Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weeks 1 and 2

Miss Paige,
What a difference a few weeks make?! We are all so excited you are FINALLY here..we have waited a long time for your arrival. If you ask your Daddy he said it flew by though :) You had several visitors in the hospital your first few days and were such a good and happy baby. Your Daddy and I were left alone with you for your first night and we were a little nervous. At one point he looked at me and said, "our parents must trust us or something for leaving us alone with her on her first night!". Luckily you had a great first night! We were on a good feeding schedule and Daddy changed all your diapers and handed you to me every time you needed to be fed. We also had great nurses the entire time...I was impressed! Now night number two was a different story. I wasn't making enough food for you yet and you were starving!!! You screamed for a few hours and the nurses finally brought some formula for you to eat and you were a happy camper. BB (my mom) stayed with me that night to give Wes a little break and we were so happy once you finally went to sleep...what a rough night that was!
We were released from the hospital on Saturday around lunch time (which I thought was really fast since I just had the c-section on Thursday). The three of us packed up and headed home...what a great feeling!
All dressed up and ready to go home!
You are home!!

Your first day home was pretty got to watch your first Clemson football game and they won! We were both pretty tired and slept through some of the game. We had to change your clothes so you can cheer on your Tigers are just too cute!
Over the next few days we had either MiMi or BB stay with us and took over the night feedings for me while I pumped. It was a great system that allowed all of us to get some extra sleep. You really sleep well at night and sometimes we have to wake you up so you can eat. We don't know what we would do if we didn't have a Nap Nanny though because you are not a huge fan of your bassinet. You also had your first bath didn't like it when we were bathing your bottom half but once that water hit your were a happy baby!
You had your first doctors appointment and you were down to 7 pounds and 8 ounces but looked great. So we had to schedule another appointment and the end of the week to make sure you were gaining weight. We went back on Thursday and you were up to 7 pounds 10 ounces! You are still sleeping most of the time and sleeping well at night too...some nights were better than others but we really cant complain at all!
We love Dr. Hughes!

You also had your newborn pictures this week and we cant wait to get the CD. The one time we wanted you to be asleep, you were wide awake checking everything out. We finally got you to sleep and you were a great little model!
The weekend finally came which meant it was more Daddy time and you finally got to meet your Aunt Emily, Uncle Levi and your cousins Wyatt and Matthew. Matthew really didn't know what to think about you but Wyatt was so excited and couldn't wait to hold you. You are lucky to have such fun cousins!!
Over the next few days, we really just stayed home and fed, pumped, slept, washed clothes and kept repeating the process. BB stayed with us this week and it has really really been helpful. We are enjoying these last few days having BB with us. Thursday night will be the first night of just the three of us. Should be fun!
You make the best face expressions and I wish I could take a picture of everyone so we can remember are one funny little girl!
You went back to the doctor today for another weight check, you didn't lose or gain any at all. You are still 7 pounds 10 ounces but everything looks wonderful! You have some matting in one eye and we now have to give you eye drops a few times a day, but apparently that is normal with newborns. Dr. Hughes also told us of a Vitamin D that you need to take daily and you can also increase you milk intake to 3 ounces. Mommy has to get to work if I am going to produce that much milk for you. Right now I get 2 ounces every few hours and we have to supplement that last hopefully I can get you more of the breast milk for you soon. We also get to start tummy time...that is our plan once you wake up from you nap!
I cant believe that tomorrow is your two week birthday. Your Daddy and I are so lucky to have you and I personally want time to SLOW down so I can stay home with you forever :)  We all love you Miss Paige!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Paige's Birth Story

Paige's due date was September 19th and luckily I didn't have to wait that long to finally meet her. The last few weeks of my pregnancy, the doctors kept telling me that she was going to be a big baby if we waited until she was 40 weeks. She was measuring in the 90% percentile and would be 9 pounds or more at birth. I for one didn't want to give birth naturally to a big baby because I was scared to death to tear.
My doctors really wanted me to schedule a c-section for both of our sakes and I was all for it. Some people thought I was crazy to agree to this but I know too many people that had big babies and had complications. So we scheduled the c-section for Thursday, September 13 at 7:30.

So the big day arrived. Neither Wes nor I could sleep a wink the night before. Wes said he had horrible heartburn, but I think he was just as anxious as I was. We arrived at the hospital and 5:15 and then it was go time! The worst part of my entire day was getting the IV. Almost 2 weeks later I still have a HUGE bruise on my arm. They tried three times before they were successful...main was it rough! Both of our parents came to my room before it was time to go to the operating room. They took me back and prepped me for surgery and the part I was so scared about...the epidural. I had a great nurse there to rub my back and arms and it was over in no time! Wes was then able to come in and sit with me. I had a weird side effect from the epidural and my arms would not stop shaking! Very strange.

They took me to the room at 7:30 and called Wes in at 7:34 and my sweet baby was born at 7:39! SOOO much better than labor!! Right when the doctor was ready to pull Paige they told me that it would feel like a 300 pound person standing on my were they right! But it only lasted a few seconds :). Once she was out she started screaming..what a wonderful sound! They brought her over and let us see her for a second and then took her to the side to clean her off. After that, her and Wes went to our recovery room and waited while I was stitched up. I was back in recovery at 7:58...the whole birthing process was less than 30 minutes!!

Paige was perfect..she was all clean and resting. They did all the test on her and we had to wait in there for 2 hours for recovery. I breastfed for the first time. Since she was a bigger baby, they had to check her sugar and it was low. So they had to check it every thirty minutes and after a feeding. It was going up but not as high as they wanted so we had to supplement her with formula and it was back to normal. Once it was in the range they wanted, they had to check 3 more times to make sure and it was no need to worry about that anymore.

It was about 10:15 and it was finally time to head to our hospital room, oh by the way by hands were finally calm and not shaking any more! They rolled us to the room and Wes walked with us so proudly! (Later that day he told me that there was a huge weight lifted off his chest when leaving the recovery room...apparently the last few weeks he was stressing about this procedure a whole lot more than he led on!) Both sets up grandparents and Jodi were at the room to great us.

It was a great day, we had family and a few friends come visit us throughout the day. I was breastfeeding the whole time and we had a very healthy and happy baby girl. Here are a few pictures we took on her birthday...I will have another update about her first week and the rest of our hospital stay later today hopefully. :)

(By the way, the c-section was the way to go! It was a great experience and recovery is not bad at all!!)
In the prep room..waiting for 7:30!
Sweet Baby Paige. Weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches long. Born 9/13/12 at 7:39 AM
Meeting BB for the first time
And her Mimi

First family of 3 photo...I look rough haha
Her Aunt JoJo
Wes was really just cant tell from this picture
Meeting Mema!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pregnancy Memories

I am completely copying Heather today because I thought this would be a great idea just to help me remember some details about my pregnancy.

1. Wes and I decided to get off birth control around Halloween, both thinking it would take a while to get pregnant.  The week in between Christmas and New Years, we went to ride 4-wheelers with our friend Jonathan.  We were riding for a while and I just didn't feel right.  Of course when we were the furthest away from our cars, I had to pull over because I thought I would be sick.  I just had to take a breather and then went slow the rest of the time until we finally got to our cars.  I was thinking..maybe I'm pregnant but I would only be 2 weeks if I was.  So I really didn't think that was possible to already have symptoms.  Over the next couple days I was burping constantly (not like me at all) and my co-worker who just had a baby are pregnant!! She told me to go get a test to take in the morning.  I told her I was still like 10 days away from my period that it was just to early to tell...

2. Meanwhile Heather called me during all of this to tell me she was pregnant! I was so hoping I would be able to tell her the same thing in a couple days!  On Saturday, January 7th I decided to take the test.  Wes was home but I didn't tell him what I was doing (I think we both knew I was pregnant though).  Within seconds the test said "Pregnant" even though I was 10 days away from missed period it was still reading pregnant.  I went in the living room and told Wes.  Neither one of really knew what to say :)  (of course I took a couple more tests)

3. We decided not to tell friends and family yet because I wanted to go to the doctor first.  (I did tell Heather so we could compare everything..we were 3 weeks apart).  My first doctors appointment wasn't until January 25 when I was 6 weeks pregnant.  That is a long time to keep that secret!  We even were all together for my Dad's birthday too.  I didn't feel good at all (not sick all the time just felt like I had the flu for 8 weeks) so I am shocked no one really asked me what was wrong because I know I wasn't hiding it much.

4. Wes's birthday is Jan. 23 and mine is Feb. 9th and we usually get together with both parents at my moms house to celebrate birthdays.  It is usually around my bday but this year I asked Mom to have it earlier.  I had to work late that night and they were all waiting for me when I finally go to my parents house.  I came in with a cake with 9-19-12 on it and my mom figured it out.  So our families finally knew we were pregnant.

5. I told everyone to keep it a secret until I was closer to my second trimester.  I had a doctors appointment when I was 10 weeks and I was going to tell everyone after that.  I thought I would hear the heartbeat then but my doctor really wanted to wait until week 12 just in case it was hard to find he didn't want me to worry.  So that was 2 more long weeks to wait!!  At my 12 week appointment, my mom and I FINALLY heard the heartbeat!! It was amazing :)  I was able to tell everyone after that!

6. The first trimester was not my friend at all!  I guess I was lucky that I wasn't sick every morning.  I was sick once or twice a week just one time a day and then felt better.  So nausea wasn't fun but could have been a whole lot worse.  I just felt like I had the flu and so tired!  Since I wasn't visibly pregnant...Wes had a hard time understanding why I felt so tired and sick.  He was aren't even that pregnant yet.  Men :)

7. Finally the second trimester hit.  Around 14 weeks I was finally feeling much better.  I was wearing some maternity clothes.  At each doctors appointment my blood pressure was getting higher and higher.  At first they didn't seem concerned but then around week 20 it was like 180-90 (to me that is scary high considering I am always around 125-65).  So they finally gave me some medicine to take.  I hate I had to be on medicine and diet didn't work.  I changed how I ate and actually lost about 6 pounds (proud to say I only gained 20 my whole pregnancy) but my blood pressure still got higher and higher.  They say some people just get high bp when pregnant..I was one of those lucky ones I guess. 

8. When I was 18 weeks pregnant, Wes and I went for the big ultrasound! I was so excited to find out if we were going to have Paige or Thomas!  Yes we already had names picked out for either sex!  The strange ultrasound tech did all of her measuring and everything looked great and it was finally time to see.  Well our baby decided to take a nap and we almost didn't get to tell if it was going to be a boy or girl.  It took a few pokes and shakes and finally she said we were going to have a girl! I of course would have been happy either way..but I secretly wanted a girl :)

9. I called Mom to tell her and she wanted me meet up with me before I went back to work..she gave me Paige's first dress!  Then I went and bought "Its a girl" balloons to put on my mother in laws car.  She is a teacher and I wanted to tell her right away but couldn't call her and I didn't want to email her.  So I put the balloons on her car.  She loved it!!  She always brought us some cute girl clothes that afternoon.

9. You know how I told you my bp was high?  Well when I got on the medicine I then had to go to the doctor every week from week 20-24 just to make sure it was in the right range...and it was!

10. I thought I was finished with my weekly appointments for a while but I was wrong.  It was time for my glucose test at week 25.  I was dreading this so bad.  I have heard terrible things about the drink.  I was stressing that I was going to fail.  So I went in and requested the Fruit Punch flavor and it wasn't bad at all!  I was shocked.  But of course, I failed the one hour.  I just went in my car and cried...yes I am emotional during the whole pregnancy.  Even though everyone told me so many people fail the one hour and pass the 3 hour...I just didn't want to deal with it along with worrying about my bp too! 

11. I went back the next week for the 3 hour.  I did everything I was supposed to with my diet and fasting.  They took my blood before I drank and then right afterwards and said I was in the right range.  They also told me I could leave and run errands or something but just to be back in exactly an hour.  So I went to CVS to pick up some bday/fathers day cards and made it back in time.  The checked my blood and it was still in perfect range.  They told me that usually you don't have to stay the third hour if your numbers are this good.  I stayed at the doctor and read my book until the next hour and my numbers were great again and I got the approval I could leave and not finish the third hour...I was thrilled!  No gestational diabetes here!

12. I could finally try to enjoy being pregnant now.  My bp was under control, no diabetes and was over half way through!  It was time to start getting the nursery together.  The room that we were using has been storage/junk room so it took a while to clean everything out.  Then Wes painted her room and I was ready to get furniture in there!

13. It was time to go register!  We went to Buy Buy Baby and picked out everything we needed/wanted.  Mom bought us the crib too!  I couldn't wait to get it all together.  Registering was a bit overwhelming to say the least but we got it done!

14. I was feeling really good this part of the pregnancy (minus not sleeping the way I want too!)  It was time for baby showers.  I had several, one at my church given to us by my mom's Sunday School class, one in Clemson with my friends there, one with Wes's side of the family and then finally one with friends and family friends in Greenwood.  I also had 2 surprise showers with my volunteers I have at work.  So needless to say, Paige was spoiled!

15. I was in "get nursery ready" mode and that was all I wanted to do.  My mom and mother in law came over one day and that is all we did.  My mom was ironing Paige's clothes and bedding.  Tommie was cleaning up, and putting up things for me and I was organizing.  It was great and the nursery was basically finished with a few weeks to spare!

16. When I was 29 weeks pregnant I had the 4D ultrasound.  Me, Mom, Jodi and Tommie went to Greenville on Saturday to have it done.  It was amazing and worth every penny! I absolutely loved every single second and I got to see my sweet baby girl's face!  She has an Oliver's nose too!

17.  Swollen feet!! I had some majorly swollen feet when my bp was so high around week 20 but that lasted about a week.  Then around early-mid 30 week they were back.  They were swelling up every day but they always went back down after having them raised above my heart for about an hour in the evenings.  I know it was a mixture of the 100 degree weather, the AC not working at my office and sitting at my desk, but I was over it.  Finally around week 35 or so, they stopped swelling so much.  I mean they are a little bit but nothing to complain about.  Around week 37 I couldnt wear any rings anymore..I miss my rings!

18. Around week 32 or so, my blood pressure starting getting pretty low.  It was like 90 something/60.  So they cut me back on my medicine and I'm taking half of what I was taking.  Every appointment since then was been perfect again.  My doctor said...Ive never had to lower this medicine during a pregnancy before, especially at the end.  Yay!

19. About that same time, my doctors were noticing that Paige was having some growth spurts.  She was always measuring right on the week until around week 32 or something.  So I had an ultrasound and they were right..she was measuring about 2 weeks ahead.

20. Since she was big and measuring big at each appointment, I had two more ultrasounds.  At the second one at week 36 she was measuring 7 pounds 9 ounces and in the 90% percentile.  I know ultrasounds aren't 100% accurate with weight, but that's a big baby to still have a month to go!  So two weeks later they wanted another ultrasound and if she was still that big (90% percentile) they wanted to schedule a c-section.

21. Of course when you tell people that you may have to have a c-section, the people who had a baby naturally all say, "don't let that doctor make you have a c-section..blah blah blah" and those people who have had a c-section are all like "if they tell you to have one there is a reason!"  That has been one of my biggest pet peeves this pregnancy..people telling me what to do and what not to do.  My doctor wouldn't schedule a c-section if it wasn't medically necessary.  They would prefer you to go naturally.  But when you have a big baby, there is a risk of tearing (I was terrified of that because I know people that has happened to), then the risk of going into labor only to find out you still have to have a c-section.  So needless to say, I wanted a c-section.  Yes I know recovery will be worse, but not as bad it I was ripped all up and messed me up for the long run?  You do what you have to do!   Sorry about my rant!

22. At the last ultrasound at 38 weeks pregnant, Paige was still measuring in the 90th percentile and weighing around 8 pounds 9 ounces.  So she had the possibility of weighing close to 10 pounds if I were to have her naturally in week thank you!

23. Meanwhile let me tell you, the last month of pregnancy is NO FUN!  It hit me around week 37.  I am miserable.  For a awhile, she was right on my ribs and it was painful every time she moved.  She dropped a little so now she is on my bladder!  I have to re-adjust how I am sitting all the time to get comfortable.  I have to get up every 2-3 hours just to turn over.  I cant just roll over either.  I have to get up and since I am up, I might as well go to the bathroom, then I have to lay back down in the other direction.  I know my sleep will only get worse once she is here but hopefully once I recover from c-section I will be able to move a little better!

24. At my last doctors appointment after going over the ultrasound with my doctor, he wanted to schedule a c-section for week 39.  So we looked at the calendar and I had the choose between Wednesday, Sept 12 or Thursday, Sept. 13.  (I'm glad 9/11 was still my week 38 because I didn't want Paige to have her birthday on that day).  All I could think about is I want it soon as possible.  Well the thing at my doctors office is that you see multiple doctors throughout the pregnancy just so you meet them all because you never know which one will be on call the day you have your baby.  There were 3 that I really liked and I wanted to make sure I was there on one of the days they were there.  The 4th person was a new doctor and I never met her and the 5th one I wanted to avoid!  He may be the best doctor ever but I saw him one time and I about throw up.  He had SO MUCH cologne on that I could barely breath.  That's all I can think of when I hear his name too.  So the lady scheduling me said Dr. Cologne (no I'm not saying his name on here) will be delivering on Wednesday or Dr. Russell (one of my favorites and who Ive been seeing the last few appointments) will be working on Thursday.  So I picked Thursday because I wouldn't be able to handle Dr. Cologne (who may be the best one ever..but oh well!)

25. So now Wes and I have a date for a baby to arrive.  She will be here in 3 days..that is so crazy!  We enjoyed our baby free weekend...he went hunting and playing with friends (he is scared he wont be able to do that anymore haha) and I enjoyed my house, Gracie and football.  It was a nice last weekend as a family of two.  (Wes and I spent Sunday together around the house)

26. I hope to take Tuesday and Wednesday off of work this week so I can relax and just have some time to myself at home before craziness begins!

27. I go to the hospital Wednesday morning for my pre-op.  Never had surgery or anything before, so I really don't know what to expect!  I will find out what time to be at the hospital on Thursday morning..all I know is that it will be bright and early!

28. I have my hospital back almost packed...just have to put in a few last minute items.

29. Oh..I almost forgot.  I felt Paige having hiccups for the first time last was so neat!!

30.My next blog post will hopefully be announcing Paige's arrival!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

38 Weeks Pregnant but carring the size of a 40.5 week pregnant baby!

I keep telling my self that I should really get back to blogging more often but it just hasn't happened.  Then I was reading other blogs this morning and realized that I really needed to do a pregnancy update seeing how this week could be my last week being pregnant...we shall see!!!

I never take pictures of myself so no baby bump picture...just imagine a huge stomach! haha

Maternity Clothes? All maternity pants, but I wear a lot of cardigans and tank tops to work

Size of the Baby? According to babycenter, she is over 19 inches long, weighs about about 6 to 6.5  pounds, but mine is bit larger.  Two weeks ago, when I was 36 weeks pregnant, she was 7 pounds 10 ounces.  I go for another ultrasound this Friday.  We have a big baby!
Stretch Marks? yep.  Even with all the creams they have out there.  You can still get stretch marks..they are genetic.  So if your mom had them you will more than likely have them.  The

Gender? It's a girl!!!! :) ..Paige Elizabeth
Movement? Yes, but she isn't as active as she was a few weeks ago.  I think since she is in her 90%percentile and is the size of 40-41 week baby...2-3 weeks bigger than she should be, she has ran out of room!  She still moves of course but not as much.

Sleep?I really cant complain too much.  I get a lot of sleep at night but usually wake up every 2-3 hours to either rotate or go to the bathroom, but I normally fall right back to sleep.

Food Cravings? I really don't have any cravings.  I did see a commercial for Snickers ice cream bar the other day and we got one a few days later...but that could be just because they are so good and a nice treat :)
What I Miss? Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Mt Dew and most of all....being COMFORTABLE!!

Symptoms? No contractions or anything that I know of.  If I am having them they don't hurt yet.

Best Moments? Really just knowing Paige will be here hopefully next week...even if I do have to have a c-section to get her here and go through that recovery.  I am ready!