Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy Busy

Man, have I been busy lately! You hear about how busy teachers are this time of year, but so are Girl Scout Managers!  This is the time of year that we really really push girl and adult recruitments! I cover 4 1/2 counties in South Carolina and this year I am trying to go to every elementary school in my counties and hold a recrutiment.  In the past, I combined the schools and held recruitments at a local church.  I felt that I could reach more girls by going to them.  This time of year is always busy but this year is busy times 20!  I am working every night (and office hours) until mid October.  Plus this weekend I have a Leader Retreat starting tomorrow night and we will finish up on Sunday afternoon.
Needless to say I haven't really found the spare time to post or even read blogs this week.
Hopefully next week I will find time to catch up on blogs.  I have to fill everyone in on my 10 year High School Reunion that i had this past weekend, update you on Jodi and of course my plans for football!
I am hoping once my retreat is over this weekend, that will allow me some extra time for blog world...until then, dont forget about me! I will be back to normal blogging soon! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Another day to link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!
I'm Loving...that I was able to catch up with an old friend last night.  We were talking about how we both needed to lose weight (about the same amount) and we decided to make each other accountable.  We set a plan to talk every Monday and tell each other how much we weigh and how much weight we lost.  It always helps to have someone that you have to tell.  She lives in another town and we decided that every mini goal we reach together, we will meet up and have dinner or something one night.  Lets hope this gets us both motivated :)

I'm Loving...I found this free app on my phone:
It is pretty hopefully I will use it everyday!!

I'm blog will have some changes coming in the next few weeks.  I am so excited 

I'm Loving... that I went to pick up all my parents football tailgate equipment.  Since my parents are in Texas and wont be able to make it to games this year (Dad probably will but not Mom) I have to plan the tailgate.  That is usually Mom's job.  I am actually pretty excited about it.  I want to make this again....but make it better of course
This was just a practice round..needs some work
I also am going to make my mom's yummy deviled eggs...a tailgate is complete without those.  I just have to figure out what else we are going to make.  Two weeks from Saturday!! I can not wait!! (just with my parents and Jodi were going to be there!)

I'm Loving... a lot of Jodi's friends are heading to her store (The Beaded Tiger) on Sunday afternoon to make lots of purple and orange game day jewlry.  Every game Jodi set up her table near TD's (her store is a little to far away for people to walk on game day so she sets up a table) and sells jewlery and pocketbooks.  Obviously she will not be doing this herself this year, but her friends are volunteering to run the table!  Her friends are pretty awesome.  So on Sunday, Jodi is providing pizza and drinks and we are having a jewlery making party!  If anyone knows me, I can not design jewlry at I will be the one stringing the beads and putting the stuff together! I will leave the designing part to someone else!
I'm Loving... that my cousin's Brooke and Josh just had a literally, as I was writing my post I found out that he was born.  His name is Isaiah and he is 8 pounds and 11 ounces!  I hear he looks a lot like his older brother Gabe. So happy for them and cant wait to meet him!

Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters 
1. Fish Fry:  Wes and his friends have been obsessed with fishing these last few weeks and we finally had enough way too many fish for a fish fry.  I don't know about you, but I love fish, hush puppies, slaw and homemade fries!  We had some friends over Friday night and enjoyed some yummy food!!
Not the best picture but the only one I took :)
 2.  Mountains:  Sarah and I went to my parents mountain house this weekend.  We went up Saturday morning and spent the day shopping around Chimney Rock.  I just love this cute little town!
After we had lunch and spent the day here, we went to the grocery store to pick up something easy for dinner and headed up the mountain to the house.  You could defiantly tell that my parents haven't been there in a while...kinda sad!  We took the Kubota around so I could show Sarah around the mountain.  It was great!!  We cooked our pizza, had chips and dip and ate on the deck.  

Marley and Me came on and she said she has never seen the I had to make her watch that!  
Once it got dark, we went back inside to finish the movie. Then on Sunday, we were pretty lazy and were just enjoying the cool weather before we packed up and went home.  Mom and Dad have this cute bear that they want everyone that visits the house to take a picture with it and they put it in their photo album.  Well, Jodi also wants pictures of everyone wearing their rockstar shirts, so Sarah decided to get both out of the way with this really cute picture...
It was time to go home but we saw this view coming down the mountain and I couldn't resist taking this picture..
Isn't that so pretty?!?

3. Bad dog: So Callie may be extra cute and cuddly but man can she be a bad dog.  For some reason she loves to chew wire!  She has chewed trailer hook up wires, under the tractor and last night she chewed some wires under my car!  She knew she was in trouble because she didn't come and greet me or Wes this morning when we left for work.  Looks like it is time for her to spend some nights in her kennel! 
4. 10 years!: So this weekend is my 10 year high school reunion! Where did the time go...there is no way I am old enough for this yet! I am actually very excited about it.  I do think the excitement of high school reunions have decreased because of facebook...I mean we know what everyone is already up to without them telling us, but I cant wait for everyone to be in the same room!  Plus one of my bf in high school doesn't have facebook and we haven't seen each other in like 6 years...cant wait to see my Casey!!
5. Guest Blogging: Jodi wasn't feeling that great last night (headache and stomach problems) so she asked me to write her caringbridge journal last night.  Jodi writes in her journal every night and people (me) wait up and can not sleep until they (I) read it.  I was happy to write it and I even sold 3 rockstar shirts for her since the journal posted!  Lets all hope she has a better day today!!

Mingle 240

Friday, August 12, 2011

Date Night

So last night was date night but it wasn't with my was with this girl

Heather came to Greenwood yesterday afternoon and went we went to her favorite stores in town, Sugar Boutique and Blossom.  She was looking for some cute Lilly clothes but she didn't see anything she needed wanted.  She took me back to work and she just hung around town.  I met her at the movie theater when I got off work and we went to see....
It was so much like the book and I loved it just as much as I hoped I would.  I almost even teared up at one point, I have never cried at a movie!! I have to say that Minny was my favorite! I mean I liked her in the book but loved her character in the movie.  She had us laughing a lot!

One of my favorite scenes was when Johnny (the husband of the lady she works for) came home and she started freaking was great!  She was also great in the scene when she agrees to be apart of the book. 
 So everyone needs to go see this will defiantly be one that I buy when it comes out!!

After the movie, Heather and I went to Shoe Show to buy some shoes.  She went there while I was at work and bought a pair of knock off Jack Rogers for $9 and I couldn't resist.  I just cant justify spending all that money on the real thing, plus I have tried them on before and they hurt my feet!  So I bought two pair and they have a little cushion in them and very comfy!  We compared them to her real Jack's she was wearing and you couldn't tell a difference.  You like?

Heather and I both got two pair...I love them :)

Then we went to eat at The Ranch.  That is usually our spot to go in Greenwood.  She loves the chicken Alfredo (and apparently their garlic bread)and I love their baked potatoes.  We had a very interesting waitress (an ex Girl Scout leader...the ex part is a GREAT thing) and the food was wonderful.

Our date night had to end...and she went back home.  I always have a great time with my Heather and wish we got to see each other more often!! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

100th Post!

I can not believe that I have already reached 100 posts!! Like I said yesterday, I was going to write about something I am obsessed with for my 100th post...which is Clemson football! I am a huge fan and supporter of Clemson Athletics and I can not wait until football season to finally get here!!  I have been to almost every home game since 1983 (I have missed a couple because of family matters and work, but those numbers are limited!!)  
I wish I had my old pictures to put on  here, but my Dad used to be in charge of the football field so I have pretty cute pictures of us on the field when I was younger...I may have to find those!
Clemson doesn't have the best team in the country but to me, there is nothing better.  Clemson is so very close to my heart, i love the campus, the school colors (makes for a great atmosphere...lots of color instead of black..:)) the traditions, and people.  I love everything about we just have to win lots of games!!  
Going to the games isn't just about the game itself (but I am one of those girls that has to watch every play of the game!), it is also a high school reunion, college reunion, and a great time to see family and other friends and you get to do this about 8 times a year!  How awesome is that?!?!

 Of course a blog post wouldn't be complete without are a few that go through a typical game day for us:

Sloan Street...I was going to this bar when I was very young

Jimmy Howard, son of Frank Howard, and Dad's buddy

Me and Ashley

My Dad is a UGA shirt because South Carolina was playing them that day

No gameday is complete without stopping by The Beaded Tiger table

Jodi (before she lost 100 pounds)

Meeting my friends baby for the first time

Tiger Tailgate radio station came by to interview my parents

Me and Heather at my tailgate

We even have birthday parties!

Ray and Heather...Ray came to get brownies

My hubby comes to one game a year

JULIE G!! I only get to see her on gamedays!

Pre game warm ups

My tennis team being recognized (2005)

Tiger Rag!

Its time!!

Love this part!

See what I mean about bright pretty!

Night games are even better!

Away games are fun too!

This is where I sat in High school before I cared about watching the game!

Celebrating in TD's afterwards with Ashley
 Then it is game favorite part as to why I don't have pictures...I have to put the camera away to pay attention! 
Only 23 more days until kickoff!!! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It is already Wednesday!

Another day to link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!
I'm Loving...that today is Day+2 for Jodi, which means no more that 98 days left in Houston!  Her transplant went very smoothly and she is doing great.  She found out that she had to have another round of chemo, but the good thing about that is that is a small dose.  She had chemo yesterday and will have it again tomorrow and Sunday.  Each dose will only last 20 minutes...much better than several hours!  This chemo will kill her t cells (her t cells will try to attack her new stem cells, so they have to get rid of them).  She is doing so much better than we all imagined!  I am so happy for her!  She is officially on the road of recovery and will be cured.
 I'm Loving...My friend Sarah and I are going to the mountains this weekend! All of our football tailgating supplies are at my parents mountain house and since they are in Texas, I needed to go get them.  Wes and I were going to go one weekend before football (less than a month woohoo!) but we are running out of time.  This coming weekend is the only one that I have free but he is going to be a country boy this weekend and go to the big tractor pull that happens once a year.  So I asked Sarah if she wanted to go.  I am excited to have a girls trip :)  We are going to spend the day there, go to some shops at Chimney Rock/Lake Lure area and then hang out at the house.  I can not wait!!  Wouldn't you be excited about going here???
This picture is a little old...the landscape has changed a lot since then

View of the house from the outhouse

Sarah and I can watch tv here Saturday evening :)
 I'm Loving...Heather (Greer's Gossip) and I have a date tomorrow night!!  She is coming to Greenwood and we are going to eat at The Ranch, they have the best baked potatoes ever!!  Then we are going to see this movie...
I am beyond excited to see this movie...and even more excited I get to see it with my Heth!!  
I'm Loving...that this is my 99th post which means the next one will be 100! I cant believe I have posted that many!  I will have to think of something really good to write about...I think I have an idea.  I will give you a hint:  it is something that I am obsessed with :)
I'm hubby of course!  I know I put this picture up the other day..but I love it!!!