Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dear Miss Paige,
How excited are you to be 8 months old already?!? I am just in love with that sweet picture.  It really shows off your personality!  You are just growing up so fast!  I get so excited to see how you will grow each month but then I realize how fast it is going...I want you to stay my little baby for longer!  That isn't going to happen is it?? You will be a walking toddler before we know it!

I honestly do not know how much you weigh exactly this month.  I know you have put on a little weight since your 7 month update but not sure how are somewhere around 18 pounds. You do not go back to the doctor until you are 9 months old thank goodness!

You are can really fit in all your 6 month clothes and your 9 month clothes, which is really nice since the weather has been cool for May and you can wear your pants still! I do love all of your cute spring and summer clothes and it is still so much fun to get your dressed in the morning...but you are very hard to take a picture like I love doing to show off your cute wardrobe!   You are in a size 3 diaper and we will have to start buying those now!

You still love your bottles! You hear the beeping of your bottle warmer and you HAVE to have your bottle right then!  You kind of freak out when you hear it or see one of us fix your bottle...even when you don't seem hungry!  You eat 4 bottles a day and have 7.5 - 8 ounces each time.  First bottle around 730, then between 12 and 1, between 5 and 6 and then at 9 for bedtime.  I am still able to pump the majority of your milk.  Still about 70% of what you drink is breast milk, the rest is formula.   You are such a good eater too! You tried apples this month and were obsessed!  You really like them mixed in your oatmeal.  You also enjoy eating sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, oatmeal and bananas. I also gave you snacks this month and you LOVE them! You have had mum-mums, puffs, yogurt bites and the cheese/veggie dip crackers!  You get your little hands full and love feeding yourself!  I swear....STOP GROWING UP SO FAST :)

The past month you have really enjoyed your sleep at night. You have been wanting to go to sleep around 845 and sleep until 745 in the morning.  I still love our night time together...I know a lot of people say don't let your baby get used to rocking, but that is our special time!  We say our prayers and just cuddle.  I wouldn't trade night time routine for

anything.  You are usually asleep within 1 minute of finishing your bottle but I rock for a little while longer!  You usually have a 30-45 minute nap at school but sometimes you are just too excited and want to play the entire time!  Then you have anywhere from an hour to two hour nap in the afternoon. Every once in a while you wake up during the  night and I just give you your paci and you go right back to sleep.  This past week those teeth were bothering you so we had a couple rough nights! 

You still love going to school.  You are one lucky girl to have such a sweet teacher like Mrs Linda.  I am so glad we chose your school because it is just wonderful!  I know that you are being loved on as if a family member was keeping you! I know the teachers in the next class are wonderful too but we sure will miss Mrs Linda in the fall!
Lucky us..teething is back!  I honestly can not tell how many teeth are coming in.  There are at least two of your top teeth and it may be a third up there coming in.  All I know is that I am ready for them to come in soon! You are so mobile can CRAWL! I think it was two days after you turned 7 months old you were crawling and a few days after mastered it! You love being able to get where you want to go!

Guess what else you can do?  You can pull your self up and stand now!  You love pulling up on toys, furniture and us.  You always look so proud of your self...we are just waiting for you to walk now!  How is that even possible you are old enough for all of this!  I love it though!  One of my favorite things you did this month was say "Mama and Dada"!!! It is more like "Mamamamama and Dadadada".  It is the cutest thing ever.  What is even better in the mornings when you are ready to get out of the crib, I hear "Mamamamamama...."  I absolutely love it!  You really talk all the time...non stop!  I cant even imagine what it will be like in a few months!!  It will be nice to know what you are thinking though!

You just love smiling and people...we are trying to teach you to wave. Sometimes you just move your entire arms up and down really fast and other times you move your fingers like you are waving.  Then most of the time you do nothing! Ha.  One day you will figure the whole waving thing out!  Your Daddy is pretty excited that you are getting older and can play with you better.  Speaking of Daddy...did you know you give him the best smiles ever!  You get so very excited whenever you see him...I love it!   I believe your favorite thing now is your bath time since you have started taking a bath in the tub.  You have so much room and love crawling in the water.  You have toys and love playing with them in the tub.  You have the best time and sometimes I have to drag you out because you have been in there so long!  You are quite entertaining!


You have started to really enjoy your stuffed animals lately.  You can tell you are trying to love on sweet!  I need to get you a baby doll!  You love all your toys on the floor.  You will play on the floor forever as long as we are in sight you are happy.  You are not a big fan of the exersaucer want to be able to move and crawl around!  I cant blame you...I wouldn't want to be confined in a small place either! I love that you want to explore!

You absolutely love to be outside! Whether it is in your stroller, in your red wagon, or just being held, you love it all!  We try to swing several times a week and you will just sit back and relax for usually 30 minutes at a time.  Your favorite thing is when Gracie walks up and licks your just laugh and squeal!  You have discovered grass and dirt.  You love having your feet in them and playing!  Why not get dirty and have are only young once right?!

You are still constantly doing singing and talking and I love it.  You have recently started making growling noises when you look at books.  It is the funniest thing!  Every single time you hold a book you do that and you will keep doing that noise for like 15 minutes at a time!  I just hope that means that you will enjoy reading when you are older!

You are quite the social butterfly, especially now that you are crawling.  Since you are mobile now, if there is someone you want attention from or to talk go to them now.  Every day when I pick you up from school, you are just a busy bee!  Either playing with your favorite toys or "talking" to Abbi and Caroline.  The three of you are the only ones that can crawl and they can walk so y'all stick together a lot!  Abbi likes to hug you which knocks you over a lot but you don't seem to mind and start giggling! So sweet!
Our play dates with Miss Audrey get better and better each month.  The two of you can interact more now.  The two of you climb on each other and it is too cute! One day in the future I can see y'all having the best time and begging us for another play date!  Just as long as y'all never get tired of the camera, we can still have play dates!


We had an exciting month Miss Paige!  You went to your first kid's birthday party, celebrated Aunt JoJo's Birthday, celebrated Mother's Day and was even dedicated at church! What a special month this was. 

All of your firsts: crawling, standing up (while holding on), saying Mama and Dada, attended a kid's birthday party, Dedicated at Church, Mother's Day, eating apples, mangos, puffs, mum mums, and yogurt bites, and I believe that was all your firsts this month!  That is a lot to celebrate sweet girl!
Here are a couple of my favorite videos from this month! 
This was your first attempt at crawling..I need to get a new video of you now since you have it mastered!

I can not believe my sweet baby is already 8 months old...only 4 short months until you are a year old!  Wow...crazy to think about.  Time is flying by and that is why I want to spend every minute possible with you!  You put me in the best mood and always keep me smiling!  I hope you know how much you are loved sweet girl.  There are so many people...some that have never met you that love you so much!  But no one loves you like your Mama and Daddy do!  We are so thankful for you and so blessed to be your parents!  Here's to another memorable month with you sweet girl.  We can not wait to see what you figure out now...always an adventure!

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