Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

 Linking up again with Lindsay, Megan, and Kelly for another Trendy Tot Tuesday!  I participated in this link up forever ago and just ran across it again!  Here are some of the latest pictures of my trendy girl!
 EExcuse the look shes giving me but she is wearing one of my favorite bubbles!
 SSweet farm long bubble!
 SOrange dress ready to cheer on her Tigers!
 No she isnt smoking a cig...that was a bad angle!  But how sweet is that football fan
 SShowing off her Flamingos!
 Sweet girl loved her corn dogs....can I tell you how much we love smocked clothes??
 Yet another football dress!
 My Birthday girl!
 More smocking...

 I love all of Paigey's clothes so why not join in on a link up to show of her sweet clothes!
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Weekend Recap

I had every intention to write about my weekend yesterday but that thing called my job had me extra busy!  So better late than never right?

Friday, I was off work again.  I could get used to not working on Fridays, only one more Friday off to enjoy!  Paige and I just played around the house before we went to visit Aunt JoJo at work.  We came back home for lunch, play time and then nap time.  After nap time, we just played outside for a long time.  Can I tell you how much I love this cooler weather?? It is amazing!  

I had a few projects I needed to do....can you tell what the first one was? 
 Yes, it was time to lower that crib for the last time!
 And I had to figure out how to pull back Paige's hair to get out of her eyes where she wouldnt pull out the bow...I love it!
 Lots of playing time with her wagon

 Her cousin (maybe like her 2nd cousin..who knows) brought by her birthday gift and it was a hit!

Wes came home and said his breaks went out on him so that was our big Friday night...going shopping at Auto Parts stores and changing his breaks on his truck.  Thankfully Wes knows how to do all of that it only cos $200 in parts and didn't have to worry about labor!  Well, that was out wild and exciting night!

Once Paige woke up on Saturday, we headed straight to Jodi's house for a surprise visit.  We wanted to play at the park and since that is across the street from JoJo's house, we visited her first.  Paige had a great time at the park, watching the big kids (like 2 year olds) play, putting her feet in the sand, swinging and playing on the slide!  


Jodi's friend Paula came to visit her from Clemson and the four of us spent the afternoon in Uptown Greenwood.  We ate lunch at Buffalo Grill and then went to the stores and shopped.  

Miss Paige was worn out, so we went home for nap time.  Wes and I were supposed to go to a wedding that evening, but Wes said he just didn't want to go and since the couple was his friends, I didn't want to go without him.  So Paige and I went to dinner with Jodi and her buddy Alyssa and just came back to our house to play.

It was a nice day just hanging out around town and spending some time with Jodi and Paige.
We slept in a little on Sunday morning and then we went to run some errands.  Wes had to go to Wal-Mart, Lowe's and a couple other places and then we went home with a CRANKY baby girl!  Wes left for the afternoon and I tried to make Paige feel better by having nap time.  She woke up with the WORST diaper rash ever.  It is crazy because she was completely fine before the nap.  Poor thing was in so much pain.  I tried to let her air out as much as possible and then load her up with cream and ointments.  She basically screamed all evening and barely ate supper.  She went to bed an hour early but still slept until she normally wakes up in the morning.  

Her diaper rash is getting a little better but still pretty bad.  What a crappy way to end such great laid back weekend! 
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bye Bye Pump....Hello Whole Milk!

Grab button for Busy Bee 
The entire time I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to breastfeed...or at least try it out.  Paige and I learned how to do the process very easily and I was thankful for that but I just wasn't making enough milk to satisfy her, so I decided to pump and bottle feed her so I could supplement the milk with formula.  Honestly, I was a little glad.  I know nursing is supposed to be the most natural thing a woman can do besides have a baby..but for some reason I just didn't like it!  And you know what...I bonded with my baby over a bottle!  So I would fix her bottle and feed Paige and then I would pump.  It worked out nicely.  I knew exactly how much she ate and was able to make sure it was enough!  She was still getting my milk and I didn't have to be the only one that feed her, but I usually was!

Each month, I kept thinking, I would love to pump until she is off formula for good but I just don't know if I will make enough milk to make it worth it.  For months, I carried my pump to work, in the car, everywhere so that I could pump the same time she ate to make sure my milk would keep up.  I am proud to say that I pumped for 12 whole months!  I think Wes and I only had to buy 6 things of formula over the entire year.  Not only did Paige get breast milk but we saved so much money too!

I started giving up pumping a couple weeks ago but only pumping at night and the morning, then only in the morning until I was only getting a couple ounces and then stopped all together.  I know I could have just quit cold turkey but I didn't feel like hurting all day.  So I decided to do it gradually.  
It is weired to think that I haven't pumped in a few days and it is kind of nice.  I have all this free time now!  Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing though.  Yes, it took a lot of time, it had an annoying sound and well, it just wasn't fun but in my eyes it was all worth it.

So here's to whole milk and no more pumps!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthday Party

It is sad to say, but Paige's first birthday party has been on my mind for months!  I have been so excited about it for some reason.  I guess it is because of the huge milestone of turning one!  I wanted her to have a great party and of course it had to be on a budget too!   I did splurge on invitations because I feel like that is what is the first thing people see and think about the party...well, I got a great deal on it so it really wasn't splurging.  I think I spent $20 on the design and printing total.