Sunday, May 29, 2011


I found this link up that looked fun  when I was reading Heather's of course I wanted to play along too.  Visit at Perfectly Imperfect to play along too :)
current books:
The Help
by Kathryn Stockett
current playlist:
I am on a Corey Smith kick lately :)
current color:
I bought a green dress from Old Navy the other day and really loved the color on me
current drink:
Diet Mt. Dew or either Crystal Light Fruit Punch

current food:
Wes and our friends are cooking a pig I guess BBQ
current favorite show:
I love The Bachelorette :)  My other favorite is Army Wives!!

current wishlist:
I would love something like this to keep me organized :)
current needs:
for Jodi to be finished with treatments for good :)
current triumphs:
FINALLY getting new tires for my car! And getting an oil change.  Got to get ready for my big road trip next week!
current celebrity crush:
Cant get much better than these guys...

current #1 blessing:
My family!
current indulgence:
Sweedish Fish!
current excitement:Its Memorial Day Weekend!
current mood:happy

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