Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding Week...my groom!

Before I go into detail about my groom, I should update you on our anniversary.  Last year for our first anniversary, we just went to dinner and decided not to exchange gifts.  So I assumed we would do the same this year?? I left a funny/sweet anniversary card in his truck so he would see it when he left for work.  (I also made him a plain vanilla cake with no icing and had strawberries and whipped cream for toppings...he has been asking for that for a while).  That is all I did as far as gifts.  Wes isn't the most sentimental guy, so I wasn't expecting anything in return and I was fine with that! We both pulled up at the house last night at the same time and we ran inside and he said here...happy anniversary.  Of course it was not wrapped and no card becasue he is Wesley haha.  Look what he got me...
 New Costas sunglasses!  Ive been wanting a new pair for so long and I was so excited.  Then we went out to eat at my favorite place in town...Capri's Italian.  So yummy!  Of course me being the worrier I am..I felt so bad for not getting him a real gift.  He said he just wanted to surprise me because he knew I wanted them.  I will have to make up for it next year I guess :)

Ok...now back to the my post about my wonderful groom!
I love this quote because I think it sums up our relationship. I cant lie to you...Wes and I had a very rocky relationship when we first met.  I have told Wes this story before but he doesn''t believe me...when we first met, I knew he was supposed to be in my life.  We met through mutual friends one weekend (January of 2005) and my parents were actually out of the country, but I remember when mom called me to say they landed I had to tell her about a boy I just met this weekend.  (I usually didn't tell mom so quickly about this kind of stuff)  I was so excited about meeting Wes...I knew there was a reason I met him.  Wes and I started dating for a few months and I was so excited. But then out of no where...Wes just ended things.  He said he wasn't ready for a serious relationship (he just got out of one at the time) and I was heartbroken.  Well I dated someone else that summer and thought I was over Wes.  But then he randomly called one day...I realized that I was far from being over him.  So we started dating again.  We did this cycle for quite a while and broke up the last time around the end of 2007.  My parents and friends started to not like him...obviously I could understand.  It was like we dated when he had nothing else to do??  I told everyone that I would not go back to him that he had hurt me way to many times.  Well in September of 2008 he sent me a text asking how I have been.  I was at work and told my coworker and we both agreed that I would ignore the message.  I was so proud of my self for doing that....well, that lasted about 4 hours.  I texted him back and we starting talking.  I told him that I couldn't do this anymore and I finally stood up for myself with him. We decided he would drive to Aiken for lunch one day and we would talk.  I could tell something was different..it wasn't like every other time.  I kept it a secret from everyone until I knew that he was serious this time like he said he was.  Well, he was and it was perfect.  I finally told my parents, sister and friends a couple months later.  I have never been happier and Wes actually treated me like he loved me at this point.  Ok long story..so sorry about that.  We dated for a while, I moved to Greenwood and we got engaged December 19, 2009.  Oh, my parents and family adore him now...he and my Dad are big buds.  See why I like that quote above? I knew the day I met him I had to have in my live :)
When Heather did this post, she had the cutest pictures of Ray when he was young, but I don't have any of Wes.  They are all at his parents house.  I can assure you....he was a cutie with lots of dark hair :)  Here are some other pictures of my hubby :)
This was the youngest picture I have of Wes on the computer...him "being Wes" back in High School
Our first picture together...celebrating my birthday (Feb. 05)
When we got back together for good...Sept 2008

He is thrilled to be at Clemson!

He looks like he is trying to stick out his belly in this one :)

See my family loves him now :)
His favorite hat he got for Christmas a few years ago!
After our rehearsal dinner, May 15, 2009
Just Married!  I hate my facial expression but oh well! :)

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  1. How sweet!!

    And btw, your dating story sounds exactly like my relationship with my hubby! ha.