Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby Essentials

One of my favorite things that other Mama bloggers write about are their baby essentials.  I told my self that I would write about our essentials, but I haven't done that since Paige was like a month old.  I wrote about her Newborn Essentials and it is time I update that a bit!

So the following things are our essentials for Paige right now..around 5-7 months old!
There are a couple things we listed on the first list that are still very very helpful.
I still love the bottle warmer.  It helps out so much and so fast.  The only downfall now is that Paige knows what the beeping sound means and she freaks out when she hears it!  So we have to run to get the bottle sometimes.
I swear the Nap Nanny is the best invention ever...even if they are recalled.  Paige loves sleeping in here and when she is teething and miserable like she was the other night, she loved just relaxing here!
 Speaking of teething, these have been a life savor!
Bath toys and bathes in general.  She hates sitting in the baby bath tubs anymore because she can not move around as much, so having toys in there keeps in entertained!

Toys, Toys, and more Toys!! Both toys for inside and outside.  She loves to keep busy.  The only time she sits is when she is in her swing or her wagon.  She will sit on the floor for ever just playing!

 Nuk pacifiers.  Luckily Paige doesn't need a paci all the time.  Really just at nap times and night.  Late evening she likes to have one as well.
 Yay for high chairs!  We love ours and it makes our life so much easier.  Miss P loves sitting up so I will put her in hers with lots of toys to keep her entertained while I cook, wash dishes, and eat supper.  I think it makes her feel like a big girl.  She has her sippy cup, some puffs or other snacks as well!  The chair makes feeding her so much easier too.  We make her (she loves it, so not really making her do it) sit there while we eat all the time so she will learn to sit a the table...well I hope anyways! :)

Those are a few of our essential items the past few months!



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  1. I love reading these posts, too! Can't wait to start shopping for our baby! :)