Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby Talk: Food

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Since I want to document everything about Miss Paige.  I figured I would have a blog post just about food!

I am very lucky to have a hubby that loves making Paige's food.  We joke around because I will say, I make her milk if you make some veggies for her.  I do a lot of pumping everyday so he can do that right?  At least he loves doing it..he really just enjoys prepping food in general...he would love to be a chef I believe!

Anyways, we have been able to make everything that we have fed Paige.  It is SO much cheaper than buying baby food and it has to be better for them right?  Well that is what we tell ourselves anyways.

Every Sunday, Wes shops and starts making food for the next week or two.  He has made sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots,  and squash.  Paige's favorite is probably a tie between the potatoes and carrots!  She loves them.  When I feed her green beans, I have to sneak them in between spoonfuls of fruit.  Every time she eats some beans, her whole body shivers and she makes an awful face.  Are green beans really that bad??

It is actually really easy to make all of the veggies.  We just peel them, or snap if its beans, cut them up and boil them!  Easy enough huh?  We just buy extra and cook some for us and the rest for P.  

We didn't buy any fancy baby food makers, like the Bullet, we used this:
I am sure Buy Buy Baby would cringe if they heard that.  Why not..it does the same thing and we had one already!  There is no need to spend all that extra money in my opinion..defeats the purpose of cooking your self if you have to spend so much on supplies.

The blender purees the food perfectly.  Then we store them in ice trays..again nothing fancy and we had a lot of them!  I put some in the freezer and one tray in fridge.

Then we started making fruits.  We have only made bananas and pears so far.  We peeled and cut them as well but it is even easier because you don't have to cook them!  Then tossed in blender and pureed them.  They will change colors since we don't add preservatives because they are bruised but they are fine.  We don't make as many of those just enough for a few days and we are set with fruits and veggies.

We have great containers and a small cooler, so when we are on the go, we can take our homemade food with us!  I know we will buy baby food some in the future but we don't want to make it a habit since making it is pretty easy.

Glad Paige likes her Daddy's cooking!

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  1. I love this! We're going to start introducing solids next month and I definitely want to make the baby food myself! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. This is great! I would love to try making my own food.