Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 In Review

With Gratitude, Year in Review
What a year we had! 2012 was much better than 2011 for my family!
Now to remember all of the highlights!
We started the year off at Wes's boss's house with lots of fireworks!

On January 7th, I took this test:

Wes and I went to the zoo to play with my new camera

Celebrated my Dad's birthday and had to keep my pregnancy a secret!
Had mine and Wes's birthday dinner at my parents house and Tommie and Dwight came too...finally told our family our big secret:
My birthday!
Feeling yucky all month! Counting down the days until my second trimester.
Finally hearing that wonderful heartbeat!

We told everyone about Baby Bowling!

Raising money for Relay for Life

Starting to clean out our spare room to make our nursery

Don't have many pictures from February and March because I was just not in the now I don't really remember what all we did!

One of my best friends got married on April 21st, so we had showers and parties in April:

Went to Adults night out at the Children's Museum

Got to see my buddy Kasen

Celebrated Jodi on April year since she was diagnosed.
Finally found out what our sweet baby would be...a GIRL!!

Jodi's Birthday and Relay for Life on May 4th. I went to the survivors dinner with her too :)

Felt like I was living at the doctors office in May because I was having blood pressure issues..finally got that under control!

Started buying precious baby girl clothes:

It was time for the summer at the lake too!
Wes and I celebrated 3 years of marriage
Almost finished with painting the nursery and putting the crib together

Lots of days at the lake with my boys

We lost our sweet puppy Callie...still think about her and miss her every day.  She was a wonderful companion!!

Mom had surgery on her Achilles and was in a boot for several months
Celebrated my cute nephew's 1st Birthday!!
We had a 4D ultrasound...coolest thing EVER!

I had baby showers for Miss Paige and her nursery was really coming together too

Just about miserable and so ready for Paige's arrival.

Jodi's year since her transplant!

Paige's best friend, Audrey, was born!

I think I was crazy and worked at a Girl Scout Leader Retreat one weekend...

Had the last of the baby showers

Start of college football!!

Miss Paige was measuring pretty big so we scheduled a c-section!

Best day of my life...meeting my baby girl on September 13 at 7:39 AM!

Brought Miss P home and loved every second with her!

Newborn pictures were made:

I left Miss P for the first time and went to Clemson for a football game.

Celebrated her one month birthday
Got to meet her cousin Bonnie

Paige and Audrey finally met!

We took Paige to the mountains to see BB and Boompa

Election day!  Didn't turn out the way we wished..

Went back to work...tear!

Saw one of my favorite people in the world! Haven't seen her in almost 7 long years!!
Took pictures at the Rock

Celebrated her 2 month birthday!

Time for Turkey Day!! Paige's first big Holiday :)

Clemson vs. USC game at Clemson...wish that would have turned out better..ugh

Had pictures with Wyatt and Matthew for Christmas presents..didn't go so smoothly haha

Pictures with Santa
Went to our farm to pick out the perfect tree

Paige approved

Dad had shoulder surgery

Decorated the house for Christmas

Our monthly play date with her house this time.

Celebrated Paige's 3 month birthday

Lots of family time with the Oliver's and Bowling's

Then of course Paige's first Christmas.  Pictures are on the Christmas Update :)

We had the BEST year ever.  We are so blessed and I am loving every second of being Paige's mommy.  Hard to believe it has almost been a year since we found out!

Here is to a wonderful 2013!!!