Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Review

Lets see if I can remember month by month what happened in 2011..
SNOW SNOW SNOW!! South Carolina had so much snow that school was out for a whole week (I was out of work for 3 days!)
Wesley and my Dad's birthday

I started blogging! Read my first post here.

My birthday of course!

February is always a slow be honest I wouldnt really like it to much if it wasnt my birthday month!

Wes and I spent some time in the mountains working at my parents house.

Mom, Jodi and I started a cake decorating class which we loved. 

We found out that we were having another nephew!

I hosted a bridal shower for my friend Sarah

Emily, Tommie, Wyatt and I escaped to the beach for a few days!

What stands out the most for this month is finding out about Jodi.

She was diagnosed with leukemia on April 20th and her and my parents moved to Houston, TX for sevenish months on April 21st

We had her first fundraiser in Clemson and ordered the Rockstar shirts

Jodi's birthday

Our 2nd wedding time flies!

Jodi had her first round of chemo and I was tested to see if I was a match for stem cell transplant

Lake time begins!

Tommie and I drove out to Houston for a few days! So excited to finally see Jodi and my parents :)

Found out I was a perfect match for Jodi.

I got to see Alix, Scott and Ben in Texas
Moms birthday.  Gee's 90th Birthday celebration.  Met Wes's cousins for the first time (besides facebook

Head out to Texas for two weeks to have the transplant.
Stop by New Orleans on the way with Dad

Jodi gave me my first official Texas cowboy boots

Dabo's Lady Football Clinic...loved it!!!

Had Jodi's big fundraiser that Ive been working on for a while.  Live auction!

My second nephew was born! Matthew :)

Jodi had her part of the transplant

Sarah and I went to the mountains for a weekend

Went to see The Help!

Had my 10th High School Reunion

My life went to Girl Scouts.  Spent about every night working recruiting girls until November

FOOTBALL!  College football finally starts and man what a season Clemson had!

Got to see Alix and Ben again! Twice in one year!

This month mainly consisted of football, tailgate and Girl Scouts

Virgina Tech with Heather.  So much fun

Again...lots of football, traveling, Girl Scouts.

More football..not a good month for Clemson though!

JODI AND MOM COME HOME!  They came home on November 9th!  So excited

November 16th was Jodi's 100th day post transplant

Wyatt's 4th Birthday

My cousin Sterling got great to see all my family on Dad's side.

My cousins Brooke and Josh's baby has heart surgery

Thanksgiving at Memas :)

Decorate my house for Christmas

My tigers beat VT and are ACC Champs!

Lots of time off from work!

Love family time at Christmas

Playing with my new camera

Christmas Party and bon fire at my house for our friends

Found out some very exciting news from a friend

Now that I look back 2011 was scary, exciting, rewarding and really made us appreciate FAMILY!  Heres to a healthy 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap!

We had a great Christmas and I am little sad that is all over!  I swear my house is so depressing now without my tree and all the decorations!  Oh well!  Christmas Eve, Wes and I went over to my parents for our Christmas traditions.  Mom and Dad make oyster stew and brownie pie.  Not sure how we started that tradition but I love it!  Wes and I were so excited about our gifts that we gave Jodi and Dad, here they are:

We made her the door shelf from pinterest.  I also had glass shelves made
Wes had this at his farm that his grandfather used to use.  Dad was excited to have more things for the mountain house

Here are some more pictures from Christmas Eve

Of course I didnt take any pictures of myself or my presents.  But from my family I got a really pretty leaf necklace from Jodi and a cookbook holder.  My parents gave me lots of things.  The rest of my Willowtree nativity scene, cake pop stuff, square tier cake pans, tuperware, a new ornament (picture above) and I think thats it? Everything is put away so I cant remember right now.
Then Wes and I went home and decided to open our presents to each other.  Before we went to my parents he let me open one and it was this...
I asked for one but I didnt expect all of this! I was super excited.  He also gave me some more tuperware (can you tell I really wanted some), The Help and these.. 

A Visa gift card and then some more stocking stuffers...I think that was it.

Christmas morning we headed over to Tommies to see what Santa brought Wyatt and Matthew and then exchanged gifts.  Emily and Levi gave us this for our bedroom..yay!
I also got several nice things there too, but of course no pictures.  But I do have these pictures:

More of my boys...
Well, that pretty much sums up our Christmas.  We are very blessed and had a great one!  Now its time to get ready for the New Year!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm Loving...that I got to see my two favorite little men this past weekend.  Wes always forgets to tell me when his sister and her boys are coming in town for the weekend until the last minute.  So about 5:00 on Friday he called and said...forgot to tell you but Emily is in town.  So glad that I didn't have big plans this past weekend and I could finally spend some time with them.  They are too cute!
I'm Loving...that Jodi is living in Greenwood for a little while! We haven't lived in the same town since 2005!  What is even better is that we have our date night tonight.  She comes over every Wednesday for supper.  Tonight we are having one of our favorites...french onion pork chops! yum!

**She goes to Texas on Sunday for a couple days for her monthly check-up...I know we will hear more great news!**
I'm Loving... that this was the first thing I saw on facebook this morning!Give a Spit about Cancer 
This website is trying to raise awareness about becoming a bone marrow/stem cell donor.  (Easiest way to be an organ me!)

I'm Heather! Her birthday was on December 2 and we are finally meeting up in Anderson (with Jodi) and going to have her birthday dinner.  We are both pretty busy lately so it took a couple weeks before we both had an open night! Cant wait to see her :)
I'm Loving...this season! I am just so happy during Christmas time...and no it is not because of presents ;)  I love having get-togethers with family and friends.  I love all the decorations and most everyone just seems happier this time of  year!
I'm Loving...I will be on Christmas Vacation starting this time next week.   Next Wednesday is my last day of work until 2012! Yay!!  I have some projects around the house that I really need to do...lets hope I stay motivated :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oranges everywhere!

I try not to talk only about football on here because I know people may get tired of it...but it is my passion so I will have one more post about my Tigers :)  (ok I am wont be my last...but probably the last of 2011 ;)

We had a huge game this past Saturday against Virginia Tech and we won!!!  We have now beaten the Hokies twice this season!  Not only did we win but we also won the ACC Championship!  It was so much fun and I don't remember the last time I was so excited at a game.

I knew it was going to be a good day when we (Me, Sam, Stephanie and Blaine) walked to the stadium a few hours early and saw that Dierks Bentley was having a free concert!  That was like a good omen :)

Then it was finally game time!  Here are a few pictures from that awesome night!

We are going to the Orange Bowl!  There were oranges everywhere that night (and at Clemson this week).  Pre-season, who would have thought Clemson would be going to a BCS bowl...I know I sure wasnt!!

One of the funniest parts that night was when the Orange Bowl representative was there and this song began playing over the speakers:
It was too funny!  The worst part of the night was trying to find our car!! We walked around forever before we find it.  Glad Sam was there! Not a big fan of the dark in a city! haha

Next game will be at the BCS Orange Bowl against West Virginia on January 4th! Cant wait!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Movies!

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge Day 3

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
I am loving Amber and Neely's Holiday Blog Challenge :)

Today is all about my favorite Christmas Movies that I must watch every year!!  I already watched my MOST FAVORITE Christmas movie (we will probably watch it one or two more times too)
I also enjoy watching the following movies but they aren't a necessity like "Christmas Vacation" is:
The Holiday...I love this movie year round!
Who doesn't love A Charlie Brown Christmas!!
 You can never go wrong with Vince and Reese!
I usually watch bits and pieces of this movie, it is defiantly a classic
Buddy the Elf..Whats your favorite color??

I am also a sucker for a good Lifetime/Hallmark movie too! Cant wait to watch some more of my favorite Christmas movies!! :)