Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekends full of Babies!

What a fun weekend we had! Paige and I ran some errands Friday before Wes got off work and then we all went out to eat and Bi-Lo to buy fruit and veggies to make we live on the wild side!  Wes made carrots, green beans, mangoes and apples for the week.  We gave Paige mango for the first time and it was so entertaining!

Saturday, Wes went to work and a friends farm in Edgefield for the day and Paige and I loaded up and went to Heather and Audrey's house for our monthly play date.  We normally take our matching clothes for whatever holiday is coming up, but we didn't have that this time and were wondering what we would take pictures of.  Well of course we had some ideas:

I laugh every time I see this one

Then we just let the girls play and nap..well Paige refused to nap, she just wanted to play!  Heather and I were working on our gifts to grandmas for Mother's Day.  I can not wait to share that on here.  They turned out wonderful and I am so excited.  Of course I made one for my self as well!

Heather made potato soup for lunch which was yummy and then  we finished up the presents, feed the girls and they napped for a little while.  Then when they were both awake and happy we had one last photo shoot.  Audrey has two Lilly dresses that are the same but just different colors and Paige borrowed one for some cute pictures:

I mean pretty are our babies?? I just love those two sweet girls so much!  I cant wait for our next play date!  Then it was time to head home.  We didn't do much Saturday night except play on the floor...what we do every evening!

Sunday we got ready for church and then headed to Mimi's afterwards to play with Matthew and Wyatt. It was so nice to see them...we haven't seen them in forever it feels like.  We had lunch there and then Paige and I had to go pick up my mom and head to Beth's baby shower. 
 The shower was scheduled right when Paige normally sleeps so I was curious to see how Paige did.  She did wonderful!  She was happy as can be the entire time.  I think I needed a sign because we were asked a million times, "What is her name?  How old is she?"  Paige did great and Beth got some pretty gifts for sweet Sloan.  I can not wait for Paige to have another friend to play with!  How awesome that two of my best friends each have a little girl that will be the same age as Paige!

After the shower, we took mom back home and Paige ate her mangoes and carrots before we headed back home.

Sunday evening Paige was having a really hard time with teething.  She was upset and needy.  She didn't want anyone but her Mama.  Which is really sweet but exhausting when you have to finish laundry, pump, eat and everything else that needed to be done on Sunday nights!  We finally set her up in the Nap Nanny and she just relaxed with some toys for a couple hours.  If anyone knows Paige, you know that she doesn't lay down unless she is sleeping!  So you know she must have been hurting...poor baby.  Before bed time we loaded her up with Hylands teething tablets and Tylenol and she slept from 9pm until 745am...thank goodness! new thing for Paige this weekend.  We bought snacks!  She had mum-mums at Heathers but of course I cant find those anywhere in Greenwood.  But we bought these:
We also bought a cheese flavored of those, two flavors of puffs and two flavors of the yogurt bites.  She tried a couple puffs and yogurt bites and really loves the yogurt!  It blows my mind she is old enough for these snacks!  

We had a great weekend full of babies, photo shoots and baby showers!  It was wonderful and cant wait for next weekend!  It our friends twin girls first birthday...see babies everywhere!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

What a day, what a day.

Is how my husband always responds when I ask how his day went...what a day, what a day!  I am having one of those days today.  It isn't a busy or stressful day or anything but I am so tired!

I cant seem to stop yawing for some reason.  Maybe I am not used to getting so much sleep again? I slept uninterrupted from 10 until 715.  I usually cant fall asleep until closer to 11 and then wake up a couple times to either use the restroom or give Paige her paci.  It felt great to wake up refreshed this morning.  But now I am just tired....I think I am going to blame boredom at work in an empty building!  I have a lot to do today but just cant seem to get motivated!

Anyways, what I really want to write blog about today is birthday parties!  My sister's best friends twin girls are about to turn one and we just got their party invitations in the mail the other day.  It only got me thinking about my girl turning one.  I thought that would be forever away and it seems like she was just born last month!  I know she is only 7 months old, but looking back and seeing how fast that has flown by, she will be 1 before you know it.

Is it bad that I already check on etsy, pinterest, and other sites for first bday ideas.  I don't really want a theme but I have colors I want to use.  I have no idea where I want to have the party.  My in laws have a lake house, do I want it there?  I love my parents yard, do I want to have it there? Or have it at my house..which I really don't like for a party?  

Decisions, Decisions!!  All I know is that I want to have pictures made of Miss P for her birthday.  The girl who did her newborn pictures already said that she will take some of Paige when she is 11 months old so that we can have the pictures at her birthday party.

Anyone have any good ideas to share for a First Birthday?  I am so excited and since I am on a major budget I want to find affordable things and buy some here and there!  

Maybe I am the crazy Mama already thinking about her first birthday party, which will not be until September but oh well...I am sure I am not the only one!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 Before I get started, I have to say that I love that it is Wednesday! All morning I have been thinking it was Tuesday and when I logged on to blogger, I saw all the WILW posts and realized it was Wednesday! Yay..that much closer to the weekend!

I'm Loving...Paige and I have a play date with Heather and Audrey this coming Saturday.  I am so proud of the two of us for actually sticking to our plan of having monthly play dates with the girls.  This month Paige and I are heading to Heather's house.  Cant wait to see Paige and Audrey together this time.  Every time Paige is around other babies, she just laughs at them.  She thinks babies are so funny.  Since her and Audrey are a lot more active now, it should be fun!  I'm sure we will take a few pictures as well...

I'm mom had another successful surgery yesterday.  Last year she had surgery on her Achilles and during recovery she fell and hurt her knee.  So she had surgery to fix her knee on Monday.  Paige and I went to visit her yesterday and she is already walking around great and can get rid of crutches tomorrow.  Much quicker recovery than the last surgery.  Hopefully no more surgeries for a while, she has had two this year, Dad had one and I had one.  My surgery was the best since it brought Miss P ;).

I'm Loving... that Jodi moved home.  It is really nice to have everyone in the same town.  Now if we could just get Emily, Levi and the boys to move here!  That wont happen but at least they are just in North Carolina and not Oklahoma/Arkansas anymore.  Look how cute Jodi's house it:
Her house has such pretty hard wood floors and so much character.  The park is right across the street, so that will come in handy for Miss P as she gets older!

I'm Loving...watching Wes and Paige together.  As long as I am there with them, Paige is obsessed with Wes.  If it is just the two of them, I hear things don't go as well.  She gives Wes her best smiles and is always so very excited to see him!  It is so cute.  Last night, they had me in tears from laughing so hard.  Paige faked cried for some reason and Wes did it back to her.  Then she did it, then Wes did it.  This went on for like 3 minutes.  She would fake cry, then laugh as he faked cried.  It was great and I wish I had it on video, but she would have stopped doing it if I moved to get the camera!  Love those two so much!
I'm Loving...that the weather is perfect in South Carolina these days.  I love the spring so much, minus the few days a year with tornado threats of course!  It is sunny and close to 80 everyday this week.  Just puts me in a good mood!

I'm family!  We are so blessed and lucky to have Miss Paige in our lives...well and each other too.  I look forward to every evening where it is just the three of us :)
My view every night.  Laying on the floor watching Paige play for ever.  She must have a great imagination already because she is so good at entertaining herself.  She was playing like this for over an hour last night! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trendy Tot

I was so excited when I saw this link-up...we all know I love to take pictures of Miss Paige in her cute outfits.  She has so many cute outfits thanks to family and friends and my bargain shopping of course.  I love consignment sales and end of the season sales at stores as well.  
So here are some of our favorite outfits so will see all of our pictures are in her rocking chair.  She knows to smile and pose when she gets in that chair!

I love this sweet outfit.  She got it from her BB for Easter and couldn't wait until it got warmer to wear, so we wore with a shirt underneath!
 I bought this outfit from my favorite store, Sweet Tea's, last year at their end of the season sales for super cheap.  It was one of the first outfits I bought after we found out we were having a girl
 This sweet dress is also from Sweet Tea's that Mom bought the day we found out we were having a girl!
 Cut Carter's outfit from her Aunt Emily for Easter
 Another Carter's outfit I bought from Kohl's.  The hat is from Wal-Mart and is monogrammed of course.
 This dress was super cheap from a consignment sale and is one of my favorites.  It is from Children's Place I believe.
 I think this is a Gymboree it!
 Another Sweet Tea's outfit and pink shoes from Aunt Emily...I think they are Carters

 Her Easter outfit.  Dress is from Gymboree and the cardigan is from Old Navy.

 This is another cute dress from Sweet Tea's...I am seeing a pattern here :)
 Love this cute spring outfit from Carter's
I love Rompers...of course this came from Sweet Tea's.  Most of her Sweet Tea's outfits we bought for super cheap at their End of the Season Sales.  That's the only reason she can have multiple ones :)
 Another romper from another boutique in town that her sweet Gerri bought her.  She wore this to picture day at school last week and can not wait to see those!

There is a look into some of Paige's spring clothes.  I love having a girl to play dress up with :)

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Weekend


Man this weekend really flew by.  I was super busy the whole weekend which made time go by so quickly!
Friday night we decided to go out on the town!  Wes, Paige and I went out to eat some Chinese.  We actually went to the restaurant and not take out!  Paige loves going out to eat.  She sits in her high chair and people watches!  She is the nosiest little person ever!  Then we just relaxed at home and watched Miss P crawl everywhere.  Man is she growing up.
 Saturday, we packed up Miss Paige and she spent the day with her Mimi and Granddaddy.  Wes and I were meeting up with my parents to take our Concealed Weapons Permit class!! I was really excited about taking the class but hated that it was going to take my whole Saturday that I normally spend with P!  The class was from 9-5 but it went by fast.  I don't know if I will ever carry a gun, but I just want to be more comfortable with guns and learn as much as I can.  I think I want to get one for my car to leave in the console since I travel some at night on back road, so we shall see.
My goal going into the class was to shoot better than my Mom and possibly better than my Dad.  I was being realistic and knew better than to want to shoot better than Wesley.
Finally it was time for target shooting!  Wes went first (well first out of our group) and everyone was talking about how good he was doing...he even shut up the cocky and annoying guy that NEVER shut up the entire day. 
And then it was time for me, Mom, Dad and David (works with my parents) to go.  I did great..not to toot my own horn or anything, ok maybe a little!  I was so proud of myself.  Every time the instructor came to reload our guns, he kept telling me how great I was doing.  
Most people in the class made a 100%, I think the lowest was 94% so of course everyone passed.
I surpassed my goal, I shot better than my Mom, Dad, David and listen to this...I SHOT BETTER THAN WESLEY!  Wes admits it finally!  If you compare out targets, I have more shots in the center and only 6 shots in the second (#9 circle).  Wes had 9 in the second circle, but the shots that he had in the center were closer together.  We debated and debated trying to decide what is better, more closer together or more closer to target.  Everyone that we asked picked my target as I beat him!  Wes said that the two of us shot the best in the class!  Since Wes didn't shoot the same time I did, he was able to hear what people were saying about us while we were shooting.  He said everyone was talking about the girl in black (me) shooting so well.  So don't mess with me..I can shoot as long as the target isn't moving! haha
Of course Wes blamed his gun and said the sight was off...he can say what he wants but we all know the truth. haha
Then it was time to take the test.  Dad made a 100% on the written test, I missed one and made a 98, Mom and Wes missed two.  So I beat Wes again...woohoo! :)
What a fun day we had on Saturday.  It was nice to spend some time with Wesley (even if it was in class) without Paige.  As much as I love my time with Paige on the weekends, Wes and I need some time too!  But I made Wes rush to Mimi's so I can love on my sweet girl!
Sunday rolled around and Wes went to Georgia to ride 4-wheelers and I was going to spend the day with Paige.  We played around that morning and I got to cuddle with her for her nap then we went to visit Jodi.
We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch with Jodi and two of her friends, Tiffani and Katherine.  Of course Paige loved watching everyone but it was busy and took a while to get the food and she got a little restless but still did great!  After lunch, we walked over to Lowe's so Jodi could get a couple things and Miss P was worn out!  I looked at her in the store and her little eyes were so heavy.  By the time we left the store and walked back across the parking lot to Cracker Barrel, Miss P was out! She was past ready for nap time!
We hung out at Jodi's for a little while then Mom came over and we headed over to Mema's to visit and take a few pictures in her pretty yard.  Our cousin's Brooke and Josh had the same idea.  They were taking pictures of their boys Gabe and Isiah as well!  Sorry for the picture overload but here are a few of my favorites:

 Photo shoot was over and so was visiting time with Mema and we headed home.  I finally did some much needed laundry and cleaned up the kitchen until Wesley got home.  We just relaxed and hung out around the house last night.  See...just a normal evening:
What a fun and busy weekend we had...can't wait for this weekend already!

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