Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yay....It's already Wednesday. Head on over to Jamie's blog and tell us what you are loving today!!!

I'm loving...that Wes and I took my Dad out to Red Lobster for dinner last night.  Dad flew home from Houston for a couple days so it was great to see him.  I even gave him his Father's Day gift a little early.  I wasn't sure if he would be back home before then.  I will see him next week when I visit Houston, but the gift is for his mountain house, so there was no reason to take it out there just to bring right back home :)

I'm loving... I am baking lots of cakes.  I advertised on facebook that any cakes that I bake and/or decorate in the next few months, all the proceeds will go right to Jodi.  I have 3 cakes to deliver to my Greenville office tomorrow for a co-worker and then I have a fun cake to bake next week.  One of my best friends, Sam, asked me to make a cake for his nephew's high school graduation.  He was a football player and his number was 51.  So I am making a 51 cake in his High School colors.  I found this neat pan on Amazon and can not wait to try it out.  
You move around the squares to make numbers or letters
Hopefully it will work how I want it too...if not, I will be making sheet cakes and cutting them out to make
a  51.

I'm loving... that my countdown to visit Jodi in Houston is down to 9 days! Can not wait!  I am also very excited that Heth and I are planning another road trip later in the summer.  We are going to visit Jodi in Houston and then on the way back home...stopping in New Orleans! So excited :)

I'm loving... the barter system! Wes did a little side job the other day and instead of the man paying him he is going to come paint my dinning room! Yay! Ive been putting this project off for so long.  Now the hard part...figure out what color!  I have cherry wood furniture with beautiful red curtains.  Everything in my china cabinet is silver or white.  

Any suggestions??

I'm loving...that The Bachelorette started on Monday night! These two are my favorites..mainly because they are from my South Carolina :)
 West, Lawyer from Chapin, SC. Sounds like a sweet guy. I usually don't like cheesy stuff..but I loved the compass :)
 Blake, dentist from Greenville, SC. How can you not like this guy?  He really didn't impress my much be his introductions but I'm rooting for him!. 
I also like JP.  He seems like my kind of guy :)
I am so glad she let Jeff go..what a strange guy! Cant wait to see how this season goes :)

I'm loving...that Memorial Day is almost here! I love any excuse to spend the weekend at the lake with family and friends!


  1. I told myself I wasn't getting sucked into the Bachelorette this year, but with two guys from SC, I may have to watch.

  2. You are loving some great things today! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  3. Jami I seriously can't wait to get my hands one one of your cakes!!

  4. You should go with a a lighter green for your dining room! I think it would look great!