Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

I had such a good weekend.  Friday after work, Jodi, Jason and her friend Al went to my new favorite restaurant in Greenville 

If you haven't been there yet, you must try it out!  After dinner we met up with Jodi's friend Tiffani and went to the adults night out at the Greenville Children's Museum.  Besides getting drenched in the pouring down rain, we had a great time at the museum.  It only cost $15 for the entire night and they had food and ice cream for free and then of course a cash bar.  I didn't take any pictures but here are some I stole from Tiffani

Jodi and I were worn out by the end of the night (thanks to pregnancy and her post transplant or as she said "cancery" stuff) so we were happy to get back to her apartment that night!  It was so nice to wake up in has been a very long time since that has happened! 
Saturday morning we met up with one of my favorite people and her little guy, Ashley and Kasen, for breakfast and just hanging out at Jodi's store.  Look how cute this little guy is...maybe my baby girls future boyfriend?? haha

 Love that little guy!  I went home Saturday and didn't do much the rest of the night.  Then yesterday Wes and I just did random things around the house...we finally got rid of some extra furniture and grills that we had and just spend the day with the pups :)  (still haven't cleaned out the room for the nursery...I just can not get motivated!)

Well, that was my weekend! I swear Mondays come way too fast!! Already counting down the days until I can go back to Clemson on Friday for Relay and Jodi's birthday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little catch up

I realized I haven't written much of anything besides baby stuff lately, so I apologize about that but it really has consumed my life lately.  So I am going to try my best to write about other things going on in my life :)

This past weekend was my best friend from High Schools big wedding day!  Growing up, I always thought she would be one of the first people I knew to get married so I was shocked when I got married first.  The weekend was perfect!  On Friday, all the bridesmaids and of course Beth went to get pedicures and some got manicures, then we went to lunch and had a small lingerie party.  At the lunch, her sister-in-law asked Beth about 15 questions that she already asked Lee to see how close they were to having the same answers.  We were all shocked that they answered all but one or two the exact same way!  
We had a break that afternoon then it was time for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Afterwards Beth and some people were going to her cousin's Keith's house but I was about to fall asleep (at 930pm haha) so I had to skip out if I wanted to function the next day.
Abby (bridesmaid) and the Bride
Wedding party at the rehearsal
Then it was wedding day...we all met at her parents house (brought back so many great memories!) to have breakfast and get our hair and make-up done.  It was so very nice to be pampered all morning. 
Hair and Makeup stations

Father of the Bride and her cute nephew in his tuxedo onsie!

On the way to the church!!
 Around 2 we headed to the church for pictures and of course the wedding!  Everything was beautiful and hot...those lights where we were standing felt like a sauna..I felt bad for the guys in tuxes!  Finally it was time for the reception.  I hung out with Jodi, Mom and Wesley until they all went home.  It was a great night and was so glad to be a part of Beth's big day.
Our ride from church to reception cooling off..

Love Beth's something blue.

Mr. and Mrs. Wagner!

On the way!
Take two of a picture of my and Wesley...apparently Jodi told him to open his eyes

 Me, Jodi and Mom


 So that was my weekend! Now Beth and Lee are celebrating in St. Lucia! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gender Reveal!

This past Thursday, Wes and I went to the big ultrasound.  This was the first ultrasound that I have had so I was so excited to finally see our baby.  The lady doing this ultrasound said she would determine the gender last because she wanted to make sure little one was healthy first.  She went into so much detail which I loved!  She showed us (and of course measured) all the major bones, the skull, kidneys, heart, bladder...everything you can think of!  
By the time she was ready to look between those legs our baby was asleep on the stomach...which made her job a little difficult!  About 5 or so minutes later so said..."Well, I think I'm going to say it's a girl."  
I didnt know if we should be excited or wait for more confirmation since she seemed a little unsure.  I asked her how positive she was (I know it is never 100%) and she said she didnt know why she worded it that way because it was indeed a GIRL!  
Another funny part was when she was explaining why she said it was a girl, Wes looked a little confused and he later told me that he thought it was a boy becuase it looked like it had boy parts....Wes was looking at her leg!  Wes was just a little bit off! (He said in his defense he was told it was zoomed it a lot!)
So after that we met with my doctor and went over a few things then we were finished.  I called my Mom and she told me to meet her for a few minutes and look what she gave me...
After I saw my Mom I went to buy some pink balloons to put on my Mother-in-law's car.  Since she teaches school I knew I wouldnt be able to call her to let her know the news.  I usually email her after my appointments but didnt want to tell her by email either.  So I decided to put pink balloons on her car.  She was so excited to see the pink.  She has been convinced it was a girl since day 1...I think becasue she has two grandsons, she wanted a girl this time :)  After work that night, she and my father in law brought over a couple gifts (I have a feeling the little one is going to be spoiled..first grandbaby on my parents side and first granddaughter on Wes's side!)

This is a picture of all the gifts from that day.  The dress from my Mom, picture frame from my friend Marsha and the rest from Tommie :) If you have a little one you need to check out my friends boutique..she has cute affordable baby/kids clothes (Sweet Teas) I have a feeling I am going to help keep her in business!

We are about 99.9% sure on the baby name but I will share when we are 100%.  (Of course we were like 150% sure on the boy name :))


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving... that I finally am writing a WILW post.  This used to be (and still is) my favorite link up but as we all know...I've been slack lately.
I'm loving... today starts my 18th week in my pregnancy! Everyone is talking about how fast it is going by...maybe because they didn't know I was pregnant until week 12!  I feel like I have known forever!! Which I did find out extra early but I am glad to be approaching my half way point!
I'm loving... tomorrow is my gender ultrasound!! I am beyond excited.  People keep asking me what I would prefer and one day I say a boy and the other day I say obviously I don't care either way.....I just want to know!!  Most people say I am having a girl (maybe because I work for Girl Scouts?? who knows)  We have names picked out already so will Baby Bowling be P or T??

I'm loving... that my best friend from high school is getting married this weekend!! I can not wait!  
Casey, me and Beth (the bride) back in high school!

The day before my wedding
 I'm Loving...  this may sound strange at first but I'm Loving that this Friday marks a year since Jodi was diagnosed.  That was not the best day obviously but as she said, she has had the best luck since that day!  So we are determined April 20th, 2012 and every year from here on out will be fun and happy days celebrating she is leukemia free :)
Happy Wednesday!! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

17 Weeks!

Maternity Clothes? I still do not like wearing pants lately, they are just not comfortable for me.  So I wear lots of dresses, mainly maxi dresses and cardigans.  They are maternity dresses but I really don't see a difference between those and normal maxi dresses.

Size of the Baby? According to babycenter, baby bowling is about the size of a turnip.  Weighs about 5 ounces and is about 5 inches in length.  I still think it is funny they always have a fruit or vegetable to compare the baby too :)

Stretch Marks? nope

Gender? I wish I knew!! I will hopefully (that baby better show us) find out a week from today! I can't wait!!
Movement? Not sure, I felt something different the other day but didn't know if it was movement or not.  Hope to start feeling within the next week or so!

Sleep? I have finally learned how to sleep not on my stomach, thanks to pillows!  I still wake up to use the bathroom and also wake up because I'm sleeping on my back or stomach and it hurts.  But I cant complain to much, I am getting a lot of sleep finally!

Food Cravings? Not really, people keep asking me that question but I just don't have any
What I Miss?Diet Mountain Dew and as much sweet tea as I wanted!  I wouldn't mind some sushi too!

Symptoms? I used to never dream but now I have a dream just about every night!  I have some crazy dreams too!  I still have random days where I am sick.  I have had bloody gums off and on (who knew that was a symptom) and I think that is all

Best Moment Last Week? I got to hear the heartbeat at the doctors office and a friend of mine who had a baby last week brought me her Doppler so that I can use at home.  So Wes is now able to hear the heartbeat too! So exciting :)

Looking Forward to? NEXT THURSDAY!! I have my first ultrasound and I will finally get to find out what we are having!  Here's hoping those legs are uncrossed and he/she cooperates so we can find out.

So what do you think??

Friday, April 6, 2012


Since I got put on the spot my a few people yesterday about me being slack on my blog I found a fun link-up to do today.... Milspouse Fill-In with Wife of a Sailor!  

1. What’s one thing in the past month you would have changed?
Seeing friends.  I admit I have been slack with that lately too.  I just haven't really felt like going out (by going out I mean going to dinner with people or something like that).  Wes and I finally went out with some friends last Friday night and it was wonderful!

2. What was your favorite thing that happened in March?
My favorite thing had to be hearing my baby's (still weird for me to say that) heartbeat!  It was the best thing ever!

3. Check your phone… who was the last person you called and what is your favorite thing about them?
Stephanie.  She has been one of my best friends since kindergarten!  She is the most sincere person you will ever meet and always there if you need here.  I haven't seen her in a few months and she is in town for Easter so I hope to see her this afternoon :)

4. If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?
I really don't know...maybe pink?  It is my favorite color and I wear it all the time.  I am not good at these types of questions so that's the best answer you will get

5. What are you looking forward to in April?
I have so much to look forward too this month!  One of my favorite people in the world is getting married April 21 and we will have a weekend full of celebrations.
April 20 is going to be a great day.  Not only because of weddings but that marks a year that we found out Jodi's diagnosis and I am determined it will be a great April 20th this year! 
April 19th I will find out the gender of Baby Bowling! (he/she better cooperate that day!)
April 9th is the Prowl and Growl in Greenwood where Clemson football and basketball coach will come here for a dinner/banquet.  I cant wait :)

Happy Friday and Happy Easter!!