Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm Loving...that I only have a few more days until Paige and I go to the beach!! We wish Wesley was going but he has to work.  We are going with his mom (Mimi) and Emily and the boys.  Gerri and Gene will also be there all week.  I haven't had a real vacation in three years...can you believe that?  Besides taking time off at Christmas of course, but I stay home those days.  Last year I was unable to take a vacation because I had to save my days for maternity leave and the year before that I went to Texas for the transplant.  So technically that was a vacation but sorta not too.

I'm Loving...  and so very thankful that I have such a happy baby..for the most part.  I picked her up from school yesterday and she had a different teacher and she couldn't get over how happy Paige is.  She said her baby basically cried the first 8 months of her life.  I couldn't imagine!
I'm Loving... Paige's wagon.  Well, I really have a love hate relationship with it.  Paige loves riding in it and I have to admit, it is pretty cute and I cant wait to see Paige and Matthew riding in it next week at the beach condo!  You know how I said I am so thankful for such a happy baby for the most part...well if Paige sees the wagon and she cant get to it....she is not happy at all!!  This is how she had to eat last night because she saw the wagon in the dining room:
I'm Loving... I get to see Robin next week!  She is one of my favorite cousins and since she lives in Florence we will be close to her while we are at the beach.  So she is coming to play with us on Friday!  Cant wait to see her...its been since November.  Heather and Audrey are also coming to visit while we are there and I think we are going to the aquarium...cant wait!

I'm Loving... this weather! It has warmed up but still not as hot as it was last summer..maybe it is because I am not pregnant, but I swear it was like 100 degrees every day last year.  This year we have had a lot of rain so it has kept the temps down thank goodness!

I'm Loving... my family!  Paige and I will miss Wes/Daddy next week so much.  We hope that he finds time to come stay a night towards the end of the week.  We have made a lot of progress with Paige not crying when Wes holds her and I think a week away from him will really mess that up.  Anyways, I love those two so much and so thankful for them! 
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Newborns, Playdates and Slides

I had yet another fun and eventful weekend!  Friday afternoon, I finally went to go visit one of my best friends who had just had a baby.  Her name is Sloan is so so very sweet.  She was 10 days old when I finally met her and weighed around 8 pounds.  It is unreal to think that Paige was that small!!  I loved holding that precious baby and catching up with Beth!
Later that afternoon/evening, Mrs. Thurston came over for some Paige time and then I finally cleaned our house...well, started too and finished the rest up Saturday morning.
Paige and I had a big day was another play date with sweet Audrey (and Jodi and Alyssa came to play part of the day too).  Jodi and Alyssa got there around 10 that morning..just in time to entertain Paige while I vacuumed..she hates that sound!  Once Heather and Audrey got there, we hung out at the house, trying to keep Audrey happy and then decided to go Uptown Greenwood for lunch and walk around the Festival of Flowers toperaries.   

After lunch, Jodi and Alyssa went to play at a friends pool and the four of us headed back to my house.  We thought we would have nap time, but that lasted no time and the girls were ready to play!  Of course I have a lot of pictures to document but here are my favorites from the afternoon..they include playing inside, 4th of July photo shoot, pool and bath time.  We wore those babies out!
Our play date was so much fun..we really enjoy our days with Audrey and Heather!  Cant wait for the next one at their house!  Since Paige only napped for 30 minutes all day, Wes and I were just waiting for her to pass out all evening.  This girl was going strong and so happy!  Not sure what got into her but she was having a ball going on no sleep!  Jonathan came over and Wes cooked the best hamburgers ever and I made our favorite homemade onion rings...Jonathan took a picture because he wanted to make Facebook jealous!

Saturday night was one of my favorite memories with Wes and Paige.  Paige learned out to slide down her slide.  We took videos but I didn't get a video of her staying seated and perfecting her slide..she was so proud!
Paige slept almost 12 hours Saturday night...which made for one happy Mama!  The three of us hung around the house for half the day until Wes went to go fishing with Jonathan.  After Paige's nap, we went to visit Mema for a little while.  Mema was so excited to have a surprise visitor!  Then we came home and cooked supper and of course played on the slide with Daddy a lot later that evening.

It was another great weekend and so glad I got to share it with some of my favorite people!! 

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10 Things I Live For..

Today, I'm linking up with Becky for 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose

The topic today is 10 things I live for...

I am so lucky to be a dream come true!  I cherish every second with my sweet Paige!  I love all the smiles, cries, diaper changes, play time...everything!
I am also lucky to have Wesley.  He may drive me crazy some days but he is perfect for me.  I am very thankful we found each other.
Cuddle time does not come as often as it used to.  I think that is why I love newborns so much!  I love rocking Paige to sleep every night and now she is starting to lay her head on my shoulder love! I also love when Wes wants to cuddle...well his version of cuddling...I will take it!

I count down the days to football season every year! I LOVE it.  I love the atmosphere in Clemson on game days, seeing the team run down the hill, tailgating with friends and family, and of course the actual game.  I get chills just thinking about it...around 70 more days until kickoff!!  I also love the fall, I think that is officially my favorite season, great weather, football and traditions!

Wes and I both have great families and we enjoy spending time with them.  We are actually pretty lucky because both of our parents are still married...not many people our age can say that!  Paige is one lucky girl to have two sets of grandparents, two great grandmas, two aunts (one uncle), two cousins, and a whole lot more people in the family that love her!

Some people may get annoyed that I always have my camera ready, but if I didn't I would never be able to capture this sweet moment!  I mean does that picture not melt you heart...ok probably not, but it does mine!  The week leading up to this Paige cried whenever her Daddy held her but she finally caved in for some sweet cuddle time!  I love my pictures and still love looking at pictures from years ago!!

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know that I live for the weekends.  Since I work, I don't get to spend as much time with Paige as I would hope to, so I cherish my weekends so very much.  Whether it is a busy weekend or one were we stay home...I love them all!  

Some people have their coffee, but I love my sweet tea.  I could never live somewhere that when you go to a restaurant and order tea and they bring you unsweetened or hot, they are missing out on the best drink!  

Oh my sweet Gracie..I love her so.  She is almost 8 years old and that blows my mind and also stresses me out.  I cant believe she is that old already!  She may be scared of everyone and everything but that is just her!  She loves her Mama and so excited to see me every time I come home.  Shes my first baby!

I love everything there is about, gift wrapping, family, traditions, excitement, decorations and of course finding the biggest cedar tree on our farm possible!  It is such a happy time of year and will be even better sharing it with Paige!  I look forward to it every year, my wallet does not however!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

These Boots Were Made for Walking

She may not be wearing boots, but my girl learned how to walk!  Well, not on her own yet but she pulled herself up to her toy and started pushing it and she was walking without a beat!!  How is it that my just turned 9 month old can do this already?? I was just fine in her being a little slower in this department and maybe learning to walk a few months down the road...but not Miss Paige!

Paige and I were just playing on the floor on Monday evening and she just started walking.  I looked at Wes and was like...are you seeing this??  I of course pulled out my phone (real video camera was in the other room and didn't want to miss this!) and took a few videos.  Wes said she looked like an old lady and her walker.  My parents said she looked my Nanny from behind with her walker and little chubby legs.  Tuesday morning, I wanted to see if it was just a fluke or not...well it wasn't! Please ignore Gretchen from Real Housewives of OC talking in the background...
I have several shoes for Paige in size 3 thinking that would be her size when she started walking..oh no ma'am.  I had to go buy her a new pair of shoes so she can learn to walk in them.  Let me tell you...she did not agree with wearing them.   She kept looking at them and pointing!  She wanted them off..I don't blame her, I like going barefoot as well.  But she does look pretty cute in her little size 2 Salt Sun Sandals! 
I promise I did have her dressed.  She learned that her shirt had a snap in the back and if she pulls it, it comes off and somehow she got her foot out of her sandal too...this may take some getting used to!

This is completely off the topic but while Wes and I were taking a million videos of her walking, we had some music playing and Paige started have to watch the video but it gets a little slow in the middle but just wait until the love!
So proud that my little girl learned to walk while holding will not be long before she is taking off on her own!  Slow down baby girl!
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

On Wes's first Father's Day, Paige woke up around 7:30 and I went to get her up and handed her a card to give her Daddy.  We walked back to our bedroom and she gave it to him just like she knew what she was doing!  We ate breakfast and then of course packed up and went back to the lake.   Several family members were coming to the lake for Father's Day.  It was so nice to spend the entire day with Wes and Paige.  It was even better seeing Wes really playing and spending a lot of time with Paige...they needed it!  She did really well with him and even cuddled up together!  It was a day full of swimming, sun, playing and good food!  It was the perfect First Father's Day for Wesley!  Here are a few pictures from the busy (short nap) day! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Dear Miss Paige,
I really do not even know where to begin.  You are growing up so fast.  As usual, I am amazed how fast you are growing and can not get over the fact that you are only a few short months from being a year old!!  I am loving every second and I love you so much Miss P!

You go to the doctor on Monday, so after that appointment, I will come back and update your height, weight and your percentiles.

You can still fit in some of your 6 month clothes and your 9 month clothes and a few of your 12 month clothes.  You have a ton of 12 month clothes!!  You will be so cute in all your summer outfits!  We probably need to move you to size 12 month sleepers because your feet are getting a little cramped, but I am trying to wait until we go to the beach and I can get you some at the outlets.  We have enough to get by until then!  You are in a size 3 diaper, not sure for how much longer but I think we have a little more growing room!  You are starting to fill out a little more than you ever have a few baby rolls!

You still love your bottles...I can not decide when I need to reduce the amount of bottles you have a day.  That is on my list to ask Dr. Hughes on Monday. You eat 4 bottles a day and have 8 ounces each time.  First bottle around 730-8, then between 12 and 1 unless you are at "camp" and you want to eat with everyone else, so you have your bottle around 11:30, then again between 5 and 6 and then at 9 for bedtime.  I am still able to pump the majority of your milk.  Still about 70% of what you drink is breast milk, the rest is formula.   You have your good and bad days of eating real food. You love the mum-mums, puffs, yogurt bites and of course fruit.  Some days you resist eating your vegetables but ultimately you give in and eat them! We have even started giving you really soft veggies that are not pureed and you seem to enjoy feeding your self those!  

Thankfully you are still a great sleeper Miss Paige!  I love my sleep so I am so happy you do too!  You sleep about 11 hours at night!  Yay!  You usually sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in the morning and then an hour to two hour nap in the afternoon.  My favorite time is still our night routine.  I love rocking you and loving on to do it while you still let me!

You did teeth this month, so there was about a week of rough sleep.  But I think your rough sleep is still pretty good.  I gave you Tylenol before you went to sleep to help with your fever and then some teething tablets.  You would wake up a couple times during the night and I wouldn't pick you up, just have you teething tablets and a paci and you were out!  So I really can not complain too much!  I think there was one night where you needed more attention and I rocked and cuddled you in the middle of the night.  Speaking of had your first over night trip without your Mama!  You slept over at your Mimi and Grandaddy's house!  I heard you did pretty well and woke up just one time and needed your Mimi.  I was a proud Mama that you slept well for her..and that was in the middle of teething too!

You absolutely love school and Mrs. Linda.  When you get there, you go straight to the book case.  Mrs Linda even has some books on the floor waiting on you!  You are the only baby that plays with the books, so I think you like having them to yourself.  We had to say goodbye to Mrs. Linda for the summer and Mrs. Missy is there for summer camp.  You love her as well.  This is your first week of six at camp!
Thankfully you are finished teething for this round.  You do not do anything half way Miss Paige.  All four of your top teeth came in at the same time!  No wonder you were hurting.  They are all the way through but not finished yet.  I cant wait to see you smiling showing off your six teeth...too cute!!!. Oh and your hair is growing in so well and looks like it may have a curl in it soon!!!

You are so mobile now, you are crawling everywhere!  I will put you in your room and walk away and you are always right behind me.  I have to is pretty cute watching you go!  You are even standing up too!  You have been doing this all month and insist on standing as much as you can.  One night, you decided to be brave and stand up without pulling up on anything or holding on.  You only stood for a couple seconds but what a proud girl you were!  It will not be long before I am chasing you around everywhere.  I have one request, can you wait until after our beach trip to start walking?  It will make my life so much easier..ok? Thanks!

You are so busy!  You can not sit still for anything!  I love love watching you play.  Lately you have been picking up something, moving to the other side of you, going back to get it and repeating over and over.  You enjoy putting things in a bucket or box and taking it out.  We can just see your little mind working so hard!  You still love the same toys but you have to keep moving on to different ones quicker than you used to.  Like I already said, you love books!  You will play with your board books for the longest time, just turning the pages and "oohing" at them.  You are quite the little talker!  You talk ALL DAY long, especially when you are home.  Usually it is "Mamamamama" sometimes you throw in Dada. You also said "bye-bye" a couple times!  I are growing up so fast!

You just love smiling and have learned to wave!!  Last week you would wave every time someone waved at you, are a bit more selective this week for some reason!  You wave once they aren't looking! Once we get the waving down pat, we are going to teach you to blow kisses!!!  You still get so very excited whenever you see your Daddy but for some reason the last week or so you cry when he holds you!  I hope this is just a phase and you stop doing that soon!  You have also started "oohing" a whole lot lately.  You make that sound and point!  It is pretty cute, but what do you do that isn't cute right??  

You are going to be a water baby I believe!  Your favorite thing these days is bath time.  We let you have the tub to your more baby tubs!  You crawl around and play with your toys!  If you hear the water running before you are in there, you start freaking out because you are so excited!!  You also love your baby pool, except when you have other babies in there with you and the water is freezing cold...we found that out in the mountains!  You splash and splash for ever.  You have to search for grass and pull that in the pool too.  I have to admit, I love you in a bathing suit!!

You love being outside, but not for too long without water.  It is pretty hot these days and you let us know when you are ready for some AC!   You love to swing, play in the pool, ride in your wagon or just play in the grass!  I can not wait to take you to the lake and for you very first boat ride!! You will just be taking it all in I am sure! Speaking of outside, you love looking out the window.  My favorite thing was when I was pulling in from work and looked over at the window...I saw a sweet little face staring at me!  Made my day!!

You are one funny baby Miss P!  You get so excited when someone waves their face in front of you!  You also have started loving peek-a-boo!  When you get excited you make the funniest noises ever and start waving your arms up and down...well, really everywhere!  When it is just us at home, you are very talkative, the more people that are around the quieter you get!  Oh my goodness, you are so ticklish these days too!  I haven't found a spot that doesn't make you giggle...your neck, under arms, back, feet, and my favorite your tummy!!  The only bad thing is that you like to grab my hair and pull it when I tickle your tummy!


Your Daddy and I went away one weekend for the very first time without you.  I was a nervous wreck leading up to it.  I knew you would have a great time at Mimi's but it was the first time I wouldn't be with you overnight.  I was heartbroken but knew your Daddy and I needed a fun night out of town.  We had a great time, but I did think of you the entire time sweet girl!  You were missed terribly!  When we went to pick you up the next day, I don't know who was happier, you or me!! Made my day that you rushed over to me!!

We had a fun play date with Audrey this month.  We met in Greenville and went to the zoo.  It was your first time going!  I was more excited than you were!  You loved the farm animals because they came up close to you.  You also enjoyed the glass where the alligators were because you liked to look through the glass at the water.  We look forward to our monthly play dates!!


All of your firsts: crawling, standing up (while holding on) and walking along the table while holding on, saying bye bye, waving, went to the zoo, met all your Mama's coworkers in Greenville, start Camp at Learning Express, spend the night away from Mama and Dada at Mimi's, attended your first Bash at the Mountains for your BB's birthday, playing in baby pool, made the "O" face, eating non pureed foods, drink out of sippy cup much better, kiss with open!, and standing without holding on to anything (it counts even if it only happened one time and lasted two seconds!).  That is a lot to celebrate sweet girl!
Here are a couple of my favorite videos from this month! 

I am in shock that you are 9 months old!! I believe I will be saying that for the rest of my life!  Time goes by so fast!  I hate that I can not spend all day every day with you.  I wish more than anything in this world that I could be home with you, but I know you love your school and love having BB, Mimi and Gerri play with you!  I love you so much sweet is hard to describe how I love you!  So I just love and kiss you all the time!  It is time to start planning your first birthday...I will defiantly have mixed emotions that day!  Your Daddy and I love you so much sweet girl and we both look forward to watching you grow and change every day.  You make my day so much better and always knows how to make me feel loved when I come home from work!  I cant wait to see what the next month has in store for us!! I love you so much and happy 9 months Miss Paige!

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