Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm Addicted

To my DVR!  How sad is that?  I look forward to every Sunday afternoon where I go through and tape all my shows for the week.  I can't just set them to record the new episodes because Wes will go in a record some show he wants to watch not knowing that I have a very important BRAVO show set to record at the same time.  Since BRAVO likes to air the show at odd times during the night, I record it then.

Can you believe I am writing about something other than Paige??  Crazy I know!
 I record several shows for the week and I honestly do not know when I find the time to watch them.  My favorites are: Real Housewives (all of them except Atlanta and Miami), Watch What Happens Live, random Bravo shows, Ellen...of course!!, Nashville, Revenge, Duck Dynasty, Army Wives and Client List.  I usually watch some in the mornings before work while I pump and before Paige wakes up.  I have a little time at lunch and that is really it because Wes has the remote at night.  I usually catch up on weekends when Paige is napping.

It is really a sad addiction I know...but I cant help it.  I think if I didn't get BRAVO, I wouldn't be in this situation.  I mean how can you not love those crazy women!

 Hopefully I am not the only one that looks forward to setting their DVRs for the week. It is my guilty pleasure and I'm ok with that!  Before long I will have to cut off these shows and just have cartoons on when Paige is I might as well enjoy it while I can!
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  1. Hi!! I'm a new follower and a fellow new mommy :) love your blog- great job with it! Hope you'll drop by and read about my new SAHM life to a 6month old baby girl.

    All the best,

    Christina @The McGuire Family