Monday, July 28, 2014

Well, hello again!

So I took a very long blog hiatus, didn't I?  I hate that I have because I love looking back on my blog and reliving the memories that I have made with my sweet Paige.  I mean, because how many people actually read this besides me?? Probably not many! :)

Anyways, I just wanted to do a quick update to share what we have been up to this summer!  First off...what I am so proud of....
I started It Works the last day of May...added on a lot of distributors in June and in one day in July.....I double promoted to RUBY!! That means my commissions will average about $600 a month.  How crazy is that?? That was my..I hope to make that amount on day down the road.  Who know the road was that short!  I also make bonuses and sell wraps for I hope to be around $800 a month if not a little more until my next promotion!  EEK!

Let me see...Paige and I went to the beach for a couple days to visit Heather, Audrey and her family:

The following week, we went to my parents mountain house for a few days!
Back home and worked a few days/week and Paige and I headed back to the beach!  This time we went for a few days with Emily and the boys!
Needless to say we had a busy June!  We made it back home in time to spend the 4th with Daddy at the lake with some friends!
Then work got in the way again for a week or so!  Last week Paige and I went to Atlanta to visit Stephanie for a couple days and went to the Georgia Aquarium!
So that brings us to this past weekend where we spend a lot of time at the lake celebrating Matthew's birthday and just having fun!
We have had a fun summer so far...guess that is one excuse as to why I haven't updated my blog in so long! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

"I pee pee in potty"


I am afraid to say that it maybe time to start potty training in our house hold.  I am so excited to see the day when we don't have to buy diapers for Paige, but I cant believe she is old enough.  I was going to wait awhile but she has seemed so interested lately!

We were at the mountains with my parents this past weekend and my mom asked her "Paige when are you going to start potty training?"  Paige grabbed her diaper and said "I pee pee".  Mom and I were shocked!  Then later on this past weekend, we were all sitting outside and we said something about using the bathroom and Paige said "I pee pee in potty", so Wes ran her inside and sat her on the toilet.  Paige never actually went to the bathroom, but she sat there and pretended she was going.

I think it is safe to say, we will be talking A LOT about using the potty at the Bowling household now!  Wes and I need to figure out how to do this first though, haha!

I cant believe my little baby is ready to start this phase in her life.  Isn't she supposed to be a tiny baby still and not 21 months old?? Oh well, lets hope this is a smooth process and that she will eventually become potty trained.  My goal is to not rush her and let her go at her own pace...should be interesting!!
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Have you tried those crazy wrap things?

I have been one busy bee the last week and loving it!  A few weeks ago, I came across a picture on Instagram of someone after they used one of those crazy wrap things.  I was like...what is that???  Then a few days later I saw  that same person post pictures of her stretch marks disappearing!  I was hooked!  So I spoke with her about what these products were.  She told me all about the wraps and cream and the company's Loyal Customer program.  I was interested!  I debated about signing up to be a Loyal Customer and then I thought...why let everyone else make money off of these and not me??  It wasn't much more money to just buy in the company and become a distributor...because if you know me, you know I am not going to spend much money!
So, Michele and I talked about possibly becoming a distributor.  She said that I could make back the $99 I spend to join in a few days.  Well, I signed up Friday and already made back my some!  Guys..that is less than a week!!  These things are selling like crazy!  She also told me that if I reached a certain level by the end of my third month...guess what...I get a $10,000 bonus!!! So I sat that as my goal!  I am working hard to get there!
So are you wondering what these crazy wrap things are yet??? The company is It Works and they truly are like magic.  Here are some before and after pictures that really won me over...
 Photo: I cant believe that only 1 wrap did this..these wraps really are amazing!
  Photo: ....and this is what won me over!! Amazing...bye bye ugly stretch marks :)Photo: works on arms too! Remember.  Full treatment is 4 wraps (one box) and this is after only 1 wrap..just imagine what a full treatment could do!
I mean really...aren't these amazing?  I have posted these three pictures on Facebook since Monday and I have already had 29 people interested!  

I am so glad I joined and I cant wait to see my team grow!  Now..who wants $10,000 in their pocket by the end of the summer???

Visit my website if you want to look around

Ok..that's it with It Works...back to Paige posts haha

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

I am still recovering from the weekend! I am just worn out for some reason!  We had a wonderful weekend at the lake...I loved every second of it.   Friday afternoon, Emily and the boys got in town and we all went over to play at Mimi's.  Even though we live right next door, we were not prepared for playing in the water...poor Paige

Saturday, we headed to the lake! I was so excited that Heather, her sister Joy, and Audrey were coming down to play with us.  We had a great day playing in the water.  We played on the slide, road the boat and just relaxed in the water.  It was great!  We also ate at my favorite place on the lake, Skippers.  Saturday was Paige's first time EVER skipping a nap.  She fought it and fought it, she didn't want to miss out on anything.  She made it until the ride home (all 10 minutes of the ride) and fell asleep.  She woke up when we got home for a quick nap and in the bed at normal bedtime at 8:30. 

Sunday was pretty much the same, Heather Joy and Audrey had such a fun time Saturday, they decided to come back down for another day at the lake.  Ray came with them this time.  Wes cooked a Boston Butt and we had BBQ sandwiches for lunch.  And guess what we did...Paige and tubed together.  It was her first time!

It was another no nap day for Paige and lots of fun in the water.  You could tell the no nap thing was catching up with her, but she did not want to miss out of any of the fun.   She said she wanted to nap, so I laid her in the bed in one of the rooms at the house, she usually talks her self to sleep, so I figured we would see if it worked.  I cracked the door and sat in the next room.  She talked for a few minutes and then quiet.... I was about to check on her when someone came in needing to change their baby's diaper and we couldn't find the wipes.  He peeked in to where Paige was and he said, "I found the wipes...Paige has them and has taken every single one out the package and laid on the bed".  Paige was having a blast...very quietly! So that was the end to nap time for us!  We stayed out until bed time again and went home to clean up and sleep.

Monday, we did the same thing again!  We loaded up and went to the lake.  Paige loved playing with her cousin Matthew and when I asked her if she was ready to go see him, she started dancing! 
 But then she was distracted by Mickey Mouse...
 We went on a nice boat ride..

 And then Paige found out how fun a tub with water in it can be...she had a blast splashing..

 Then her and Matthew decided they needed to clean everything..

BB came to visit and eat lunch with us too!  We played a little while longer, showed BB how she likes to slide into the water and then cleaned up all the toys to head home for nap time!  I think she was ready for her nap today!
When she woke up, her Daddy was getting home from work and he brought Paige a surprise home....a little pool with a slide on it.  She was one happy girl!

We had a great weekend at the lake and it made me even more excited about the summer!!