Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Just like every other weekend, I didn't want it to end! I finished work on Friday around 3 and spent the afternoon with Miss Paige.  Once Wes got off work, we headed over to his Mom's house for dinner with Emily and the boys.  We stayed over there until it was time to put P to bed.  Saturday morning, Wes went to cut grass at the lake house and we headed back over to Mimi's house.  Wyatt was off playing with Owen so it was just Paige and Matthew.  Matthew is a little over a year older than Paige and they are so cute together!  We pushed Paige in a little car and Matthew was pushed in his tricycle and we walked up and down the road.  The entire time they were "chatting and singing" and the cutest part was they would just look at each other and smile so big!  I wish we would have taken a picture..man were they cute!

We stayed over at Mimi's until after lunch and we loaded up to head to Edgefield.  The Carey's were in from Sarasota and this was the first time since I have known them that the entire family was there...all four kids and the dog.  Can you imagine driving 8 hours with a 9 month old puppy, 8 year old, 6 year old, 3 year old and a 4 month old?  That makes me tired thinking about it!  We just hung out at the farm...Paige crawled around on the deck and watched the baby sleep most of the day.  Wes and Robert were off playing with tractors somewhere.  It was a perfect day outside!  Wes and I made shish-kabobs and they were so yummy.  Then after dinner Wes made a fire, I fed Paige her night bottle and we all sat around with sleeping babies enjoying the campfire and roasting marsh mellows!  Their oldest son, Max, was teaching me all about the constellations and basically everything!  That is one smart family...I feel dumb being around them half the time.  I swear the two oldest kids are way smarter than Wes and I put together!  We finally headed home around 11 and put Paige in her crib wearing her clothes..I wasn't going to attempt to wake her up!
She was exhausted since she had two very short naps on Saturday...so she slept over 11 hours and still woke up tired.  She also woke up nasty!! Her clothes were so dirty and so were her poor legs.  She crawled around all day and was just filthy.  So we started the day with bath time!  I swear she was only awake for an hour before I made her take a nap.  She slept like an hour and a half and finally woke up happy!
Then we headed back to Mimi's to spend some more time with the boys and Emily.  We grilled hamburgers for lunch and steak for dinner!  We ate too much this weekend!!  We filled the baby pools with water and let them play and play.  I cant even explain how perfect the weather was!! Too bad we didn't have the boat ready so we could have enjoyed the lake...hopefully soon!
After supper, we headed home and Paige slept 12 hours that night...this weekend wore her out!  

I was so thankful to have Monday off work!  It was so nice and relaxing.  We went to get groceries first thing and then came back to play the rest of the day.  Jodi and Mom came over for hot dogs and pool (baby pool) with Miss Paige and then it was time for a long nap for Paige and quiet time for this Mama!  We really didn't do much yesterday and it was just what we needed before this work week started.  

On a side note...today is the first day of the last day of school for Paige.  She starts "summer camp"  week after next but her sweet Mrs. Linda will not be there.  So sad that we will not be seeing her every day.  We sure will miss her!

I kept thinking all weekend...what a great weekend we are having!  It was just perfect and I didn't want it to end at all!

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