Monday, May 30, 2011


Happy Memorial Day everyone! I know that I will enjoy it!  I will be out at the lake with my mother-in law, Emily and Wyatt.  Wes had chose to work today.  This is what we will be doing all day....

Relaxing on the boat and playing in the water! Sounds like a great day to me.  Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day and  remembers why we have a day off today.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I found this link up that looked fun  when I was reading Heather's of course I wanted to play along too.  Visit at Perfectly Imperfect to play along too :)
current books:
The Help
by Kathryn Stockett
current playlist:
I am on a Corey Smith kick lately :)
current color:
I bought a green dress from Old Navy the other day and really loved the color on me
current drink:
Diet Mt. Dew or either Crystal Light Fruit Punch

current food:
Wes and our friends are cooking a pig I guess BBQ
current favorite show:
I love The Bachelorette :)  My other favorite is Army Wives!!

current wishlist:
I would love something like this to keep me organized :)
current needs:
for Jodi to be finished with treatments for good :)
current triumphs:
FINALLY getting new tires for my car! And getting an oil change.  Got to get ready for my big road trip next week!
current celebrity crush:
Cant get much better than these guys...

current #1 blessing:
My family!
current indulgence:
Sweedish Fish!
current excitement:Its Memorial Day Weekend!
current mood:happy

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Friday!!

It is finally Friday!! Usually days just fly by but this week has not at all! You know how when you look forward to something time just creeps by?  Well, I was looking forward to last night for so long!  My mom came home!!!  I am supposed to keep this a secret because she doesn't want to be bombarded while she is here but I figured that the people that would call and want to see her aren't reading my I am safe! :)  
She has been with my sister (and Dad but he has been home twice now) in Texas.  This is the longest I have been without seeing my mom.  I know 5 weeks isn't really that long, but it is for me :)
When I lived in Clemson, they came to all the football games and then came to the tennis matches that I worked in the spring.  When I lived in Aiken, I came home all the time!  So this was the longest! 
I went to her house last night for about an hour and then met her there again for lunch today.  It was great!  She is busy catching up with work all day and tomorrow so not sure if I will see her tomorrow.  Then I take her back to the airport on Sunday.
What is even better is that I get to see her, my dad AND Jodi next week when I visit them.  YAY :)
My parents! This picture of Dad is too funny :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My first real order!

I put a post on facebook that I am selling cakes and all the proceeds goes to my sister, Jodi. One of my co-workers requested 3 cakes, one for each of her kids!  She ordered two chocolate chip poundcakes (which are wonderful) and a decorative Doll Cake.  I started baking the chocolate chip poundcakes last night and after I finished this first one, I realized I was out of oil.  So I went to the grocery store to get one.  The when I started making the second cake (about 2 hours later around 9pm) I realized I was missing another ingredient! I was so frustrated and still decorating the doll cake, I just decided to go in the morning.  I don't have to go  work until 10 this morning so I rushed when I got up this morning and went to the grocery store!  
Oh...I went to the gas station while I was out and realized that I had $25 worth of FREE gas on my Piggly Wiggly card! YAY we speak the last cake is in the oven, then I have to head to Greenville for work and deliver cakes :)
 Back to the reason of my post.....I kept asking her how she wanted her doll decorated and she just said it was up to me.  Well, I wanted her daughter to love her cake but I had no clue what her favorite colors were or anything.  So I just did something I thought was cute and just hope she likes it! 
Work in progress

 Isn't she pretty? I love this cake :)  I cant wait to see what my co-worker thanks of it!
Next week I have the "51" cake to make and mid-June I have a 6 year old's birthday cake!  We are still working on what she wants her cake to be.  This is so much fun! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yay....It's already Wednesday. Head on over to Jamie's blog and tell us what you are loving today!!!

I'm loving...that Wes and I took my Dad out to Red Lobster for dinner last night.  Dad flew home from Houston for a couple days so it was great to see him.  I even gave him his Father's Day gift a little early.  I wasn't sure if he would be back home before then.  I will see him next week when I visit Houston, but the gift is for his mountain house, so there was no reason to take it out there just to bring right back home :)

I'm loving... I am baking lots of cakes.  I advertised on facebook that any cakes that I bake and/or decorate in the next few months, all the proceeds will go right to Jodi.  I have 3 cakes to deliver to my Greenville office tomorrow for a co-worker and then I have a fun cake to bake next week.  One of my best friends, Sam, asked me to make a cake for his nephew's high school graduation.  He was a football player and his number was 51.  So I am making a 51 cake in his High School colors.  I found this neat pan on Amazon and can not wait to try it out.  
You move around the squares to make numbers or letters
Hopefully it will work how I want it too...if not, I will be making sheet cakes and cutting them out to make
a  51.

I'm loving... that my countdown to visit Jodi in Houston is down to 9 days! Can not wait!  I am also very excited that Heth and I are planning another road trip later in the summer.  We are going to visit Jodi in Houston and then on the way back home...stopping in New Orleans! So excited :)

I'm loving... the barter system! Wes did a little side job the other day and instead of the man paying him he is going to come paint my dinning room! Yay! Ive been putting this project off for so long.  Now the hard part...figure out what color!  I have cherry wood furniture with beautiful red curtains.  Everything in my china cabinet is silver or white.  

Any suggestions??

I'm loving...that The Bachelorette started on Monday night! These two are my favorites..mainly because they are from my South Carolina :)
 West, Lawyer from Chapin, SC. Sounds like a sweet guy. I usually don't like cheesy stuff..but I loved the compass :)
 Blake, dentist from Greenville, SC. How can you not like this guy?  He really didn't impress my much be his introductions but I'm rooting for him!. 
I also like JP.  He seems like my kind of guy :)
I am so glad she let Jeff go..what a strange guy! Cant wait to see how this season goes :)

I'm loving...that Memorial Day is almost here! I love any excuse to spend the weekend at the lake with family and friends!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stress-free Weekend!

I had the best weekend!  I spent the whole time at the lake!  Well, besides Friday night...we had two of our friends over and we just picked up dinner.  Saturday Wes had chose to work so I went to play at the lake with his mom, sister and nephew!  Emily had to go to a wedding that night, so we left the lake around 5 just as Wes was getting home from work.  Wes and I turned right around and headed back to the lake and a couple of our friends met us out at the house.  We grilled out and then went for a night boat favorite!!  How could you not enjoy this view?
 Then on Sunday, Wes and I headed back to the lake! We thought we would meet up with his family, but they had to head back to N.C. for a birthday party.  We invited my friend Sarah to come play.  Oh...we also decided to take Callie.  (I am not leaving my Gracie out...she does not handle being in new places around other people well, so we thought it would be best to leave her at home.  She gets excited just go for rides and that's her treat :))
Getting impatient on the way to the lake house!

That is one happy dog!

My baby :)

Sarah and Callie
 We went somewhere on the lake that we NEVER go to.  The sand bar!  Wes says we aren't "red" enough to go there and if he says that...that is telling you something.  We met a couple of our friends there...cooled off in the water, let Callie swim some, did some great people watching and after about 30 minutes we had enough!  We loaded up and took the boat down the river and found a nice shady spot and hung out there.  It was so nice!
Ignore the farmer's tan! :)I tried to get a picture of Callie swimming..of course I took it as Wes was putting her back in the boat
 Callie decided to have a wild bad streak in her and when we docked the boat to get gas...she thought she should go too!  She jumped the boat and took off!  I had to hold on to the boat and Wes took off after her!  She just wanted to talk to everyone!  (There is a busy highway so I was freaking out!)  A couple people tried to stop her but she saw Wes coming and she took off again.  A man on a motorcycle finally caught her and Wes picked her up (she is about 100 pounds) and carried her all the way back to the boat.  She knew she was in trouble!!

By the time we got back home..we were all worn out!  It is amazing how the sun does that too you!  We brought both dogs inside to cool off for a while and Callie just flopped on her bed and slept!  She isn't used to being awake ALL day!  We also brought Gracie back her favorite treat since she was home all day!  She was in heaven!!

Another reason why I had a stress-free weekend is because Jodi had such a great week and is feeling great.  She and my Mom were even able to go out in the public!  They went to Target and then to Rice Village for some more shops!  Here are a couple pictures I stole from her facebook page!

Jodi owns a Bead Store in Clemson!
Jodi had a big day this morning already...she shaved her head!  She got it buzz cut last week but she was getting aggravated with the small hairs everywhere, so while she was at the clinic today for blood work, she shaved it.     

We are so excited to see how her hair grows back in.  We have been told that it could change so much.  So she has always had pencil thin, straight hair and she wants thick hair with some curls.  Maybe that will work out for her ;)

See..told you it was a great weekend!

Mingle 240

Friday, May 20, 2011

What a month!

I promise this is the last post of today but this is the most important one...saving it for last :)

A month ago today, we found out Jodi had Leukemia.  It had to be the scariest and saddest day for our family.  We didn't know what to expect and that day was defiantly a whirl wind!  My Dad came to pick me up to tell me and we drove to Anderson to spend the day with Jodi.  Jodi had so many friends come visit her that night that it actually turned out to be a great night for all of us....I think we all needed the smiles and laughs from friends!! Then the next morning my parents and Jodi flew to Houston where they still are.  She will still undergo treatments for the next 5 months but she is doing great!  She has the best attitude about everything and I am so proud of her :)
She has had her bad days but since she is at MD Anderson, they don't let her have too many!  She has only been sick from chemo one day...when she was at the hospital in SC they told her that she would be sick all the time.  We are very thankful for MD Anderson and they way they handle chemo!
Anyways, since she will be out there for treatments for a while longer than we thought and the possibility of having a transplant isn't until after October (I was saving vacation days in case I was a match and needed to go to TX if she needed it but my vacation days roll over October 1 so I don't have to worry about saving them anymore).  That means I get to go to HOUSTON! I am so excited.  It is very hard to have my sister and parents there and I am here and feel like I cant help her...that's why I send her lots of packages and help with fundraisers for her!  When I don't hear from her for a few hours and she isn't saying anything on facebook (she has been very a active facebooker this past month) I start to get worried because the last time that happened, last Thursday, she got really sick.  So I didn't hear from her for 2 hours last night and I started worrying!  She finally sent me a  text  back and she actually had friends over for dinner and they were entertaining! I am so glad she was enjoying her night...that is a prime example why I hate being so far clue what is going on sometimes! :)
Anyways, thank you for all the prayers and thoughts about Jodi and my family...we really appreciate it!!  Here are a couple of pictures of Jodi's hair.  Since she is embracing the whole losing hair side affect of chemo, I thought I would share with your how pretty she looks!
This may be my favorite picture of her :)

Her new do after she started chemo

Mom aka hairdresser!

Love this one!!

Doesn't she look great?

She tried on wigs yesterday but she realized that she is going to stick with pretty scarves!  I cant wait to see pictures of her modeling them!! :)

Wedding Week...The Reception

OK, this is the last wedding post I promise....our reception We had a great time and loved every minuted of it...we were not ready to leave at all!  We had a DJ, beer and some awesome food! 
Enjoy all the pictures :)

First Dances:
Wes and I: First Dance by Corey Smith
Father/Daughter: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Mother/Son: My Wish by Rascal Flatts