Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time for Updates :)

Of course, I am going to update you on my sister.  She finished up with chemo on Sunday around 3am!! Yay! We are so glad that part of treatments are over for her.  She and my parents moved into an apartment close to the hospital for the next few weeks.  Jodi is able live with them now and only go to the clinic three days a week for blood and platelets and stuff like that.  She is so happy to have a real bed!
Jodi was never sick while she was getting chemo but they told her this week would be harder for her.  She was up just about all night Sunday night very sick.  Thankfully she had our mom to take care of her.  Once her stomach was back to normal she was able to sleep and get rested and by last night she was feeling much better!  She is off to the clinic today for check-ups and she told me she slept more last night than she has in the last few weeks!  She said her lips were swollen and said "who needs botox when you have chemo".  I am so happy she has the best attitude about all of this. 

This past Saturday her friends and I had a benefit for her in Clemson.  Tiffani (her good friend) arranged everything, she made t-shirts, had a DJ, had food and we even had lots of baked goodies for sale.  We really appreciate all the people that want to help Jodi! People we dont even know were donating money!  Here are some pictures for Saturday...
Her store

Miss Tiffani...who was in charge of planning everything :)
The shirts
Our DJ for the day

One of the cakes I made to sell :)

Someone donated a homemade quilt for raffle!  (Jodi is in the background on skype so she could see her party :))

This was emptied several times!!
I am planning a fundraiser like this one just in Greenwood, our hometown, because a lot of people have been asking us how they can help locally.  This will be on May 14th and we hope it will be a great turnout.  We will have t-shirts, baked goods, raffle/silent auction items that people would like to donate, and some more surprises that I cant say because I know my sister will read this :)
A friend of mine is helping me plan and she has contacted the local radio station too!  Hopefully it will be lots of fun and we can help Jodi out a little too!

Tomorrow is Jodi's birthday, so her best friend Anna, asked Chick-fil-A if they could help out.  So from 5-8pm tomorrow the Greenwood Chick-fil-A will be donating some of the proceeds to Jodi! Yay!  What a great birthday present! :)
 I love how our little town comes together for Jodi and others going through cancer like her!
Oh...look at what she got yesterday!
A football signed by Dabo and hat by Spiller!  A friend of hers in Clemson had this arranged but Dabo's wife mailed it to Jodi with a sweet card.  So cool! :)

Thank you for all your emails about Jodi...it really means a lot that you are all cheering her on!  

This really consummed my weekend, so I dont have any other updates about me.  But look at my dining room table...it is t-shirt factory..
One last thing, I got my package in the mail that I take to my local doctor so they can get blood samples and all that kind of stuff to see if I am a bone marrow match for Jodi.  (hopefully she wont need the transplant, but if she does I hope I am a match).  Wouldn't that be the best birthday present for her EVER to know that I am a match if it comes to that point.  So at 2:40pm this afternoon...say a little prayer that I am a match.  Who knows when we will find out but that is when I go for my tests!


  1. Wow what a success for Jodi , so sweet her friend Tiffani pulled all that together! That cake you made looks DIVINE yummy!!!!! Those t-shirts look GREAT! So glad she is in such great spirits and doing well so far! That is sweet of the football and hat dabo signed and his wife mailed! I will be praying your tests go well this afternoon definately and of course for Jodi as well! sending hugs and positive thoughts your way girl! xx

  2. What a wonderful way to support your sister! She is in my prayers.