Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

What a busy weekend we had!  Friday night, Wes cooked dinner for Mother's Day.  He would have cooked anyways but he said...hey, this can be your Mother's Day meal.  He cooked steaks, with mushroom gravy (yum!) homemade onion rings and something else but I honestly can not remember what else.  It was very good!   I baked a cake so that I could decorate it on Saturday for Mother's Day.  

Saturday was a day of cleaning!  One good thing about having family over is finally getting the house and yard cleaned.  Jodi came over to entertain Paige while I cleaned the house and Wes worked in the yard.
Our yard is really neglected majority of the year (Besides cutting the grass) so it was really nice to see fresh pine straw!  I got my Mother's Day gift that afternoon...a full tank of gas and new brakes.  My poor car has been screeching lately! Once Paige went down for her long nap in the afternoon, I decided that would be the perfect time to decorate my cake...

I love decorating cakes and really miss it.  I need to get back to doing this more often...if only I had someone to take the cake after I was finished!  Saturday evening, the three of us went to Pizza Inn and then over to Mimi's to say hey for a little while. was Mother's Day!  I knew that I already had my gift from Wes but I waited ALL DAY for him to acknowledge that it was in fact Mother's Day.  He never once told me happy mothers day.  I finally said to him, I know you could care less about holidays, but you could at least tell me Happy Mother's Day.  Wes has his moody days every once in a while and I guess it was his day yesterday...of all days!  It really really bugged me!  He said, you don't remember me putting new brakes on your car yesterday?  He just doesn't understand that I could care less about gifts, I just wanted him to tell me Happy Mothers Day :)  He went off with a friend yesterday afternoon and he was much better...he had been cooped up at the house since Friday and he needed to get out. (not that is an excuse but its the truth)

Anyways..on to a happier note about Mother's Day!  I finished cooking and last minute things I needed to do before my Mom got there and we headed to church.  When Mom got there she gave Paige her Dedication present
Paige loved it! I am actually excited about reading it with her!  It is the main stories in the Bible written for toddlers!  Then it was time to have Miss Paige dedicated at church.  I was so excited and what better day to do this!  Her MiMi, Granddaddy, BB, Mema, Gerri and Gene were all there for her!  (JoJo and Boompa were in Texas and Emily and the boys in North Carolina).  Here are a few pictures before the Dedication. The church took more and hope to have copies of those soon. 
It was a sweet Dedication and all the babies (5 total) all cooperated and no meltdowns!  After church, we had everyone over for dinner.  I was so excited to finally use my pretty dining room and china.  We have been married for 4 years (this week actually) and this was the first time we used our china!
We also gave Mema, BB and Mimi there Mother's Day gifts and just spend time together.  Mema spend her time pushing Paige in her swing and Paige was loving it!


Before Mimi and Granddaddy left, they gave Paige a sweet present for her Dedication also.  A board book Bible.  It has a few stories in it and Paige can not tear it up!
Paige also got a tiny Bible and Wes and I also got a book from the church and Pastor Alan wrote a letter to Paige as well.  The letter is meant for her to read when she is around 12 years old. 

Overall, it was a great weekend and a very special one at that!  It was so nice to have everyone over at our house and enjoy sweet Miss Paige!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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