Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt JoJo!  This may be the first year ever that it is actually cold on your birthday!! Very unusual for May 4th in South Carolina!

We have a fun day planned with Jodi today.  We heading over to her house this morning and walking across the street to the park for her best friend's twin girls birthday party.  Then having lunch with Jodi and hanging out for a bit.  It is so nice to have Jodi back home!

We are lucky to have Jodi as a sister and aunt!  She has put our family through some crazy stuff and I am still not sure why we had to go through all of it, but I know there is a reason for everything!  Maybe her illness made her realize she wanted to change her life up a bit and move home close to family?  Who knows...but we sure are glad shes here!

She is lucky (I guess??) to have two birthdays every year to celebrate.  One today and then in August for her re-birthday!  How neat :)
Anyways, Happy Birthday Jodi.  We love you and excited about spending the day with you!

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