Thursday, April 4, 2013

I missed it!

Everyone who reads my blog knows that I am terrified of missing something Paige does for the first time because she is at school and I am working.  Well let me tell you something...I missed something this morning while she was on the floor at the house and I was sitting on the couch responding to an email...who would have guessed it!

Little Miss P sat up all by herself!  She actually pulled herself up from laying on her stomach (the way I put her on the floor) and sat straight up like a big girl!  It made me wonder though..Did I lay her down when I put her down or did I leave her sitting??? Nope, I was 100% positive she was laying down!

How is this even possible?? Is she really this old?  I must have been working on emails for months not a few seconds to miss that milestone already??

So what did this Mama do?  She pulled out her phone to get the video camera ready for action! 

I took maybe 10 short videos just waiting for her to sit up...did she ever do it again this morning? Well sort of...look:
Poor girl got a little top heavy and face planted into the floor which lead to a meltdown.  Put then I was determined to get it on camera but she kept finding other things to keep her entertained.  

Of course she wasn't sitting up really good in either of the videos, but the first time she sat up..she was sitting up so very straight just cheesing.  I think she was shocked she did it by her self as much as I was! I will be sure to keep the camera on her so I can document her sitting up by herself with no face plants!

So moral of the story, even if you are lucky enough to be a SAHM and be there for all their milestones you still may miss it!  I loved seeing her sit up and realized that even though I didn't see her attempt to do it by herself the first time, it was just as wonderful watching her attempts the second, third, fourth, and so on...makes this working Mama feel a little better :)

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