Monday, January 23, 2012

Relay for Life

I have always said that I needed to participate in Relay for Life and I am finally doing it this year!  I wish I had a better reason and that Jodi didn't have to be diagnosed with Leukemia to finally make me do this..but that's what happened!

It really is a wonderful cause and it is amazing how much money is raised during these events. So this year I hope we surpass our team goal and raise so much money that everyone at our event will be talking about the team, "Rockin' with the Stars"! is the story behind our team name.  Jodi has done so much these past 4 years...she quit smoking one year, she went back to school and graduated from Clemson the next year, she lost 120 pounds in less than one year, and then this past year she had a stem cell transplant and totally beat can you see why her nickname is "Rockstar"?  That is a very busy 4 years! :)

So if you would like to support myself, our team and of course cancer research please click here!

Even if you don't donate to our team please consider donating to someone's team! :)
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 I'm Loving...that today is my Dad's 62 birthday!  I love that he was born in makes it very easy to remember how old he is :)  We are going out to eat tonight to celebrate then going back to my parents house to open gifts and have some yummy cookie cake!

I'm Loving... this show
I decided to get the seasons on Netflix and I am now obsessed! I love all the drama with this family!  If you havent seen this must check it out :)

I'm Loving...that this time next week I get to start a Girl Scout program at a local Elementary school.  Each spring my co-worker and I go to a school and offer a free Girl Scout program after school.  Even though I work for Girl Scouts...this program is really the only time I get to work with girls and not parents...I am pretty excited.  It will be once a week until May :)

I'm Loving... my hubby.  I havent been feeling that great lately and he has been very helpful and sweet :)  (Dont tell him I said that though..he doesnt like to appear that way haha)

Monday, January 16, 2012

A trip to the zoo!

It is so nice being able to start the week off at home! I love having Mondays off :)

This weekend was pretty low key and I loved it.  I didn't get home from Greenville on Friday until about 6:45 and then Wes and I went to TW Boones to have dinner with our friends and of course we were the first to leave around 9:30...yes we are old! haha

Saturday, Wes went off with his friend Parker for the entire day.  They went trail riding somewhere and I enjoyed having the house to my self all day!  I cleaned and washed clothes and spent lots of time with my pups!  It was a great day.

Then yesterday Wes and I were trying to figure out what to do.  Finally I said something about wanting to play with my new camera and we decided to go to the zoo.  I just went a few weeks ago but it was nice to go again with Wesley.  We spent the day walking around, eating ice cream and watching the day!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day...

It was a great day and so glad I got to spend the day with my Wesley.
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Wes and I had a pretty tame weekend.  We just hung around the house Friday evening and around 8:00 all we could think about what was Bruster's Ice Cream.  Mainly because we have a gift card burning a whole in our pockets!  It was so yummy!
 Saturday I worked at out Girl Scout Cookie rally from 12-3.  There were about 50 girls learning all about how to sell cookies.  I think their favorite part was the snack...Girl Scout cookies and ice cream!

Saturday night Wes and I headed to our friend's house, Ryan and Ashley.  They both work a lot with Young Life and hosted a huge event at their house.  They had about 300 Christmas Trees piled up to look like one HUGE Christmas tree and had a huge fire.  When we first got there, they had soup and crackers and a band playing until everyone got there.  There were probably 100 people there to watch this.  At one point Wes and I really felt old.  We were sitting around a small fire pit talking to a couple friends and then looked around and we were being taken over by high schoolers!  There were about 20 students at the fire..we decided to move locations...all we could hear was "he said what?, OMG, etc etc"  We couldn't help but laugh!

Then it was time for the big lighting of the greens!  The pictures don't do it justice (probably since it was on my cell)  but it was huge, amazing, and loud!!

Can you see how small the people are next to the fire??  Don't worry we had a fire truck out there just in case (and it wasn't needed!)

Sunday is our day to "sleep in"  so we did!  By sleeping in, we stayed in bed until like 7:30 or 8.  Wes usually rushes to get up by 6:30 or so, so I look forward to Sunday mornings around the house with Wesley :)  

Then we headed to Newberry to go to Lowe's because our Lowe's didnt have what he needed.  That was the highlight of the day yesterday because we were lazy bums the rest of the day.  Wes even cooked was a great day!

I am so excited that I am visiting Natalie tomorrow to get my hair done!  Someone tipped Wes the other day (his first time ever) and he didn't know what to do with the he gave it to me and said "go get your hair done or something, you always want to do that"  YAY!  I love the excuse for someone to wash my hair...don't you??

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'm Loving...that is 2012!  I had some great times in 2011 but also some really bad things.  I know Jodi and my cousins Brooke and Josh are the main ones exciting 2011 is over.  So here's to good health, no cancer and no babies with heart surgery!  What a year we had huh?
I'm Loving...that I have three cake orders!  Two are very easy, just chocolate chip pound cakes but still!  I have to make those two tonight and then next week I get to use my new pans:
But it is for a small group so I will just use the smaller two pans.  I cant wait to get to decorating :)  Plus making money for your hobby is pretty awesome...I just need more orders now!

I'm Loving... Jodi and our friend Jason (Struber) is coming over for dinner and a very important game tonight.  Clemson vs West Virginia in a BCS bowl..yes you read that right, my Tigers in a BCS bowl! Wow :) I am making a few tailgate food items and we will be cheering on the Tigers in the Orange Bowl at 8:30.  (Wes will be pulling for West Virginia because he is a punk like that..)
Here is how Clemson got to the Orange Bowl (If anyone cares)
I'm Loving...that I am working Saturday.  I know that sounds weird but I get to work with about 60 cute and excited little girls.  Girl Scout cookie sales start next Friday and this Saturday we are having a cookie rally for all new troops in Greenwood.  At the rally the girls learn how to ask someone to buy cookies, how to set up a cookie booth, set goals and have fun.  It is really a great event and is always fun!
How could you say no to these girls??  What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?? Cant wait for the peanut butter patties!

I'm Loving... My hubby.  I haven't said that in a while but he is so good to me and kinda spoils me!  He can be a pain sometimes but who isn't right?