Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekends full of Babies!

What a fun weekend we had! Paige and I ran some errands Friday before Wes got off work and then we all went out to eat and Bi-Lo to buy fruit and veggies to make we live on the wild side!  Wes made carrots, green beans, mangoes and apples for the week.  We gave Paige mango for the first time and it was so entertaining!

Saturday, Wes went to work and a friends farm in Edgefield for the day and Paige and I loaded up and went to Heather and Audrey's house for our monthly play date.  We normally take our matching clothes for whatever holiday is coming up, but we didn't have that this time and were wondering what we would take pictures of.  Well of course we had some ideas:

I laugh every time I see this one

Then we just let the girls play and nap..well Paige refused to nap, she just wanted to play!  Heather and I were working on our gifts to grandmas for Mother's Day.  I can not wait to share that on here.  They turned out wonderful and I am so excited.  Of course I made one for my self as well!

Heather made potato soup for lunch which was yummy and then  we finished up the presents, feed the girls and they napped for a little while.  Then when they were both awake and happy we had one last photo shoot.  Audrey has two Lilly dresses that are the same but just different colors and Paige borrowed one for some cute pictures:

I mean pretty are our babies?? I just love those two sweet girls so much!  I cant wait for our next play date!  Then it was time to head home.  We didn't do much Saturday night except play on the floor...what we do every evening!

Sunday we got ready for church and then headed to Mimi's afterwards to play with Matthew and Wyatt. It was so nice to see them...we haven't seen them in forever it feels like.  We had lunch there and then Paige and I had to go pick up my mom and head to Beth's baby shower. 
 The shower was scheduled right when Paige normally sleeps so I was curious to see how Paige did.  She did wonderful!  She was happy as can be the entire time.  I think I needed a sign because we were asked a million times, "What is her name?  How old is she?"  Paige did great and Beth got some pretty gifts for sweet Sloan.  I can not wait for Paige to have another friend to play with!  How awesome that two of my best friends each have a little girl that will be the same age as Paige!

After the shower, we took mom back home and Paige ate her mangoes and carrots before we headed back home.

Sunday evening Paige was having a really hard time with teething.  She was upset and needy.  She didn't want anyone but her Mama.  Which is really sweet but exhausting when you have to finish laundry, pump, eat and everything else that needed to be done on Sunday nights!  We finally set her up in the Nap Nanny and she just relaxed with some toys for a couple hours.  If anyone knows Paige, you know that she doesn't lay down unless she is sleeping!  So you know she must have been hurting...poor baby.  Before bed time we loaded her up with Hylands teething tablets and Tylenol and she slept from 9pm until 745am...thank goodness! new thing for Paige this weekend.  We bought snacks!  She had mum-mums at Heathers but of course I cant find those anywhere in Greenwood.  But we bought these:
We also bought a cheese flavored of those, two flavors of puffs and two flavors of the yogurt bites.  She tried a couple puffs and yogurt bites and really loves the yogurt!  It blows my mind she is old enough for these snacks!  

We had a great weekend full of babies, photo shoots and baby showers!  It was wonderful and cant wait for next weekend!  It our friends twin girls first birthday...see babies everywhere!

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful!! The video of her eating mango is adorable. I can't wait until my daughter starts eating solids...we're EB for a few more months.

    How do you make your own baby food? Do you have a baby bullet-type processor or do you use your blender?