Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Taking a break from wedding week to do my favorite post....What I'm Loving Wednesday! :)
I'm loving...the word remission!! We found out Jodi is basically in remission right now.  Her blast (immature, non-working white blood cells) were at 6% but you have to be at 5% to technically be in remission, but her doctor still said the R word to her!! We found out she will be there for 5 more months getting chemo 3 days a month (back to back) so she still has a while to go but what great news!! :)

I'm loving... that my co-worker Sara is coming here today so we can work on a project.  We both work out-based so never get to see co-workers that much!  Looking forward to today!
I'm loving... that we dont have to worry about possible bone marrow transplants for a while (I was saving my vacation days in case she needed the transplant) but now that wont be a possibilty until after October.  My vacation days roll over October 1 so I dont have to worry about saving days any more for the summer and I can plan my trip to see Jodi in Houston!!! I cant wait :)

I'm loving... that Callie finally stopped barking last night!! She was so jealous becasue Gracie was on the other side of the invisible electric fence and she wouldnt stop barking!! Finally I got Gracie to stay on this side of the fence and Callie finally stopped barking around midnight!
 I am loving.... my hubby as always.  This week with all my wedding posts has brought back lots of wonderful memories :)

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. So many loves to be thankful for :) Glad things are going so well with Jodi!

  2. So many awesome things happening in your life! Great things you are loveing today :)

  3. I'm stealing your Remission Rocks pic!