Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding week...Bridal Party

We were so grateful that we had so many friends and family at our wedding.  I will start with the parents :)

 My parents were great with the whole wedding planning thing. My mom made sure everything prefectly planned down to every last detail and my Dad never said anything about the money.  He hates weddings and wearing tuxedos so all he had to do was show up that day and he did :)
Wes's parents hosted a rehearsal dinner for us at Gatewood Club and we had a great time...Wes was even thrown in pool that night by his groomsmen! I am very thankful to have wonderful inlaws...I really couldnt ask for a better Mother in Law!
 My maid of honor was my sister, Jodi, which all of you know how much she means to me by now since all my blogs are about her lately :) The matron was one of my best friends, Heather, which ya'll all know by now. Heather and I met at Clemson when we both had to take a Theatre class....awful class but so glad we met!  We ended up living together and I love her to death!

Meet My Bridesmaids:
Heather to the right of me:
Beth: The two of us became great friends in High School.  We were freshmen roommates at Clemson.  She is about to move home to Greenwood so she can get married and settle down next year...yay!
Stephanie: My oldest friend.  We met when she moved to Greenwood when we were in kindergarden.  We have been close ever since and her family is like our second family.
My sister Jodi is next...
Emily: She is Wes's older sister.  She is the mother of my favorite nephew Wyatt and soon to be new baby boy!!
....and My Greeters:

 Casey: Casey and I met at Clemson the summer before our freshman year.  We got to be fast friend!
  Julie: My Julie G! She was the trainer for the women's tennis team when I was the manager.   I wish we got to see each other more than a couple times a year at football games!!
Lindsey: My second cousin.  She is wild and crazy...always fun to be around.  She is getting married in a month!!
.......and Dont Forget My Flower Girl!: sweet sweet Hanna.  Her parents and I used to be great friends but you remember I said there was a little drama at the wedding...well it involved her parents.  Needless to say we arent really friends any more but I miss this child SOOOOO much!
Meet the Groomsmen: 
Levi: Wes's brother in law...Emily's husband
Brad.: Wes's great friend from High School.  He and his family live in Alabama now.
Matt: Wes's high school friend who know lives in Jacksonville.  Matt knows how to have a good time!
Jonathan: Wes's best friend and Best Man.  When Wes and I were dating...I was basically dating Jon Boy too.  He is older than us but I still fill like he is our little brother who we take care of sometime! :)
Ryan: Another one of Wes's high school friends.  He and his family lives in Abbeville.
.......and finally our cute little ringbearer:
Owen: He is Levi's little brother and more like our nephew.  He is going into first grade this fall!
.........and there you have it, the wonderful people in our wedding!Thanks for being a part of our special day and still being a huge part of our lives!  

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