Thursday, February 28, 2013

Changing things up a bit!

Every since I started this blog I always wanted a new name.  I could never think of a name that described me so I just went with the first thing that came to mind.  About a week ago I started brainstorming luck.
Heather told me that she was doing the same and reccomended someone to talk to.  So I emailed Kelly and told her what I wanted to do.  The ironic this is...I ended up coming up with the name myself but she was so very helpful.

She is also designing my new page...I cant wait to share with everyone.  She has been so helpful and been emailing me all day making sure I am happy with everything!! Kelly is having a great deal but the only thing ends tonight.  Make sure to check her out..even without the good deal, she has great prices!

So be on the lookout for my new blog name and excited...thanks Kelly!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Weeknd

This weekend I had a low key evening at home on Friday.  Mimi (Wes's mom) was out of school so she kept Paige that day.  So after work I went to pick her up and we just hung out there for a little while.  She gave me leftover lasagna so that is what Wes and I had for supper.  We never do much on Friday nights and that is just fine by me!!

This weekend I really had a hard time wondering how people can end their life so early.  There were two suicides in my hometown this week alone!  It seems like there are so many of those these days and it breaks my heart.  One was a retired teacher in his fifties and the other was an old classmate of mine...only 30 years old.  I have known Preston my entire life but I knew he had been having problems since High School.  He has been battling depression for 13 years and he had just had enough.  I couldn't imagine losing someone like that and just wishing you could have helped them, even though I know this family did everything they could to help him with his depression.  They have set up a foundation Pres+on in hopes to raise money for people battling depression.  Sorry for the sad part, but I spent a lot of time thinking of this family and Preston this weekend!

This weekend I took Paige to her first wedding.  A close friend, Sarah, got married at 1 on Saturday.  It was a small and VERY sweet ceremony.  You could just feel the love they have for each other.  I was very nervous to take Paige but we sat in the back just in case she started getting antsy.  Not to brag...well yes I have to brag!  She sat there the entire time, cheesing at everyone walking down the aisle!  She was a hit!  I think the photographer took as many pictures of Paige as she did the bride!  Then we headed to reception and was great there as well!  She was just playing in her high chair.  We were there for a little over 2 hours total and I couldn't have been more proud of my sweet girl!

This weekend I just hung out at the house Saturday night with Paige.  We picked up dinner and a movie while Wes was in Columbia with Parker and Jonathan.  I rented Magic Mike...Ive been wanting to watch that movie for some time.  It was interesting to say the least :)

This weekend I packed up Miss Paige for our weekly trip to the farm.  Wes wanted to see how much rain we got out there and then that led to him getting my car so very dirty from all the mud! :)  We did target practice again..I am addicted!  Then fed Paige and loaded up for a ride.

This weekend we were trying to figure out what we wanted for lunch and since we were in Edgefield, we decided to go to Augusta.  First we went to Academy Sports to walk around there and look what Daddy bought Paige...her first pair of sunglasses!  We put them on her in the store and she freaked out!  So we put them on again when we were about to walk outside and she loved them.  She wore them for like an hour when we were riding around Augusta!  We were going to go to Olive Garden but it was a long wait so we went to our other favorite place...Hooters.  I know its a strange place for a female to like but the food is really good.  Hint for the guys who want attention for a Hooters waitress..take a baby!! We had them all huddled around our table!

This weekend we decided it was time to go home.  So we loaded back up.  Stopped back at the farm to feed Paige and then stopped by Mema's for a short visit.  She was so excited to see Paige..and BB stopped by too!  After our visit we went home to relax and Mimi called and wanted to visit.  They really just wanted to show off their new puppy Pete!  They got a standard poodle that is about 17 weeks old...too cute!

We had another great weekend!  I was looking at our calendar and we have a lot of great weekends coming up!! So excited about all of our great family it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I always love looking at other people's blog when they do this link up so I figured I would finally join them.  Most of my pictures on Instragram are of Miss Paige of course.  Oh well!!

She loves sitting up and playing with toys!  Her Daddy is so smart to set her up like this

 Miss P watching sports...she her mother's daughter!
 Sunday afternoon nap with Mama
 What a cutie!
 New indoor practice facility for Clemson football.  We got a tour on Saturday during the IPTAY rep meeting
 Wearing her Clemson shirt!
 Daddy mocking Paige. Every time she rolls on her back her arms go straight out..she did it at the same time he did!
 Hey my love! <3
 My Valentines!!
 Daddy didn't know what to think when Paige brought home a Valentine's from a BOY
 All dressed up for Grandparent's Day at school
 Cutie Pie
 That's my girl!

Ok, so I really take a lot of pictures of Paige...but why not right?? She will love looking back at them one day.  I know I will!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am so lucky this year because I have TWO Valentine's!  No offense to Wesley but isn't Paige the best Valentines?? Wes and I have never celebrated this day since we both just had birthdays.  But we will start celebrating it now with Miss P!

She made I wrote all the babies in her class Valentine's Day cards last night.  I had no idea they exchanged at this age!  She got her first one yesterday from a BOY! :)

We aren't really doing anything special tonight.  I have to work so I get to spend some time with my Girl Scout leaders but Paige gets to go since Sandy (a volunteer of mine and family friend) said she needed some Paige time.  Wes is going to something in Greenville with Parker since I wont be home.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Dear Miss Paige, tiny little baby is no longer tiny! You are 5 months old today!!  How is that even possible.  There is no way you should be almost half a year old yet.  It is weird, it seems like you should only be a newborn still but then it feels like you have always been apart of our life!  Hard to remember life before you sweet Miss P!
You had your 4 month check up a couple weeks ago and you weighed 14 pounds 8 ounces (53%) 24 1/2 inches long (41%) and your head was 16 1/2 (62%).  We weighed you last night and you were a little over 15 pounds...growing girl!  You did pretty good with your shots this time around.  You cried while getting them but then were all smiles.  No fevers this time...I think because I gave you Tylenol before hand.  

You can still fit in a few 3 month clothes but seem to be more comfortable in 3-6 months and 6 months.  Your sleepers are all that size because even though you have room in the 3 month your poor feet were scrunched up in there!  You have such cute clothes and I love dressing you up..someone even told me you were my baby doll because I love putting you in cute clothes :)  You wear size 2 diapers and I have a feeling you will be in those for a have lots of growing room which is good because we have a lot of that size in your closet. 

You still eat 6 ounces of breast milk/formula 5 times a day.  I am still able to pump most of your milk for you which I am so thankful for!  I usually have to supplement 8 ounces a day on average.  You also started eating rice cereal!  You didn't care for it the first time or really the first bite each time you eat but you are a big fan!  I apparently don't get the spoon up to you quick enough because you come to the spoon with your mouth wide open.  You eat cereal twice a day..the second time right before bed and man you pass out pretty quick after than and your bottle!  You are so much fun to make a big mess and love it!  In a couple more weeks I will introduce some veggies to you!  Oh...I don't know what you love more..eating or sitting in your high chair.  You LOVE it!  Speaking of eating...if you have something in your hand, it goes straight to your mouth!  You can even see something, pick it up and bring to your mouth.  Such a smart baby girl!

Well, we were finally rid of the Nap Nanny at night but you had your first cold!  You had such a nasty nose, cough and really congested that the doctor told me to make sure you stayed elevated at night.  So the only way I knew to do that was to bring back the nap nanny.  You slept much better and could breath a whole lot better.  Then we had to get you out of it and go through that whole process again.  Took a couple nights until you were used to sleeping flat again and what happened?  A week later you were congested again...ugh! You feel much better now...but you hate the nose cleaner or whatever it is called.  You cry just seeing it, but it helps you out so much!  We had to go to the doctor with your first cold because it just wasn't getting any better.  You were put on an antibiotic and it helped you so were back to sweet Paige.

You still take several naps during the day.  When I pick you up from school they tell me you usually napped for about 30 minutes after your bottle.  Then you nap for about an hour-hour and half when you get home.  Then late afternoon you will have another hour or longer nap.  Your favorite place to nap is in someones is my favorite too!

You had a HUGE milestone this month...teething!  I think that is what is causing your runny noses.  Right when you turned 4 months old you decided you need to be a big girl and start teething.  Not many 4 month old do this...why did you have to start so young??  You have two little teeth on the bottom.  No pictures yet...little hard to do that.  We think you may be teething again but we haven't felt any yet.  

I think you love your school.  You go every morning and each day at lunch when I pick you up Mrs Linda tells me how happy you were all day.  You just play so well.  Your BB picked you up last week and said all the babies (3 or 4) were crying so bad and you were just on the floor smiling and playing...see told you that you were perfect!  

Now the fun updates.  You are such a happy baby.  You are so much fun lately...I am loving it!  Even Daddy says he has fun with you now.  He was a little scared when you were smaller I believe.  You are smiling all the time and starting to laugh too.  I still can just watch you ALL day make my day sweet girl! You love laying on your play mat.  Well you start off on your mat and then roll around all over the living room.  You will be across the room in less than a minute and you look like you are so very proud of your self too!  You also love the exersaucer thing.  You will sit there for a long time playing with the toys on it, but you get frustrated because you cant get the toys in your mouth since they are attached and will let us know when you get mad at it too!  You also got a new toy the other day from your cousins.  The jumper!  We will put you in there and you like that you can turn to look in living room or kitchen but you haven't figured out the jumping part yet but you will soon!

It is hard for me to pick out my favorite thing you do lately but I think it is your singing and talking.  You are constantly doing that and I love it.  Every time you are on that changing table you get going.  It is really high pitched and can be heard across the house...but it means you are happy!  You have started doing that when you wake up and it is so cute to hear over the monitor.  The past couple of days you have been doing it car seat, in crib, at school, changing table, on the floor, eating cereal!  Here is a cute video of it!
You have to be sitting up these days.  You aren't strong enough to sit up by yourself but it wont be long.  I will hold you hands and you pull up and sit for a while.  You like to do that over and over.  If we prop you up or sit you in bumbo you will sit for a long time!  If you aren't sleepy and you are laying down (besides laying on play mat) you have a fit and try to sit up so bad.  You are also so close to crawling too! I cant believe I will have a mobile baby soon.  Every time you are on your tummy you get your legs under you like you are going to crawl but don't know what to do with your arms yet.  You are moving backwards but not crawling yet.

You are still a big stretcher!  It is the cutest thing too and your BB's favorite thing! Every time you lay down on your changing table you just stretch and stretch.  I hope that doesn't change....we love it! 

You had another first this month.  You helped celebrate your Daddy and Mama's 30th Birthday!  We went to Greenville with BB to shop on my birthday and you loved the mall.  It was feeding time so we feed you  your bottle in the mall and you only cared about people watching.  And people loved to look at you too!  Who can blame them right??

All of your firsts: teeth, cold, antibiotic, parents birthday, Greenville mall, trip to farm to watch us shoot at targets, laugh, rice cereal and I believe that is all!  What a big month though!

I know I say this on all of your monthly updates...but how are you 5 months old?!?! I am in shock of how fast my baby is growing up.  You know you don't have to grow so fast..I mean teeth at 4 months?  You could have waited until at least 6 months like most babies right? But I wouldn't change it for the world.  You are perfect in our eyes!  Your Daddy and I love you very much and can not wait to see what this next month will have in store for you.  Will you be sitting on your own or crawling?  Will you like your new veggies you can eat?  Cant wait to find out.  Hopefully we will have a cold-free month! We love you very much...more than you can imagine sweet girl!  Happy 5 months Miss P!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ABC's of Me

Saw this on Joyful Rambling's blog  today, so I thought I'd do it as well!
I thought it would be fun to do while Miss P is napping and Wes is over at Parker's

Age - 30!

Bed size - Queen.  We really need a King size bed..I mean Wes is 6 ft 6!  In order to get a King size we need a bigger that will have to wait!

Chore you hate - I think I hate cleaning toilets the most.  No, I hate folding laundry.  No, I hate changing sheets on the bed.

Dogs - My sweet Gracie.  Hard to believe that she is already 7 years old!
Essential start to your day - Sweet Tea...that is my coffee!

Favorite color - I really don't have a favorite changes all the time.  I love pink, orange, yellow...

Gold or silver - I love silver or white gold.  But I did just purchase a pretty new rose gold watch that I love!

Height - 5 feet 6 inches.  I think I shrunk.  I swear I used to be taller than that.  Maybe I wasn't standing correctly at the doctor the other day ;)

Instruments you play - None at all!

Job title - Community Development Manager for the Girl Scouts

Kids - Sweet baby Paige (almost 5 months old)

Live - South Carolina born and raised! Love it here

Married - to Wesley!  Going on 4 years!
Nicknames - Jambo, James, J, and Wes calls me random things all the time he doesn't have just one name for me

Overnight hospital stays -only time was when I had Paige

Pet peeve - Oh my goodness I have several but my mind is going blank right now.  I hate when people don't use their blinkers!  Texting or playing on phone when trying to talk to someone (I use my phone so much but try not to do that)

Righty or lefty - righty! 

Siblings - One older sister!
Time you wake up - I have my alarm set for 7:15 and love when it actually wakes me up instead of being woken up extra early by my other alarm clock, Miss Paige.

University attended - CLEMSON!

Vegetables you dislike -I have started to love veggies..I guess I will go with brussel sprouts but I don't think I have ever tried them.

What makes you run late -  I am always the one that is somewhere early waiting on everyone else.  I hate waiting on people too...that's a pet peeve of mine!!

X-rays you’ve had - I guess just dental ones!  Thank goodness!

Yummy food - Oh man..there are so many yummy foods.  I love salads, hamburger, chicken, pasta are my favorites

Zoo animal favorite - the monkeys are my favorite...I love watching them swing from tree to tree.  And of course the tigers are beautiful!

There are a few things you probably could have gone without knowing but oh well :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

This Weekend

This weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday!  I still can not get over the fact that I am 30 years old!
Cute Miss P Friday morning
Friday night we just hung around the house and had dinner and just watched tv.  What a wild and crazy night huh?  Perfect for me!
This weekend I went to Greenville with my mom and Paige for my birthday.  We went to the mall first to look for my gift.  I knew I wanted a watch but wasn't exactly sure which one I wanted.  We looked at one store and I found what I wanted in less than like a kind of shopping!  Isn't it pretty:
We went to look at a couple baby stores and BB had to buy Miss P a couple things...they were on clearance and got all of this for less than $10!

Before we left the mall we had to get some yummy cookies for dessert later that afternoon.  Reminded me of my childhood shopping with my Mema

Paige had her lunch while people watching in the mall
This weekend I went to my favorite restaurant for my birthday lunch with Paige and BB....California Dreamin.  I just love their salad and croissants, it is the best!

This weekend I just hung out at the house Saturday night with Wesley and Paige.  He picked up some supper and had a lazy night.

This weekend I stayed home all Sunday because Paige was feeling a little under the weather.  I am afraid Paige is getting more teeth!   She is a bit congested and having a hard time sleeping at night.  So we just stayed home all day while Wes went out with Jonathan and then even grocery shopped and cooked dinner!  I was finally able to catch up on my shows that I DVRed the past week. It was a great day :)

This weekend Jodi and Mom flew to Texas Sunday afternoon for her checkup.  She goes to Texas about every 3 month for blood work and bone marrow biopsy.  Hopefully after this check up they will let her go longer than 3 months for her next checkup.  Sending her lots of happy thoughts today while she has all the test done and I just know she will get great results! (She just celebrated 18 months since her awesome is that!)

Hard to believe that another weekend has come and gone...heres to a great week!