Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life Lately

It has been such a long time since I have decided to sit down and catch up on my blog.  I really don't know why I haven't written lately, I guess I just haven't been motivated.  So here is what we have been up to in the last couple of weeks/month:

The biggest thing is getting settled in our new house.  I love it so much and not a day goes by when Wes and I don't talk about our plans.  This house has so much potential and so does the land!  The house is on 13 acres and Wes is dreaming of cows!  He had cows before and misses them so I see that in our future!  This past weekend, I re-painted the railings, swings and chairs on the front porch and Wes took down the old fence and wooded area to open up our side yard/field area.  It looks so much better.  Speaking of future plans..we want a nice wooded fence to go around this field one day!

First coat

Wes hard at work
Our nephews came into town this weekend too so we had a lot of outdoor play time with them...


 Let me backtrack a ways....Mom, Jodi and I took Paige to the Circus and it was amazing! Paige did so much better than I thought she would...she loved it!
Wes and I both turned 31 and Wes started falling apart!  He has 3 slipped discs in his back and is struggling so bad.  I hate he is hurting so bad and I am ready for him to be 100% again.  All his doctors keep telling him to rest rest seems like the only time he wants to rest is when it is Paige's bedtime and there is a lot going on...convenient isn't it.  No kidding, he really is hurting and hasn't stood up straight in over a month!

We also had TWO snowstorms!! Can you believe that!  We had a ball playing in the snow.  The first time it snowed, we got like an inch but a couple weeks after that, we had over 6 inches!  Crazy huh!  Paige didn't like when it was actually snowing and hitting her face, but once it stopped snowing, she loved playing in it.  We made our own sled and pulled her behind the 4wheeler, we made snowmen and a snow angel.  It was great!

Then we had Valentine's Day!  We had Paige a couple gifts and she opened them that morning.  Since he had snow, the schools were closed and Valentines parties were pushed back until the following week. That night, Wes and I grilled steaks and had a yummy dinner at home.  The crazies part of Valentines Day happened at 10:30ish that night...we had an earthquake!! It was so loud..sounded like a jet engine about to crash at our strange!  I never want to experience that again.  We did have one casualty.....
Our snowman fell!  Here are a couple more pictures from our Valentine's events...

 I was in charge of the party at school...I love doing these types of things! 

 All the kids loved the heart shaped glasses I found at Hobby Lobby..especially Paige and her Daddy.  I will forever love this picture!

Let's see...what else has happened.  We went to a Clemson basketball game with BB and Boompa!

Spent a LOT of time in our boots...

That pretty much sums up our life the last couple of weeks!  I hope to keep up a little better from here on out! :)

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