well...I have a feeling you will give your Mama a couple heart attacks and make your Daddy super proud for being so adventerous....I mean you did flip out of the chair while taking this pictures and you thought it was the best thing ever! Anyways, I love you sweet girl and cant wait to see what happens this coming month!  Happy 7 months!!

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