Monday, October 31, 2011

Tired and sore...

Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters  
1.  Footloose!  Wes was busy cooking a pig all night for a Young Life fundraiser so Sarah and I decided to have a girls night.  We went to eat at Chili's and had my favorite meal....
I love their quesadilla explosion salad..yum!  Then we went to see Footloose.  I didn't know what to expect, I am not a big fan of movies with a lot of dancing but I loved this movie!! It was great.  Ironically I am a big Dancing with the Stars fan (even though I don't usually like movies with a lot of dancing and singing) so I am a big Julianne Hough fan!  She was great!  But my favorite was this guy:
 Willard!  If you know my husband, you would know that I have a thing for country guys!  Wes and Willard had a lot of similarities!  So if you haven't seen this movie must go!

2. Bus ride:  My Dad, Sam and I were going to drive to Atlanta on Saturday for the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech game but I really wasn't looking forward to driving until 3am.  Dad's friend has a company called Tiger Trails and they take people to Clemson games and provides a meal.  So we took him up on his offer and rode with them to the game.  They had Chick-fil-A for us..yum!  They dropped us off at a red light near the Varsity so we could meet up with some people.  It was so nice not having to drive in Atlanta!  It was even nicer not having to drive home, because I knew Dad and Sam wouldn't be able to stay awake to keep me awake to drive home.  Dad was sitting in front of us snoring and Sam was snoozing away too.  Of course I was awake the whole time, but I didn't have to drive!
3.  My Tigers are number 11:  Ok so last week we were number 5...that was exciting!  I was one of the fans that had a feeling that we wouldn't go undefeated this year.  I also had a bad feeling about the game this past weekend.  Now, I really wish we could have won but I am not going to make excuses either.  Ga Tech came ready to play and they won..we lost.  I hate when people say..we lost BUT we are the better team blah blah blah.  Yes, we are ranked higher and have a better record, but we were not the better team on Saturday..that's why we lost.  Oh well, we have our bye week this week.  I know our boys will be ready to come and play their hearts on next week.  I love my tigers and our coach!   Here is a reason why: Dabo "Gotta win with class and you gotta lose with class"

4. Arms are sore!:  Yesterday Wes and I went to our friends Ryan and Ashley's house where they hosted the Young Life event this weekend that Wes cooked the pig for.  The event was a skeet shooting event.  I have only shot a gun like 2 times before and the four of us decided to run the whole course before they took it down.  I think shot 5 times at each of the first 4 obstacles and I had to quit.  My arm was so tired and today it is so sore!  I think I need practice! 
5. New shower stuff: Friday morning, I went to take a shower and the handle was gone!  Then I saw a pair of pliers with a note that said use this for shower.  Ugh...I couldn't get it work right, so I loaded all my shower stuff to our extra bathroom.  Yesterday, Wes and I went to get a new handle from Lowe's and I talked him into a new shower head.  Man it was so nice this morning!  We also got one of these for a extra bathroom

Since we don't have any kids or company spending the night, the only reason we really use that shower is to bathe our two dogs.  We have been using a cup but this works SOOOO much better for our two big dogs!  So of course we had to bathe them both last night to test it it was nice!  So we have two new shower heads, a new handle/knob and two clean pups!

It was a pretty eventful weekend but I am tired and sore!  Happy Monday!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

I've been slack!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1. Pintrest:  The main reason I have been slack with writing and reading blogs is because pintrest has taken over my spare time!  The main thing I look up are recipes, cake decorating, and Christmas decorating.  Here are a couple of my favorite things I want to try myself:
I made these for the tailgate on Saturday...they were yummy!

I want to make these for Wes sometime

These look amazing!

I love this!

Cant wait to make these :)

Snowmen are my favorite!!
 2. Cakes:  Football games give me an excuse to make cakes and have other people eat them.  I cant remember if I showed you my helmet cake or not.  Jodi found a pumpkin cake on pinterest and I couldn't wait to make a Clemson pumpkin...

3. Number 5!: As you all know...I am a little obsessed with my Tigers.  We are number 5 in the BCS poll now! I am so excited...Wes thinks it is really funny because I made him watch ESPN last night so we can see the BCS rankings.  He said I looked so nervous and excited, like a kid at Christmas, when they started talking about the top 5.  He isn't a die-hard college football fan, so he doesn't understand!  Being a Clemson fan I have set through MANY mediocre seasons and one bad season (last year) and I used to get excited when we got in the top he has to get used to me being thrilled right now!  We play at Georgia Tech this Saturday..and that is always a tough one for us.  So I hope the boys are ready so we can go 9-0!!
Love Boyd and Watkins!!
4. Jodi: Jodi and my mom are so very close to coming home!  She has her going home class at the hospital a week from today and then a bone marrow aspiration on day 90 so around November 6th I think.  So hopefully after they get the results from that her and mom will be able to pack up and make their way back to SC.  I know they are so excited to come home... April was a long time ago!!  I cant wait :)

5. Holidays:  I know this is random but I can not wait for the holidays.  It really hit me this past week!  I can not wait to have family get togethers for Thanksgiving and then all the parties and family time at Christmas.  I think my fall decorations in my house is what is causing my excitment.  I love this time of year and so happy it is here...even though I feel like it just left! I swear this year flew by!

Happy Monday!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

1. The most selfless thing I've ever done was....I try to do selfless acts once in a while but I did something this summer that topped it all.  I donated my stem cells for my sister :)  Of course I didn't have to think about it, when I found out I was a match I was so excited and honored to be able to help Jodi.  I mean the day we found out she had leukemia, she looked at me and are going to save my life.  No pressure right?  So glad that we were prefect matches!
In progress
We thought this was funny..

The stem cells (3.94 million!)

2. When it comes to working out.... I wish I was more motivated.  I love walking but in the fall I cant seem to find the time with my work schedule.  I know that isn't a good excuse but I will get better!

3. A woman should always...listen to her heart.

4. I wish I could be better with my working out and then I'd be back in my preferred pant size! :)

5. A best friend is...someone who will always be there for you no matter what.

6. I can't get enough of......Clemson football...did you really think I would write a post during the fall without mentioning my tigers??

7. This weekend I am....very excited to stay home for the first time in seven weekends!  I have zero plans but to watch football on tv and clean my house...well, that sounds exciting for me :)

Happy Friday everyone!!!! Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Gracie!

I wish I knew if today was really her birthday or if it is next week?? When I picked her up, the owner of her mom just said he thought the puppies were around 9 weeks?? So I guess she was born somewhere in between October 7-14th?  So lets just say today is her birthday!! I do know for sure she is turning 6! I can not believe I have had her that long!  Time flies by!! I love my Gracie but she wasn't the easiest puppy that's for sure.  She had SEVERE separation anxiety.  I hear people say their dogs have that but then their stories are nothing like my sweet Gracie.  She would not just cry but SCREAM, YELP, BARK whatever you want to call it for the entire day I was at work..not just the first few minutes.  Needless to say, my neighbors didn't care for her too much.  My sweet Gracie also didn't like new people.  She really didn't care for me to much the first few days, she was the cutest puppy ever but was scared to let anyone hold her.  Once she got comfortable with me, she wouldn't let anyone but me hold her.  She really hurt a lot of peoples feelings because she was scared. Til this day, she only has a hand few of people that she trust enough to let you shake with her...not really pet...just shake :)
Gracie also had a terribly weak stomach.  One time I changed her food (without realizing it) and man did I come home to a nasty mess at lunch.  She spent the rest of the day with Aunt Jodi!  She never slept through the night.  We were up like 4 times a night so she can go outside.  I believe she slept through the night the first time when she was a little over a year!! I felt like I had a newborn!  
OH...she hates to get wet.  When we lived in Aiken in my townhouse, I would let her go outside but if it was raining, she REFUSED.  She would just whine and pace for hours until she finally got the nerve to get a tiny bit wet!  Oh the joys of Gracie's childhood!  
Every time a friend of mine would get a new puppy, I would warn them of all the hard work and they would call me and say that their puppy slept through the night or didn't whine when they left for work.  When we got Callie, she was the easiest puppy.  So I think Gracie may have been special that way!
 Anyways, I was just going to make this post full of pictures but then I got carried away.  I don't want you to think Gracie is a bad dog.  She is my baby and to me she is the best dog ever.  When I moved to Aiken, I didn't know anyone and I just had her.  She got me through living there!!  Wherever I am you better believe Gracie is right there under my legs.  She isn't AS skiddish as she used to be but she is a little better (and no, she was never abused, that is just her personality).  So if you are ever lucky enough to have Miss Gracie (or as Wes and Jodi calls her...Princess) shake with must be alright!! :)
My puppy! December 2005

Love this one!

Skipped a few years with pictures..this is in 2010

Love the chance to come inside for a while (she stays outside now)

Her favorite thing...shaking  (The other dog was Barkley)

Her second favorite thing...going for a ride!

Supporting her favorite Aunt!
Happy 6th Birthday Gracie!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall is here!

I have been procrastinating with decorating my house for some reason.  I usually decorate early just because I am so excited but this year I have been so busy and by the time I get home at night I don't feel like doing it.  So the other day I finally decided to decorate.  I don't do a lot of decorations for the fall (compared to Christmas decorations) but I still love it.  

My favorite fall wreath!
 I am slowly adding more decorations each year...good thing we have Hobby Lobby in town now...I will be going there for some great discounts!  I also want to stop by and pick up some pretty mums for by front porch and of course some pumpkins!!  My mom and sister also sent me this.....

How cute will that be once it is put together?? Cant wait!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Monday

As I was reading blogs this morning I saw that Holly found a new link up that I wanted to here it goes :) 

Dear Monday, You came really really fast this week.  I had such a fun weekend but I was really hoping that Sunday would have lasted a few extra hours...I could have used some more sleep!

Dear Heather, I had a great time with you and Ray.  We went to Virgina for our football game and had lots of fun.  I didnt want the weekend to end.  It is so nice to get away from home for a little trip every once in awhile!  Cant wait for our next adventure...whenever that will be!

 Dear Brownies, Heather and I tried a new recipe and it didnt turn out so well.  You make the brownies and then 12 minutes before they are finished you take them out of the oven and cover them with candy corn and then bake the remaining 12 minutes.  Well, we did and let them cool before we cut them.  Once we cut the brownies she realized the brownies were basically batter still.  So we baked them some more and some more.  Needless to say it didnt work out the way we wanted.  They didnt cut they looked messy, but tasted pretty good.  Here is out attempt of being festive...  

 Dear Mimosa,  I am not a big drinker...I can go months without wanting a drink, but I do love mimosa!  Heather had a great idea of making some for Saturday and going ahead and mixing them Friday night...look how creative she was :)

Dear Fall, I missed you this weekend.  When we left South Carolina, we had temperatures in the 80s and sunny (which is the typical fall for us).  When we arrived in Virgina, it was cold!! I know it is usually colder there, but this weekend they had a cold front and it was freezing and raining!   THe temperature was in the 40s but when you consider the wind was in the 30s!  Burr! I was excited to see the 70's and the sun yesterday!  
It was so cold and windy...we had to tailgate inside the car!

Poor Russell was freezing and had to use my scarf to cover his head :)

 Dear Clemson Football, I was a little worried about playing Virgina Tech at home and at night.  They have a very intimidating home field advantage and Clemson was coming off two huge wins.  HIstory tells us that Clemson would more than likely choke but we proved history wrong and won.  We didnt only beat VT but we shut them down....23-3.  This was the first time that VT didnt score a touchdown at home since the 90s.  AND Clemson is the first ACC team to beat 3 ranked opponents back to back ever!  It was such a fun game (minus the weather) and so glad we all went.  Celebrating downtown after the game was great too...we met some great VT fans too!
Last few minutes of the game!

Only Clemson fans left in the stands

Jamey and Heather on the dance floor
Dear Christmas,  It seems like you should be so far away but you are not!  So I took advantage of stopping at the Gaffney outlets on our way home yesterday and started shopping.  I bought Wes three things for Christmas!  If I dont get motivated now I will not be able to afford Christmas come December!

Dear work week, please be easy on me this week.  I am tired and really dont want a lot of unexpected issues arise.  Heres to the week going as planned!!

Happy Monday everyone!
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