Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Home Tour

Wow, it has been forever since I have even looked at blogger!  My life has been a little crazy this last month with the holidays and moving!  The three of us moved in with my inlaws because we had to be out of our house before our new house was ready!  We lived with them for about a month over Christmas break and finally our new house was ready!  But then we had to take wall paper down, paint, clean carpets and clean the house.  We did all of that in a week and it was finally move in day!
This house is very special to us, Wes was given this house when his grandparents passed a way years ago.  The plan was that he would move in when he was old enough, but his other grandparents were getting old and needed to live closer to family, so they moved there.  Now, his grandmother moved to live with her daughter in Texas and we have our house.  Wes "helped" his granddaddy build this house in 1987, Wes was only 4 but I am sure he was a huge help!  Everywhere you look in the concrete, whether it is the drive way or the basement, you see Wes and his granddaddy's name and handprints.  It makes living in this house so special. 

So we are all moved in but still have some updates we want to do but we love it!  Here is our house.  Right now it is a two bedroom 3 bath but the upstairs is unfinished.  So we have a ton of room to grow!  I didn't take a picture of the basement but it is HUGE! 
A couple projects we had to do before we moved in.  There were renters there for a year and apparently there was a leak and they didn't tell anyone...well the cement floor in the laundry room caved in.  So Wes had to jack hammer that out and put more cement was a mess!
 The lovely wall paper in the kitchen had to go.... (we also took down wall paper in two of the bathrooms)

Now..for the after pictures and the tour:

 Our new gas should have seen the one that was in here.  I think it was from 1987!

We also bought a new sink!  I love the large sink opposed to two smaller sides!
 Love my china cabinet.  We don't have a dining room in this house so this was the only piece of furniture from that room I can use :(
 Looking back toward the back door.  Love the built in desk and my little tv!

 Remember the old floor.  We will put down a floor over the cement soon...and in the back a cabinet/sink goes there.  At the back door Wes's bathroom is back there.  :)  This will also store my cake decorating items!
 Standing at backdoor looking into living room...

 Love my fireplace/mantel

 Stairs that lead to the unfinished rooms....
 So it is a play area for now..

 Standing at the front door looking straight ahead..
 Paige's bathroom
 short hallway to bedrooms..
 Paige's room obviously

 We will change the closet doors one day soon too...I hate those big sliding doors.

 Our bedroom..I am in love with it!


 Like I said, there will be some updates that we both want done eventually but we will get to those soon enough!
You know what is the best part of this house...well, one of the best.  We have about 13 acres and it is on a dead end street.  Plus we know all the neighbors, one is even my in-laws.  It is so nice looking outside and seeing.....

WOODS!  Please ignore all the mud in the last picture.  It was raining so much last weekend when we moved in and we have tire tracks everywhere!  Another project is to fix those things too!
Hope you enjoyed the tour!