Thursday, May 26, 2011

My first real order!

I put a post on facebook that I am selling cakes and all the proceeds goes to my sister, Jodi. One of my co-workers requested 3 cakes, one for each of her kids!  She ordered two chocolate chip poundcakes (which are wonderful) and a decorative Doll Cake.  I started baking the chocolate chip poundcakes last night and after I finished this first one, I realized I was out of oil.  So I went to the grocery store to get one.  The when I started making the second cake (about 2 hours later around 9pm) I realized I was missing another ingredient! I was so frustrated and still decorating the doll cake, I just decided to go in the morning.  I don't have to go  work until 10 this morning so I rushed when I got up this morning and went to the grocery store!  
Oh...I went to the gas station while I was out and realized that I had $25 worth of FREE gas on my Piggly Wiggly card! YAY we speak the last cake is in the oven, then I have to head to Greenville for work and deliver cakes :)
 Back to the reason of my post.....I kept asking her how she wanted her doll decorated and she just said it was up to me.  Well, I wanted her daughter to love her cake but I had no clue what her favorite colors were or anything.  So I just did something I thought was cute and just hope she likes it! 
Work in progress

 Isn't she pretty? I love this cake :)  I cant wait to see what my co-worker thanks of it!
Next week I have the "51" cake to make and mid-June I have a 6 year old's birthday cake!  We are still working on what she wants her cake to be.  This is so much fun! :)