Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding ABC's

Since Wes and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary today, I thought I would copy Heather's idea and have a wedding themed post everyday this week.  
Attending: I believe we sent out about 150ish invitations.  I can not remember for sure but we had a packed church and it was awesome!

Bridesmaids: My sister Jodi, was my maid of honor, Heather, was my matron, and then I had three bridesmaids: Beth, Stephanie and Wes's sister Emily
Jodi, me and Heather

 I also had three greeters/book person :) (Casey, Julie and my cousin Lindsey)

Catering: Our food was done by one of our very close family friends.  This was their first and probably only wedding but he has worked in the food service industry for years.  They did an awesome job!  Everything was perfect!!
This was our carving tasty!

Dress: I absolutely loved my dress! :)

Engagement: We got engaged December 19, 2008.  We have been talking about getting married in the spring of 2009, so I knew a ring was in my near future.  I was expecting a proposal on Christmas but didn't want it to happen that way.  Of course I never told him that, I wanted him to propose when he wanted too.  He proposed on a random night at his house.  It was perfect for us and I was not expecting it at all that night. :)
Flowers: I know flowers are outrageously expensive and so pretty.  But I didn't want to spend my entire budget on flowers.  We picked a local girl in Greenwood who does this on the side and she did a great job...I loved them! :)

Groomsmen: Wes's best friend Jonathan was best man, his brother in law Levi, friends Brad, Ryan and Matt were his groomsmen.

Honeymoon: We went on a cruise to Grand Cayman Islands..we were supposed to also stop in Mexico but that was when the Swine Flu was going on so we couldn't go there.  But the Cayman Islands and the cruise were amazing! 

Invitations: Just formal/traditional then my cousin addressed them in calligraphy and she did an amazing job!

Justice of the Peace: My preacher, Luke Mims, married us

Keepsakes: We had a normal guestbook at the wedding and then Jodi had another book where you can write cute things and advice to us and then she went back and put pictures in it and gave to us when we came home from our honeymoon.  One of my favorite gifts.  We also had a framed picture of us for people to sign at our rehearsal dinner.  we gave out koozies too :) 

Ladies Night: My bachelorette party was in Greenville...we went to dinner then out for a little while.

Music: We had an awesome DJ from my hometown.  He was a lot of fun!
Newlyweds: yep :)

Old, new, borrowed, blue: Let me think...the old was my Mema's diamond earrings and I guess that was considered the borrowed too?  The blue was a garter. New was everything I was wearing of course!

Photography: The best photographer wonderful cousin, Brooke Buchanan

Question popping: I already told that story already in on the Engagement question....

Reception: It was at a building in Greenwood called the Federal Arts is a beautiful building! :)
Shoes: I wore plan white heals then switched to flip flops for the reception!
Trash the Dress: Nope, it is still in my extra closet.
Unique: Mmmm...not really sure...maybe the guestbook Jodi made?

Vows: Just the normal stuff we didn't write our own vows and I am good with that :)

Wedding Woes: It poured down raining!! I know that is supposed to be good luck but that meant that we couldn't take any pictures outside...oh well :)
We also had some drama with some classy wedding guests...but i will not go into detail about that! ;) (and I wasnt aware of any of it until was hidden from me so thank you:))

X-rated: Everyone was well behaved :)
Young Kids: A few of them.

Zzzzzz: No clue what time. We stayed at our house that night and then left Sunday for the honeymoon...I would say by midnight or 1am?


  1. Happy anniversary! It looks like you had a beautiful wedding!

    Visiting from Mingle Monday. Hope you're having a fantastic Monday!


  2. Happy Anniversary! I love the color of your bridesmaids' dresses

    I'm planning an August wedding right now, so I can't get enough of other people's wedding pictures!

    Here from Mingle Monday!

  3. Happy anniversary! I love every detail, but I must admit- I cannot get over that food, it looked amazing! ANd you are gorgeous! Happy Monday!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! You had a beautiful wedding and you made a beautiful bride.

    I found your wonderful blog via Mingle Monday :)

    Emerald City Girl ♥

  5. Oh my gosh this post is adorable :) I cant wait to get married! ...but first I need a boyfriend and to graduate from college haha Your dress was absolutely stunning and so so flattering too! I found you from Mingle Monday, have a great week!


  6. Happy Anniversary love! :) I forgot about those cute little things we filled out at the reception. I would like to see those, haha!

  7. Just to refresh your memory - The something old was Mama-Buck's ring that I wear everyday and the something borrowed was Mema's earrings. Happy Anniversary!!! Love, Mom

  8. Happy anniversary!! I love your tulips and daisies.